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Death to Spies: Moment of Truth Sequel to the popular stealth-action Death to Spies

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Old 10-29-2009, 04:46 AM
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Default DTS Moment of Truth walkthrough

I made a little walkthrough on easy difficulty if anyone needs a little help. It might be helpful on other difficulties too.

Death To Spies Moment Of Truth walkthrough (easy difficulty)


Go forward and to right down dirt road a little ways, look over in woods to see guard digging in front of vehicle, sneak up and chloro this guard, now change into this guard’s clothes and take his gun, now sneak around on other side of vehicle in woods to kill remaining guard that is sitting down in the grass, avoid the mines to get to him, get into vehicle, back up to dirt road and continue down this road to parking lot, exit vehicle in parking lot and walk forward to where airplanes are, there are two hangar buildings ahead, a single guard will walk between these two hangars, chloro him then change into this guard’s clothes, now kill or chloro the other guard that will eventually walk between these hangars, you are now ready to enter the large building back near the parking lot on the briefing map with the number 1, enter this building and go up stairs to 2nd floor, open door then go right to enter bathroom, chloro man washing floor and stick his body in 1st stall, a black uniform officer will enter bathroom to urinate in middle stall, chloro or stun him then change into black officer uniform, put his body into 3rd stall, exit bathroom and go back down to 1st floor, enter long hallway and either wait for another officer to open locked door in this hallway or pick open the door yourself, enter the small room then enter the office, search open cabinet to identify the pilots, exit the building, there are 2 pilots, they are dressing in brown and tan shirts, there will be one standing outside this building but he will stand out there for a very long time, instead go left toward a small shed with a single airplane under it, the 2nd pilot will eventually come to this shed, then he will walk all the way to one of the very back wooden buildings, follow him and enter this wooden building, when he talks to the man behind the desk stun the pilot to capture a pilot then stun the man behind the desk when he turns his back, exit this wooden building and go around back of it to where one of the anti aircraft guns is located, go deep into woods and wait for one of the anti aircraft guards to urinate behind a tree, sneak up on him and stun him behind this tree, carry his body deeper into woods then change into anti aircraft guard uniform then approach the anti aircraft gun, wait for both guards to sit down, when blonde haired guard walks off step up to gun and apply acid to gun to disable anti aircraft gun 1, quickly get back into woods before the remaining guard realizes what you did, now you must make your way all the way back to where the hangars were, go near huge radar tower and go right of it behind some fences until you reach the last anti aircraft gun near the hangars, approach gun and apply acid to disable anti aircraft gun 2, now you must go all the way back to where you dropped your black officer uniform in the woods, change back into black officer uniform then go to radar tower, go up steps and open door to control room, stun man inside then disable the radar equipment, exit radar tower and enter radio building right next to radar tower, go up steps and enter radio room, use radio to call in squad, exit and go down long concrete road near shed with plane under it, go to right to find extraction point and end level


