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Technical issues Technical problems and solutions

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Old 03-22-2009, 12:00 AM
vegeta897 vegeta897 is offline
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Default Remote mines cause crash?

Hi everyone, just received this game and have been loving it so far.

I've encountered a problem on the second bonus mission "The Crossroads". After taking over the farm, reinforcements come and there is a truck containing lots of goodies. Among these are 2 "Radio-controlled mines".

So I grabbed them and was excited to use them after sneaking up on an enemy tank. When I go to place them.. oops, game crash. Started the game again, tried placing the mines, same crash.

Here is what the error message says:

Program will be terminated.
[0x42b908][EXCEPTION_ACCES_VIOLATION][noncontinuable 1]

Men Of War -v1.022.1 - standard
2009.01.22.09:14 - 0x007FF514
So, what's the deal? I apologize if this has been brought up already, but I didn't see it posted anywhere.

As an aside, I also am having trouble with the first Allied mission. It says to meet this guy in the tower. I've got my men at the tower, tried running all round the entrance, the outside, the inside, etc., but nothing seems to happen. Anyone else experiencing this?

Thanks for any help or information.

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Old 11-26-2014, 01:11 AM
Sonne2 Sonne2 is offline
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I know this topic is old, but just to help out anyone who is doing a google search on this error;

-make sure you go into \my documents\my games\ <your men of war game>\

and delete the shader_cache folder, sometimes the pso files can get corrupted resulting in a render.gui render.scr crash to desktop.

-make sure your not missing or tampering human and human_for_cover skins, if you overwrite or delete these skins it will also give you a render.scr crash.

I've had this render.scr crash for an entire week, and deleting the shader_cache folder from my documents did the trick. Now its back to having fun!! >

and this is off-topic:
be sure to check out the gem editor club to stay up to date with new and upcoming mods, www.moddb.com/groups/gem-2-editor-fan-club
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