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Old 03-18-2014, 06:05 PM
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Default Team Fusion Patch v4.3 Released - Information and download links here :) Enjoy

Well, here it is. Team Fusion patch v4.3

After many more months than was expected, initially it was designated v4.01 as a 'hotfix', the patch steadily grew and now comes to you as v4.3

There are a huge amount of fixes and features added but rather than repost them all here, please visit this page where the v4.3 readme is listed:


v4.3 is most likely the only update team Fusion will release until v5.0, which will then take us into another theatre of war.

I could post much more, but we realise that you'll most likely already have skipped past this and have the file downloading.

At the same time as releasing v4.3 we are starting a complete new Bugtracker with the help of community member "Artist" and we'd like you to consider adding bugs that you find using that system rather than a completely new bug thread. This will make it easier for us to visit the page (which we intend to do as a Team and regularly) and the intention is to tick off the bugs as they are fixed and corrected.

Please report bugs and/or request features at the new official Team Fusion Bugtracker:


but please read the guidelines first before posting:


You may need to register to post a report, but please, once you have logged in, read the guidelines above before adding a new bug. We will be monitoring this now much more closely and although we can't promise to fix everything....if we know about it, there is now a chance it can be looked at

For information on how to install this and previous patches please visit the following link and please be sure to follow the instructions...it always helps when you do that!

Please note you must have all the previous patches installed before installing v4.3

If you have already managed to get to v4.00 on your own, these are the instructions to install v4.3:


This next link takes you to the FAQ with video tutorials on how to install all the previous patches including v3.00/3.01 and v4.00 along with many other previously reported features, like how to get it working with Windows 8/8.1 or why graphics anomalies are occurring, plus so much more:


There is also the Beginner's Guide to help the novice pilot as-well as more seasoned flight-sim enthusiasts, after all, we're never too old to learn!


Please remember, once you install the patch, go to your MyDocuments/1cSoftclub/ il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover - MOD, open it, find the folder called 'cache' and delete the entire contents. If you don't, you will see issues!

So, for now, here are the download links for v4.3 including multiple file hosts and a torrent link too. Enjoy the patch...we're going to enjoy the break!

Cheers, Team Fusion.



Direct Download links:











http://we.tl/q9uNuKJb3Y (available for the first 6 days only)

Please post your screenshots in the following thread, we'd love to see them

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