Go forward and creep up on driver standing on left side in garage, chloro him and change into driver’s clothes, drop your SMG, open door to main hallways, go left down long hallway, a guard will be standing outside door to pump room, a worker will come out and the guard will follow him around the corner, as soon as the guard turns away from you start picking the lock to the door on the left in this hallway, open door and quickly hide on right side in the room, chloro worker who comes in and change into worker’s clothes and take his warehouse key, now go to guard, get behind him and stun him in hallway, take his body back to room where you left worker’s body, now change into guard’s uniform and take his gun, you now need some wire cutters so go back down long hallway dressed in guard’s clothes, turn left and open door to stairs, go up to 2nd level, open door and go down hallway, open door on right at end of hallway to enter small hallway with two guards and some lockers, wait until one of them opens the locked door here, follow this guard inside room and get wire cutters from open box on floor, now go back downstairs to long hallway and go back into room with worker and guard’s bodies, change back into worker’s uniform, now you can enter the pump room that guard was guarding, when other workers turn their backs sneak up and flip pump number one on, now exit pump room and go right around corner, when other workers are not looking open floor hatch and climb down ladder, continue in water and use wire cutters to continue on, climb up ladder at end, open door at top to get to the submarine area, chloro engineer worker standing here, change into engineer worker’s clothes, you MUST now drop his body into water here so that it does not get discovered later on, go along this side of the dock then turn left into 2nd open room with submarine, go along left side of dock then walk across small bridge to get on sub, climb ladder in middle to reach top section, climb down ladder inside hole at top, when you reach bottom of ladder inside sub quickly back up so two guards in corner will not see you, when guard who was at bottom of ladder walks away quickly sneak into small room here to steal the Enigma, climb back up ladder and exit sub, go back to 1st open room where you dumped engineer’s body into water, hide your backpack behind crates near end of dock, you will be coming back to pick it up later on, go back through 2nd open room but continue on into 3rd final open room, open door on right to enter office, open next door then another door to enter stairs, stun worker who is scrubbing floor and change into worker’s clothes, go upstairs and open door, open door at end of hallway then turn right to enter generator room, when guard leaves open wall grating and enter ventilation, close it back then climb ladder, open grate at top to enter small room, go to controls on wall and turn off lights to hall so that a black uniform guard will come to this room, when the black uniform guard enters stun him and change into black guard uniform, get his 2nd floor key too, open grating again and dump guard’s body down ventilation chute, you will be coming back to this room later on when leaving, exit this room and go right, go past the many officers who are congregating in the hallway, go downstairs and open 2nd floor door to office with 2 guards, go through next door to enter small hallway with another guard standing outside the radio room, shut the door behind you, crouch next to this standing guard and shoot him once in the head with a silenced pistol, put his body in the corner of this hallway for now, now enter the radio room, wait for one of the radio operators to leave then chloro the remaining radio operator, take his combination code from his inventory then put his body in the wall grating in this room, open the safe and take the cipher book, go back out into hallway now and make sure no one discovers the body you left in the corner, stun the remaining radio operator and put his body in the wall grating in the radio room, now put the guard’s body that you shot in the wall grating in the radio room, go back through the office and go back up to the 3rd floor where the officers are congregating, quickly move past them and open a door on the right that is directly across from an open room, this room will have lockers and a wall grate, you must sneak over to this wall grate, use your map to see the guard in the room where you will be trying to get into, his green arrow must be completely out of the room or he will get alarmed from hearing the wall grating open, when he is out of the room open the wall grating then shut it behind you, crawl over to the wall grating ahead that will get you into a small room with a radio blaring, short circuit this radio then stand behind the door, the guard will enter and the radio will take care of him, now watch your map for the captain’s room which is just outside the door here, wait for the captain to leave his room and walk down the hallway and leave, enter the hallway now and stun the remaining guard in the hallway, stick his body in the room with the short circuited radio, now enter the captain’s room and examine the documents on the left side file cabinet to acquire the schematics, get behind the door and wait for the captain to enter, stun him, stay in your black guard uniform and walk down the hallway, open the door and go straight into bathroom, change into seaman’s uniform laying on bench here, this will get you back down to the docks to get your backpack that you left there, go back down hallway and past congregating officers again, go back downstairs to the bottom level, open door on right to enter room with some tanks or pumps, exit this room to get back to the docks, go back to where you dropped your backpack where you put the body in the water, get your backpack, wait until guards move away from door and sneak back into room with tanks or pumps, go back up the 3rd level with the congregating officers and go back down hallway, this time go back into room on left where you turned out the lights before, open grating and go back down into generator room, exit generator room and go straight down hallway and open door at end of hallway to take stairs back down to the door that will get you back into the garage, walk slowly through the garage so that none of the other guards will follow you, go back up the ramp where you first started to exit the base and end level


Go to the far right in grass until you reach the last fence up ahead, you will get a message on the screen about leaving the mission area, stay along this fence line and continue up until you see a lone guard walking around a large stone shed, stun this guard and change into guard’s clothes, take his Sturmgewehr 44 rifle, now walk right up the main front doors of the large chateau building, go inside and turn right through the archway, then turn left and open door to small hallway with worker who is hammering the wall, quickly pick the lock to the door here to enter storage room, change into waiter’s clothes that are located under the shelves, drop your rifle and exit this storage room and go back through the door next to the worker, open door straight ahead that leads to stairs, go upstairs and open door to enter 2nd floor, go right and open door to right of standing guard to enter a small hallway with another guard who is guarding Melnick’s room, go into bathroom on left, when officer enters and approaches sink stun the officer and put his body behind the screen here, change into officer’s clothes, now go back into hallway with guard standing next to Melnick’s door, crouch and shoot this guard once in the head with your silenced pistol, put his body in the bathroom too, now enter Melnick’s room and kill Melnick, exit hallway and go back left to door to stairs, go up to the 3rd floor now and enter small hallway, when guard leans against wall here pick the lock to the small storage room, get poison from shelf, now open door to large open room with several officers drinking wine, go past them and enter hallway behind them, go to left and enter large room with a guard sitting behind desk in the corner, wait behind the screen next to him, when this guard gets up and walks away from his desk and no one else is watching you poison the wine on the tray here, Richter will come in and set on couch nearby and drink this poisoned wine which will kill Richter, quickly exit the room and go back through large open room and down staircase to 1st floor, exit back through main doors and go straight ahead back to where you started mission in the grass next to the lake, go to the small boat and bridge to exit area and end level


