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Ghost of Moscow: Death to Spies Upcoming stealth-action for PC and Xbox360

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Old 03-30-2021, 06:13 AM
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Default Death to Spies 3 Enhancement Addon v0.10

It's been a long time, but finally a new version of the Enhancement Addon is out. Thanks to Haggard Games for releasing Dogs of War for the editor, but the real person to thank for making this a special release is cream_soda. Thanks to feedback from him, plus some contributions, I was inspired to return to work on this mod sooner than I had planned. Since it's the fifth anniversary of the game's release, it was worth it to release a new major update.

Two things to point out before I post the patch notes - Now that all the levels are available for modding, I have reorganized the mod folder. There are now two folders inside - CopyWhatsInsideIntoGame and ForEditor.

CopyWhatsInsideIntoGame is the mod itself, while ForEditor is for the level editor, and contains edited versions of the level SLPs, plus some lightmaps.

Second, cream_soda is a shaders and lighting specialist, and has for the past year been experimenting with ways to try to fix things to make the game more adaptable for modern hardware (the game was originally designed specifically to meet the Xbox 360's hardware requirements). Included in this version of the addon is his Shaders and Shadows fix, which I'll explain in the patch notes. However, for this fix to work properly, you have to delete your shader cache (the game will generate a new one the next time you boot it up). The shader cache can be found here:

Documents\My Games\AlekhinesGun\Cache

With those disclaimers out of the way, let's get to the patch notes. Once again, I'll be breaking them up by level:

  • Implemented cream_soda's shaders and shadows fix, which is meant to fix anisotropic filtering and some issues in the shadows rendering algorithm.
  • Removed several now-deleted NPCs from the jobs lists of Ghosts of the Past, A Mole Among Us and Check and Mate. Also removed some jobs that use now-deleted Anchors or are otherwise pointless from those same missions.
  • Fixed a bug where the frisk search in Omerta doesn't work properly due to ComradeReptiloid's AI changes.
  • Strogov now occasionally looks around when pretending to guard an area.
  • Actors "Jersey" and "JerseyCuban" now have extra exportable properties for the editor - this is to make Addon v0.10 compatible with Mystery Foes v2.5.
  • Certain guards will now salute you if you approach them while dressed in an officer-ranked disguise in Dogs of War and You Only Live Twice.

Ghosts of the Past
  • The guards can now interrupt Strogov when he uses the phone in the prison if he's not dressed as the doctor or an officer. In addition, if they catch him using the phone while dressed as a prisoner, they'll raise the alarm.
  • Added three extra guards, one of which has a different job if you turn the tutorial on.

A Mole Among Us
  • There are now some extra chatting civilians in the lobby and the casino (from AG Rebirth Mod).
  • The civilian sitting at one of the roulette tables in the casino now has a drink every now and then (from AG Rebirth Mod).
  • There's now an extra maid on the third floor, cleaning the room next door from the diplomat.
  • The doors on the third floor can now be unlocked with a new Master Key. A spare one can be found under the American agent's pillow in Room 34, and the two maids on the third floor have copies of the key on their bodies.

Snake Born
  • A stack of papers in the room where you can check the building plans in the fire department no longer float above the radio it's meant to be on top of.
  • You can no longer use the benches in the closed off sections of the fire department when dressed as a scientist.

Red Dragon
  • One of the projector lights in the private corridors leading to the pool area can now be turned off when you shoot one of the ceiling lamps.
  • Restored two security guards who were attached to non-exportable layers in the editor and one of them has been moved from where he was originally placed.

Angels in Texas
  • There are now two garage mechanics in the bar, one of which starts the mission having a smoke outside and will head inside when you get closer to the front porch, to serve as a hint that mechanics are allowed in the bar.
  • New skins have been created for the garage mechanics courtesy of cream_soda (clean hands).
  • One of the bikers sitting at a table having a drink in the bar now remains seated in his chair when you perform a silent takedown on him.
  • The invisible walls placed at the edges of the outdoor VectorMap have been placed closer so you don't go over the VectorMap's boundaries.

Points on the Radar
  • Removed some floating background vegetation and two buried patches of grass.
  • There are now extra patrols outside the base (based on Mystery Foes v2.0).

Dogs of War
  • Music now plays on radios in each of the crew's berthing quarters.
  • The lieutenant now finishes speaking on the phone before hanging up.
  • Fixed a bug where you can still poison the soda bottle even after applying soporific to it.
  • One of the sailors in the mess hall is now properly registered as a sailor instead of a technician.
  • One of the sleeping sailors in the crew berthing quarters now has his hat on.
  • Two signs marking the latrines no longer float.
  • The conversation outside the engine room now plays when you exit the engine room.
  • Poison can now be found in the infirmary.
  • Created a new accident scenario for one of the technicians, where after he finishes on the toilet he heads for the engine room before heading back to the mess hall, so you can push him off the catwalk. This is primarily to make things easier on Saboteur difficulty.
  • A block vision helper has been placed below the engine room catwalks covering almost the entire room (it ends at the stairway) so the technicians working directly below don't notice you pushing the target off the catwalk.
  • The soldier standing guard near the latrines now periodically goes there on Saboteur difficulty.

Check and Mate
  • Restored two policemen who were originally active in the dispatch room and the lobby as far back as the E3 2010 Demo.
  • Removed two relics from the cut Kovalev sections that were still present in the final game.
  • Created an extra tunnel segment along the route the train passes through, so it's no longer possible to see the void at the end of the tunnel.
  • The trigger for completing Check and Mate has now been placed further along the tunnels, closer to the current VectorMap boundaries - will place it even further in the future.
  • Some furniture in the basement room with the turbines no longer float and clip through each other.

