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Tactics discussions and solutions All you need to win the battle.

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Old 11-30-2010, 08:28 PM
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Default Need some help - Stuck on K'Tahu

Evening all, I was hoping to find some help here since I'm terribly stuck in my game at the moment I'm a level 52 mage completed most of the game but at the moment I can't seem to beat the boss K'Tahu.

It's the first time I'm playing Armored Princess, did the Legend on easy mode and wanted some more of a challenge this time around.

I play the game on normal mode. My party currently consists of druids, archmages, inquisitors, knights and paladins. I've read through the forum and found a person using a party of only tincans, tried that, but didn't work out for me either. Did the stoneskin on both knights and paladins. My problem is that when I engage him he gets the first move and does an AOE thing that limits the moving range of my mellee to 1 spot so I can't reach the arm. In the next turn he summons a bunch of dinosaurs that I simply can't nuke down. Then the next turn he does the AOE again and it's basically over for me, my groups have been downsized so much that I can't do any damage.

My stats: I am level 52, 22.725 leadership, 19 attack 23 defense 30 intellect 59 rage and 118 mana.

I am definately not as pro as most of you browsing these forums so I might be making loads of silly mistakes but I think I got the basics right. After fighting him first (on level 50) I started scouting through the world map looking for mobs I didn't kill. I finished all the quests I have found and killed almost all the mobs, so I don't see a possbility to level higher than the level 52 I am now. I tried to look for shiny items that can help me, I bought a thing with +15% fire power, I have equiped the special weapon with extra damage to K'Tahu. Still, my armor seems kind of crappy, but so far I haven't found anything better. I have read about Moro, I have found him ingame but my problem is that I hardly have any trashmobs left to fight so I don't think I can get that item from him.

My alternative is to go for the creepy elf guy in the mirror tower, but I tried him and he kicks my ass as well.

I hope there is someone out there that can help me on this one, I'd hate to leave this game unfinished (I want to see Bill again!! ). But at the moment I really see no possibilities to improve unless I start a new game (and probably find myself in exactly the same spot in a few weeks). Thanks for reading.

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