Go to the right and enter door of greenish wooden building, open door on right inside to doctor’s office, stun doctor inside and change into doctor’s clothes, take the doctor’s room key from his inventory so you can open the next door without having to pick it open, exit this room and go right then open door on left at end of hall, take poison from window sill, now exit this building and go straight across to big building, enter open doorway on left with a guard on each side, go upstairs and open door on left, in this hallway will be a single guard that will be guarding the Colonel’s room, he will occasionally step away from this door, watch him and when he walks back to guard the door stun him, carry his body into the next hallway then open the door on the left to the bathroom, put his body in one of the stalls, now go back to the Colonel’s door, wait for the Colonel to approach his door and unlock it, follow him into the room and stun him, take the briefcase in this room to intercept the briefcase, you could also just wait until he leaves then pick open the door yourself then get the briefcase without stunning him, now carry the briefcase out of this building, carry it back to the right near the front gate near the flag and where the cars are parked, take the briefcase deep into the tall grass near the front gate, set it down behind a bush near the back wall, you will pick it up when leaving, now go back into the main building and go back up the stairs, this time open the door on the right to enter a room with two ladies, open next door then lye down in between the two tables, wait for one of the guards in a sweater shirt to enter, chloro this guard before he reaches the next room with the other guards, change into the sweater shirt guard’s uniform, you can now enter the next room, crouch down and when no one is looking pick open the door in here to the professor’s office, now poison the water in this room, this will kill the professor, leave the building and go back towards the front gate, get the briefcase you hid in the grass then step towards the front gate to exit the park and end the level


Drop your rifle in this room, watch the map on the room across from you, when guard leaves this room and walks down the hallway, sneak into this room with sleeping guards, quickly change into guard’s uniform on edge of bed, he will come back in, when he leaves again slide plywood away from corner of room the crawl into the explosives warehouse, get backpack and grab all the dynamite, set 1st dynamite in this explosives warehouse, pick lock to explosives warehouse door and exit into outside courtyard area, continue through courtyard into another area where stable is, turn right and open main doors to 1st floor of castle, go through right door to enter hallway, turn left and open door to room with one doctor inside, stun him or shoot him in the head with your silenced pistol, change into doctor’s clothes, exit room and continue into open room with piano, go up main staircase and turn left, a radio operator will enter the radio room door with standing guard, follow him in, before he reaches the 2nd door inside to the main radio room chloro him, quickly move his body away from door, after cutscene of main radio operator receiving cipher either chloro him too or shoot him in the head with the silenced pistol, take cipher note from this radio operator’s inventory to intercept cipher, now open door inside main radio room that leads to billiard’s table, go down steps and open door to small room with bearskin rug, stun black uniform guard and change into black guard uniform, enter library room then open door beside standing guard, go downstairs to basement, continue through stone hallway and pick open door at end to enter basement storage room, stun worker then set 2nd dynamite on floor next to left statue in this basement, stay in black guard uniform and go up stairs here, open door to office, ignore guard at desk and quickly open next door to hallway, walk past patrolling guard then walk up wooden stairs to 2nd floor, wait on guard that is guarding door here, when he moves away from this door to smoke quickly pick open the door and go inside the room, set 3rd dynamite in corner on this 2nd floor to place explosive charges, when guard moves away again to smoke exit the room and go back right and downstairs, open door in hallway to get back to outside courtyard area, continue back around to where explosives warehouse is, open door to left up some steps to get back to hallways where you started level, go right down hallway then go back into room on left where you first started level, approach door in corner inside this room to exit and end level


