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IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover Latest instalment in the acclaimed IL-2 Sturmovik series from award-winning developer 1C: Maddox Games.

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Old 04-21-2018, 06:08 AM
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Default Bf-109 grudge fight Oleg Maddox Luither trib

that should read 12 minute fight

The planned crash went well I didn’t die lol
I needed to observe them with out too many things going on
however right side up would have been nice lmao
A so this video is only for accessing how skilled were the AI because the vast amount of players were complaining so they released a patch then another then yet another to the point that we fly with AI who had a lobotomy

SO blue AI were carefully designed for this flight to be almost Ace

The red AL were not even looked at and so were probable rated average you can study their weaknesses

And adjust them to your liking for this past or future missions[/size][/SIZE]

so as video’s go this one is not meant to be entertaining
It’s meant to show that we had an excellent AI who is gone now
You would need to watch the whole as to be able to make your own decidion

artificial intell 2011 release


AI was broken in 2011 really ? I think not

A Scaving Report

So this is game version 1.0 ..13954.....I think the next patch gave us an digital compass for the 109 jeez

So as you can see the AI were quite not the bumbling inept unable to FOLLOW ?

(that was failures of players to properly set orders in skills AI

they could not take orders but even with me
Injured and my wingman possibly dead RIP the remaining
#4 aircraft continued the fight and finally returning to base fuel leak possibly, out of ammo or engine damage who knows lol I was able to watch though injured could not see my wing man’s condition finally # 4 returning he didn’t hit a tree

he didn’t hit the terain he inflicted damage on atleast one bad guy plane and I could have stayed and watched if bad guy AI was able to set her down somewhere and walk away

#4 he fought well and I was so proud on
his SAFE landing not a Uber ace or pussy for sure

This game had on-line difficulty but nothing that could not be fixed

,,back to AI for a minute do you see my flight’s take off (or my attempt lol

so anyway I crashed injured but not badly so I decide to let the mission continue and just hang out and watch with a beer ( thankyou dear)

So what do we have here a fantastic game ruined by mass complaints

finally MADDOX being set adrift by 1C

So in a antipatation of Oleg’s & Luither (who also got a bum rap

I invested a lot of money so that I would be ready when Oleg was

Most people did not plan ahead so their trying to play the game with original IL-2 ERA PC’s. REALLY Guys lol

So that being a lot of noise back then 7 yaars gone

So where is the game now well TF did a good job with what was left of it

But not even close to the original game

So for those of you pilots who still are enjoying this game version I Salute you for being prepared all those 7 years ago

Oleg & Luither (a fine good man) were hated and scorned to the point that 1C wanting this all to go away set Oleg adrift. CRAZY

So is there anything that could be done ?

Only if 1C still has a copy of the original code and wants to go through that again

Some of you sharper guys may be impressed with my #4’s conserving ammo

short burst and made some realistic hits no magic bull it’s AI if i May say these AI were clearly the best out there

If you had seen what I did these 7 years you wouldd have many fond memories

My missions are incredibly exciting dangerous fun well you get it

The conserving ammo is from assigning higher intelligence to AI

so the game is gone I guess all of us didn’t handle our complaints very well and wound up Killing the sim crazy right

but anyway this game I have will never be equaled and will get better with hardware upgrades

No WW II future sims can hope to better Oleg!s dream and creation you too Luither hope you are well

well so this totally AI pilots fought to a draw for an estimated 50 minutes and without human interference

so AI was nearly perfect in 2011 less human communication that Oleg would have certainly have fixed

Bf-109 E3 vs. Hurricane Rotol 50 minute AI grudge death match

Summary and conclusion

So the truth we screwed up and destroyed the sim/game
My suggestion is to seek out this patch numbered game

buy a nice rig

try off-line it can be crazy fun

Fly on-line if rig is good enough

GigaByteBoard...64bit...FX 4300 3.8, G. Skill sniper 1866 32GB, EVGA GTX 660 ti 3gb, Raptor 64mb cache, Planar 120Hz 2ms, CH controls, Tir5

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