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Cryostasis First-person shooter meets survival horror set on a frozen Soviet ice-breaker trapped in the ice on the North Pole.

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Old 05-15-2009, 09:32 PM
trepcsuit trepcsuit is offline
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Default The Story, Unveiled

After finishing the game I felt compelled to write this. I first want to say to the developers of Cryostasis that you have wonderfully created a story and experience that strikes to the soul of the human condition. Your spiritually interwoven tale is incredible and vivid. I fear that the tragedy of Cryostasis is such that most who play will not understand and those who do have no need.

I would like to unpack the story of Cryostasis and if you are concerned about story related spoilers, i'd suggest that you stop reading here. If you have completed the game and are confused, you may want to continue.

Men who have not a glimmer in thier soul are attracted by those who burn bright, seemingly, naturally. The sheer reason that they do this and so few others do draws people near. The light that shines is the soul of a man depicted as a righteous self sacrificing compassionate leader whos leadership abilities awake and is leveraged for the welfare of the people. This leader is different than other types that are motivated by power, self serving, egotistical motives. For they display nothing we hold dear and nothing we aspire to adopt into our own life. For leaders who show great attributes display these unknowningly but to others, their own soul feels slightly warmer just being near them. Where do such things come from and where did they learn them?

With this question, envy sets in, wishing the followers had it too. Suggestion and discent boils up in the ranks to conspire against the one who is different almost naturally, almost, fervently. Do we feel ashamed in thier presence or do they just represent a physical enemy whos light shines so bright it pierces our own soul, showing us who we really are? That we are sick, that we are different and that we are shameful things. If only he went away, would this light be dimmed and everything would go back to normal.

In the last chapter to Cryostasis, the scene where the giant comes out of the fissure in the hull of the ship due to the nucular reactor being destroyed represents the great judge. He is blind due to the mask. Which represents unbias. The chain represents his nature being bounded and his judgement final. The hour glass is of course time in which all have a time to be judged. The hammer is wrath, there is death and it is final once the great judge has weighed ones life.

You play in this scene as a being who is intervening in the lives of those fighting the judge, in which they cannot win. If you go near them, they will attack you. They are twisted and unnatural. They are of course have taken on the physical pressence of those stricken by a great illness. So much so not only have they become deformed but they are unwilling to be helped and attack you if you draw near them. You role in this scene is to choose them despite thier capacity to accept it. Thier soul then grows bright and your hands as well change the same color. As if thier blood is now on your hands, you accept thier fate. There is one who is not here, and that is the ships mate in the next scene.

The great judge hands you over and accepts you as payment for those who would have destroyed on the ships deck. Now you sit in front of a table with 2 men at it. The great void that you float in is plainly the absence of God and the ships mate is sitting at the table set before him by the bloodied individual that represents Satan. This man, the ships mate, has eaten and drank from this table in which 8 seats exist and 6 are empty, those who you saved on the ships deck. If you look into Satans scene there is nothing you do in the scene, seemingly pointless but there is a meaning for this. The existance of Satan in these scene suggests he is casting fear, doubt, suggestion. When you entered the table scene the ships mate says in his last words, Save yourself, and yet here he is, full from the feast he has just eaten at this table. If you choose the ships mate scene you have two choices. Attempt to save yourself or choose to save the captain. Saving yourself leads to no change in the story yet if you choose to save the captain, the game ends in a redemtive manner. Ultimately, you save yourself...

If you do not know if you are sick you have no reason to take medicine, for this, you must go to a doctor to be assessed. The light of some men shine light on us that give us a glimpse of our condition but often we choose to ignore it. It is only for those who see thier sickness and desire to change this unchangable circumstance in our souls is there redemption. Find the light and do not extinguish it, let it burn brightly on you, into the corners of your soul so that you can see the sickness the hides in these areas. Root it out with this light and let no shadow remain. For it is for your salvation to do so and the source of this light is the one who is the beginning and the end, the creator and destroyer of all things, God the Father and the redeemer, Jesus Christ.

Personal Note (edit): I came by way of some extra cash that led me to purchase a PC upgrade. The graphics card i bought worked fine but wanted to overclock it. So, checking the web on overclocking stats for the card i bought i ran into a post that said if you register your card with the manufacturer you could get a lifetime warranty. Nice, so i went to the website and registered it. Lo behold, a free game due to the registration, Cryostasis. Due to the downtime of my LOTRO game, i decided to download it and play it. I beat it in about a week and thus understanding the above. Recently, in the last month i have been barraging a few leaders in our church and specifically my small group leader. I realize I was doing this with no real reason. I cant even tell you why, maybe a small grudge for some small thing a long time ago. Who knows why really. Then i come upon this game that vividly displays a specific thing in my life at a specific time that I desperately needed to be shown... in a video game no less. To everyone of the staff and to everyone involved with the making of this game, if anyone has ever degraded you for playing or making video games or discouraged you in any way, to demean you and hold you of something less than how God made you. I say you to, because of this, you have made a difference in one life. Because of this one life you have made a difference in you are making the difference in the two leaders I have been discouraging and those who they lead. Dont ever put God in a box unless its a game like Cryostasis. Thank you.

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Old 05-16-2009, 01:51 AM
Covak Covak is offline
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Just after the giant you can chose from three different fingers to get off his hand. Each finger provides a slightly different path (to the same ending). Two more scenes to see, if you haven't
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Old 05-16-2009, 08:43 PM
SpinGee SpinGee is offline
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Giant at the end is actualy Kronos greece god of time
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Old 05-17-2009, 07:18 AM
helmgt01 helmgt01 is offline
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Originally Posted by SpinGee View Post
Giant at the end is actualy Kronos greece god of time
Kronos was not a God, he was a Titan.
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