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Vehicle and Terrain threads Discussions about environment and vehicles in CoD

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Old 02-27-2012, 02:50 PM
cebit cebit is offline
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Join Date: Feb 2012
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Default change water?

Installed game today and just miss some settings. Like the water is all flat, with some weird boxes here and there. Looks really lowres.
Can't find either where game is installed to maybe get some changes in the conf.ini (like you did in 46 series).
Makes it really hard to see how low you really are and hit the surface a few times. Looks even worse that it does in 1946 using dx setting instead of the openGL.
Any ideas??

Running a
AMD phenom 2 565 Black Eddition 3,4 cpu(not tryed unlocking the cpu yet for a 4 core)
4 gig ram
AMD radeon HD6970 2Gb
Regular 650Hdd (no SSD yet)
Know would be better with a 4core cpu, but can't understand why the water should look better in my IL-2 1946 game

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Old 02-27-2012, 03:46 PM
Volksieg Volksieg is offline
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I wish I could help you with this but I thought I would pipe in just to tell you that I have noticed this too. (Sometimes it's nice to know one is not going mad. lol)

The funny thing is, in some missions the sea looks great and yet, in some, it is as you said. The rather odd thing is that I have noticed this happening fairly recently and could have sworn it wasn't like that a few weeks ago (Of course we are all still waiting on the patch and the last one seems like a lifetime ago so it can't be anything like that causing it.). I've tried the game with various conf.ini settings (Due to having a not so great PC I have spent more time fiddling with that than flying. lol), including the stock one, at low settings (Urgh ugly) all the way to Very High (What a beautiful slideshow. lol).... never seems to make a difference to the sea though.

Hope someone can come up with an answer for the both of us.

Edit: Sudden thought..... have you got an ATI card and have you been using ATT? I am wondering whether using ATT to switch everything to performance may be causing this? (I shall experiment once my son is off to bed) I've noticed that the tweaks have led to greater performance but have made thin boxes appear around everything on the menu page and wondered if this could be another side effect.

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Old 02-27-2012, 04:56 PM
Blackdog_kt Blackdog_kt is offline
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I'm running an Ati 4890 and don't get any flat water, i can see waves, foam, etc.

The conf.ini is not yet documented enough to go fiddling in there so i haven't touched it.

However, i remember various people saying that because of delays on microsoft's part with debugging the new DX versions, the developers couldn't enable all of the features they had coded in time for the release, so they used placeholders for some. The water was one of those features. The final water version was supposed to be transparent and the player able to see a certain depth below the surface based on weather/light conditions.

In any case, if you can find a solution it would be good both for you and everyone else if you shared it here. Otherwise you can wait for the beta version of the upcoming patch to be released, which includes a complete revamp of the graphics engine to eliminate known bugs.

I think the patch (at least the beta) will not be too long, based on what we've been told in the latest Friday update. It's probably a holiday today in Russia, but maybe we'll get something within this week or the next. I don't have any inside information, i'm just making a guess based on what BlackSix told us in the update thread that work is almost complete.
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It's now a race to see if any one of the other moderators can put a lock on this thread before Blackdog can finish his fourteen paragraphs.

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Old 02-27-2012, 05:15 PM
cebit cebit is offline
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Join Date: Feb 2012
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well, hope your right blackdog.
As it is now, it just gives me a headache flying low and close to the water. You can't judge the alt by the waves and it just looks wierd. Bit dissapointinmg after how nice it looked on some vid's i saw on youtube.

Game oterwise seems to be running somewhat ok from what saw this far.My system seems to be able to run on close to highest settings even with the dual-core i run atm.
Will take me some time to get used to the behaviour of the TIR, as it keeps jumping around and isn't at all as smooth as it runs flying 1946.
GUess can always fly as it is and practice up propper usage of the complex engine managment as it is miles ahead of the old il.
But think that will be all it will be used for till the game get's sorted out. Atleast bought the game in support of development i guess
Was under the impression most things have been ironed out since the release and all those wierd bug's, so that's why thought i'd go on and get me a copy today and give it a shot.
For online flying i'll stick to 1946 and the spit vs 109's server over at HL for now.
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Old 03-02-2012, 01:13 PM
cebit cebit is offline
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Join Date: Feb 2012
Posts: 26

Solved the flat water issue
Had to set my graphics card settting to AA overide program settings, and the same with the option below (anisotrop filtering in swedish) and the oceans are now full ov waves and foam
Not sure if will help out everyone, but posting it anyways incase does help someone.
Now... if only something could be done about the flickering shadows. It's driving me insane. It's almost epilepsy enducing, and i don't even suffer from it
Flying with trees off, but it does make the ground look even more lifeless. Shouldn't be an issue with mostly trying to fly high, but noticed fights do tend to end up at lowish altitudes flying on the online servers.
The distance rendering does also leave one wishing, but i guess i should be happy for the small things i manage to solve.
Overall, an OK impression of the game this far. No idea if it's still worked on so much anymore, but if some things could get ironed out theres a great potential in here for a leading WW2 sim for the next 10 years ahead.
Cya all in the skies
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