Go down street to where milk truck is, watch milk man, he will carry milk inside the house that you need to get into, after he leaves the house he will return to the milk truck and set the milk can down, then he will walk down the street to the yard of the building next to your car where you started, follow him, chloro him and change into milk man’s clothes, carry his body back to your car, drop your handgun because the guards at the house will search you, go back to the milk truck and pick up the milk can next to the truck, now approach the door to the house, get searched then enter, go to the back of the house and enter the kitchen, set the milk can down, chloro both women in the kitchen then stun the man in the suit in the adjacent dining room, change into the suited man’s clothes then go up the stairs to the 3rd floor, turn right and quickly enter the bathroom door on the right, stun the security guard at the sink when he enters and change into security guard’s clothes, now go down the hallway and enter the bathroom next to the guards surrounding the door to where Tsavalov is being kept, wait behind screen in bathroom then stun two more guards who will enter, this should leave just two guards left at the door to where Tsavalov is being kept, go back down the hallway, you should now be able to enter the storage room on the left because only two guards are left, open the door inside to Tsavalov’s room, he will place a board across the balcony up here, go the balcony and go across board to the roof of the house where the workers are working inside, meet with Tsavalov on the roof, lower the crane board to the ground up here then tell him “let’s go”, open the door up here on the roof, the workers will not question you since you should still be in the security guard’s clothes, lead Tsavalov down the stairs inside the house and out the back door, lead him around the side of the house closest to your car, lead him back to your car to free Tsavalov, now pick up decoy body and carry it along the side of the worker’s house, place body on the crane board then go back up to the roof, operate the crane again to raise the body, carry the body back across the board and back into Tsavalov’s room to plant decoy body and to get a new objective, go back across board and to roof of worker’s house, go back down to street level and to where milk truck is, climb into open window on left side of Stephen’s Shop, get gas tank from this room, carry the gas tank and go back inside worker’s house, go back up to roof and back across board to Tsavalov’s room, when you enter room with gas tank a cutscene will show an explosion to demolish the room, go back across the board and back down to street level, go back to your car to end the level


Get down and crawl in the grass, crawl down the hill and follow the three men up the next hill, follow them to the house at the top of the hill, hide on the left side of the house by the closed window to survey the group, when the meeting breaks up two men will remain behind, do NOT kill these men, crawl and follow them to the bridge, they will set four explosives on the bridge, after they exit bridge go along and deactivate each explosive to prevent sabotage, cross bridge and continue into housing area with many people, you can get through this area in your current uniform because they are all Russian, just don’t get real close to the patrolling guards, on the side closest to the train tracks is a building with a number 3 on your map, two guards are eating at a table inside this house, you need to wait next to this house for Nikolayev to come walking by, he will go around back of this house to the triangular shed, hide behind this triangular shed, Nikolayev will stop in front of it, he doesn’t look quite like his description and he is wearing a backpack, when he turns to walk away quickly chloro him to capture Nikolayev, then put his body inside the triangular shed, now go to left into outside area where tables are with lots of guards around, to left of this area is a long wooden barn with two men dressed in black talking in front of it, Shestakov will enter this barn, sneak inside barn, when Shestakov turns away cut the rope of the boat hanging above where he is standing to capture Shestakov, leave the barn and go past tables and guards, Starikov is wearing a lieutenant’s uniform with a strap across his chest and a hat, he will walk down the dirt road to the table area then he will head towards a tank, he will then cross the road and go along a shed, he will then enter a fenced in area with a haystack and a small outhouse toilet, hide behind the haystack, when he gets right in front of the toilet chloro him to capture Starikov, put his body into the toilet, get the sabotage plans from his inventory, now make your way to the number 6 building on your map, there are radio operators inside, enter this building and use the radio to contact headquarters and end game
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Thank you very much for your efforts. This will help a lot of players.
BTW this is the longest post I've ever seen
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I tried to keep it as concise as possible. Thankfully the game is only seven levels.
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Old 10-30-2009, 12:41 PM
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Yeah mate, great post - can I reproduce it on other websites / forums?
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Old 10-30-2009, 01:06 PM
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Sure, you can do that.
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Old 05-02-2010, 10:01 PM
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I heard some people having issues with this so just to make things straightn 2 mission,when the walkthrough says you go up to second level to find the wire cutters,you only need to go up ONE set of stairs since you are already on level 1.chears
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