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Performance threads All discussions about CoD performnce

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Old 03-31-2011, 02:32 AM
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Lightbulb [Suggestion] - Graphics Options With Sliders


after I had a little bit of an insight with my colleague in this thread, I was finally able to test the game myself.

First of all: The problems we all suffer from are not specific. Microsoft Flight Simulator X had similar problems at release (and btw was not playable after a year due to performance hunger). It all seems to be an issue with loading of objects, as they pop into the visible area. This is causing stutters, especially when turning the plane or the view, and this could be neatly addressed by having the ability to set the visual quality with sliders (instead of only presets or checkboxes, that is).

note how you can really tell what effect a certain setting has?

Take the MSFS for example. There you can set the visibility distance of ground objects with a slider, measured in meters. You can also choose the resolution of ground textures (60m, 35m, 5m, 3m, 2m, 1m, 30cm), which gives you the opportunity to really adjust the sim according to your gaming rig. Which is absolutely neccessary, because the different objects and effects have different impacts. Texture size should be set according to the amount of GPU memory you have, whereas shadows are a matter of cpu power. Get the clue?

And if all that means including every single option found in the conf.ini into that menu: go for it. We are keen enthusiasts and will help one another to dig through it. but that way everybody gets his own playable version of the game.

I pasted my system specs below. I really don't have a high-end rig, BUT:

The problems we are facing are not a problem of our rigs. It's not that our cpu is too slow, or our GPU lacking memory. It's simply about program routines that normally should provide a smooth and intelligent handling of resources, and a clever load balancing between the parts of a system. I can tell that this is not a system performance issue, because of the behaviour of the game. Everything runs smooth, if I fly slowly without turning. That means, my computer is perfectly able to render all of the objects around my plane. When flying faster or turning, stuttering gets worse. That tells me that there is something wrong with the way the game loads new objects. And please don't forget the fact, that all this is grey past when over water.

At the moment, unfortunately we don't have a game that's playable as what it is supposed to be: a fighter sim. But I think we can really look forward to the next few weeks. I am confident, that the issues can be fixed, and I am pretty sure they will be fixed. Until that day, we can still have sightseeing tours in the good old supersonic Tiger moth.

The sys I was testing on:
Intel Quad 9400 @ 3Ghz
6 Gigs of RAM (Corsair, 800)
OCZ Vertex 2 180GB SSD (Win7 x64 & Game installed on SSD)
ATI HD 4890 1GB
TrackIR enabled (looking arouns all the time has a slight hit on performance)
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