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Walkthrough Hints and solutions (may contain SPOILERS)

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Old 06-24-2009, 05:32 PM
jarriaga jarriaga is offline
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Default Huge Ice/Fourth Shadowhand problem

Hello guys, I’m here to report a very weird problem that’s getting on my nerves.

Yesterday, I finished the Serious Uncle Sam challenge on Man of Courage difficulty, no cheats, no mods or anything, just slashed all I saw (I only used the Shadowhand, not a single shot) until I reached level 27 Fury (I followed the guide here and have all Artefacts) and the Auto Crystal Barrier / Auto Skull Chaser combo made the job so easy that I think it wasn’t even fair for the demons, I finished it on 7:43 ^^.

However, after I finished the challenge, I wanted to try out my new Shadowhand, so I went to Challenge Room and selected The Stronghold, but the Shadowhand I had was the “Ice” Shadowhand instead of the Fourth and it didn’t even worked, when I tried to slash with it, it made a “half-slash” and then it stopped doing anything, I could not slash, shoot ice or cast Crystal Barrier, it didn’t even move (animation movement).

I though it was a bug, so I re-started the game and went to normal gameplay. I still did not have the Fourth Shadowhand, but rather, now I have the aforementioned problems with the Ice Shadowhand in story mode!!! The other Shadowhands (Fire & Death) work fine, but when I switch to Ice, it doesn’t do anything, nothing with primary fire, nothing with special and nothing with melee button, I’ve tried in both story and challenge, but it’s the same.

So to sum it up, I made the challenge to win another Shadowhand and ended up losing one

I replayed the level where I get the Ice Shadowhand, from the beginning to the end, but didn’t change anything, in fact, I had the problems in that level (Mole Temple) as well.

Then I replayed and beat the challenge again, I do have the Fourth hand in there (and nowhere else), but I have the Ice hand problems as well.

I really need some help here!! Please!! By the way, I’ve been reading about the challenge and there were supposed to be Vampire Creatures (big ones) spawning as well, but I have to report that they never did when I played, don’t know if it has to do anything with it, but I’m certain that they were not killed by the Skull Chasers, they never spawned when I finished the challenge.

Any help on how to fix this problem, either by normalizing the Ice hand functions or to have the Fourth hand normally, is really appreciated

I'm playing the American version with patch 1.1.

Thanks for your time..

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Old 06-25-2009, 02:16 PM
AncientMariner AncientMariner is offline
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I found that I didn't have the 4th ShadowHand mode in Underworld after beating SUS but I've never lost the 3rd modes. All I can say is that it shouldn't happen but I leave it to cleverer folk than I to give a solution.

If you're desperate, I suggest copying your current saves, uninstalling, reinstalling and copying back your saves but that's a last measure rather than a knowledgeable solution.

You didn't see the Beasts in SUS because you did it too quickly They seem to spawn in on some combination of time and kills but, in my experience, always some time after 10 minutes. My time on DemonCrusher was much better than MoC because I had a Fury level of 27, like you, and finished everything off before the 10 minute watershed. On MoC, I had to go through the pain of killing the Beasts.

Good luck with sorting this out.
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