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Old 06-20-2008, 04:51 PM
Nameless One Nameless One is offline
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Default Star Wolves Eridan corrupt save

I have encountered a very bad problem in my Star Wolves game.

It happens during the Eridan mission, the one where you have to hunt for an alien portal. The first thing I did was fly to the patrol station where I took a side-quest to eliminate some Berserkers and had Heretic join my squad. I started doing the side quest. After eliminating the first Chimera, I saved the game and stopped playing. Next time I loaded my game and my character's portrait was missing from the list of characters at the bottom of the screen. His fighter was floating around in space marked as neutral. The game works fine until I do something that involves my character, like entering the mothership screen or trying to click my character's fighter, at which point it crashes to desktop.

I quit the game and checked the save files. My last two save files were 0.9Mb, while the previous one, made at the start of the mission, was 1Mb. Both 0.9Mb files were broken in the same way. I loaded the intermission save and started the mission again, thinking it was a rare bug and that it will not happen again. I finished the side quest, killed the Wild Hunters, but got thrashed by the Precursor Guardian. When I tried to reload, I found out that all my saves during the mission were corrupt, with latest ones shrinked to 0.6Mb.

After some more testing I found out that save files get corrupted after the first combat in the mission. I can skip the side-quest, but I still have to fight the Wild Hunters and the Precursor. Is there any way to fix this bug? I've tried restarting the computer, thinking that it was some Windows memory leak, but it didn't help.
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Old 06-22-2008, 05:18 PM
Nameless One Nameless One is offline
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Join Date: Jun 2008
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I started the game over from the beginning. I chose the same specialization for my character but played a little differently. Instead of taking 50000cr bounty for Red Corsair, I let him join my squad. I finished the Eridan mission without problems this time, so I can assumed that the bug in my previous game is related to having Corsair in the squad and/or to having Heretic join you during that mission.
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