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Star Wolves 3D space RPG with deep strategy and tactical elements

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Old 12-11-2011, 07:28 PM
Goblin Wizard Goblin Wizard is offline
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Default [MOD][SW2] Project "Retrospection"

Hmm..release date of AoV was postponed and we probably won't get any demo so...I've decided to find some fun elsewhere.

I'm just playing Russian mod for SW2 and I've thought that maybe someone of you would like to check it too. It's not a simple mod. When installed it weights @2,7 Gb (1st part which is 85-90% finished), contains a lot of new ships, weapons, sounds, music, new map, storyline, perks system, etc. The main problem is that the mod is in Russian. I've translated most of the text via google but.. you know... translation is rarely correct but at least I can understand what is all about. If someone would like to test the mod and help with polishing the translation I send him all stuff I've done so far.

Mod can be downloaded here and you can contact creators here.

Mod installation steps:
1. Retrospection v4.3.exe
2. Retrospection v.4 (Music).exe
3. Retrospection v.4 (Video).exe
4. Retrospection v4.3 (Patch 3).exe

Localization installation steps:
1. Copy all content from ../DATA/LocData/Russian folder and paste it into ../DATA/LocData/English folder.
2. Download this file, place it in the game folder and run it. It's a self-extracting 7zip archive. Alternatively, you can download common zip version here.

Alternative all-in-one version links (full mod + my localization):
Link 1
Link 2
Installation: put the rchive into main game folder and run the exe.

Most of the "localization" is translated by google so expect a lot of lols. Only crucial things like perks and names got a little more attention. English is not my native language so I haven't even tried to correct dialogs, items' descriptions, etc.

!!! ATTENTION !!! Unfortunately, this mod doesn't work with original, StarForce protected version of the game. If want to play you'll need to download another version of the "Star Wolves 2.exe" from e.g. GameCopyWorld.

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