You Only Live Twice
  • Restored a sign that was buried in the geometry of the war room, and now stands alongside the CIA logo marking the entrance to the part of the base restricted to CIA agents.
  • Restored a sign that was buried in the geometry of the Level 5 lift access room.
  • Renamed several African countries depicted on the giant map in the war room to reflect the appropriate time period. Nunavut has also been removed from the map, as it was part of Canada's Northwest Territories until 1999.
  • Restored poison in the equipment loadout, and you can now use it on the coffee machine near the Admiral's office so you can discretely take the clothes of the desk jockey who uses it as an alternate way to freely enter the office.
  • A fan in the Admiral's office now properly switches on and off when one of the desk jockeys interacts with it.
  • The starting area has been repositioned slightly so it's no longer possible to see any gaps.
  • You can now climb up onto one of the cargo boxes near the stairway to the part of Level 2 where the Admiral is located so you can easily shoot some lights.
  • More lights in the part of Level 2 where the Admiral is located will now be turned off when you shoot the ceiling lamps.
  • There are now some Hispanic workers.
  • Half the NPCs in the helipad now have different jobs on Saboteur difficulty.
  • The adjutant who's giving a briefing to two officers in the war room now has his back turned to the entrance on Saboteur difficulty.
  • Fixed a bug where the map registers that you're on Level 4 instead of Level 3 when you open it in certain VisAreas on the bottom floor of the CIA zone.

Here's the release video:

And here are the links to the Addon:




I have released a small update to this version, which I call v0.11. Here's the changelog, again breaking it up by level for easier viewing:

  • Adjusted some full objective descriptions from all missions in all available language translations to better fit the 1920x1080 screen resolution.
  • Corrected the setting for the German mission text of Ghosts of the Past - it was the only text file which gives an exact date (the first of September, 1943 in the American-style dating format), whereas all the other language texts just list it as September 1943.
  • Fixed a typo in the "CONTINUE GAME" option in the Italian translation.

A Mole Among Us
  • Removed the out-of-bounds VisArea which originally served as the traitor's starting location in A Mole Among Us prior to Addon v0.05.
  • Removed three disconnected waypoints under the library stairs.
  • People who use the balconies will now raise the alarm if they see you mantling the rail connecting them. A block vision helper has been placed below the third floor balconies so people below don't see you moving between the balconies above and vice-versa.

Red Dragon
  • After serving Capello his food, you now have ten seconds to reach the far side of the pool before he and his bodyguard turn hostile.
  • Removed one of the civilians in the opium den from Red Dragon's jobs.shadvs file, as his entry on the list should now be considered pointless.
  • Two block vision helpers have been placed covering the side and back of the opium den stairway, so the masseur working below doesn't see you and rush to inform a nearby guard if you're not wearing the right disguise.

  • Removed two triggers in the basement to prevent unnecessary surprises - one of the triggers basically restarts the patrolling guard's job. They were relics from E3 2011, where this guard is seen chatting with a now-deleted waiter, and those triggers served to make them start their routines. They've only been removed from the game itself, I attached them to a non-exportable layer in the editor. I may restore them in the future.
  • Added extra climbers on the western side of the villa, for stealthier ways to move from the basement generator room to the guard room.
  • Placed two invisible doors at a gap between the stairs and the porch of the villa to prevent players from falling in and getting stuck.

Points on the Radar
  • You can now jump off the railing at the foot of the second set of stairs to the lighthouse, so you can leave without having to go all the way down the stairway back to the beach.

Check and Mate
  • All subway tunnel VisAreas now have consistent fog parameters.
  • A set of wires running along the walls of the basement firing range now properly touches the walls at both ends.
  • Removed the entry "Path02" from Check and Mate - it was seemingly related to the initial job of a now-deleted FBI agent where he interacts with the dart board next to the coffee machine Pearson uses.
  • One of the policemen in the Investigations room is now properly registered as a policeman instead of a civilian, and now has a gun.
  • One of the FBI agents should now properly rest his arm on the sofa facing the coffee machine Pearson uses during his initial job.
  • The dart board next to the coffee machine Pearson uses is now properly on the wall.
  • Placed invisible walls along the right-hand side of the tunnels when they start to curve to the left, on your right as you exit the pump station - this is so you will barely see the void when viewing the camera at certain angles from the tunnel's edge, as the model for the rails and electrical supports on that particular section of tunnel has no collision detection.
  • Added more rails along the route the train passes through - you won't really see them in-game, but they're there for the sake of it.

You Only Live Twice
  • Removed an unused equipment pack entry for You Only Live Twice - early in development, Makarov PMs were placeholders for Colts as equippable weapons for guards.
  • A set of waypoints in the helipad which ended up being separated from their group are now assigned to a different group.
  • Removed a relic which was still in the final build of You Only Live Twice even after it was drastically redesigned.
  • The signs marking different areas now show a different number depending on which part of the complex you're in - the floor with the Level 5 access lift is now Area 4, while the bottom and top floors of the CIA zone are now Area 6 and Area 7, respectively.
  • Fixed a bug where the floors of the war room VisArea are the wrong way around when opening the map - the bottom floor is now Level 3, and the top floor is now Level 4.

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Old 03-31-2021, 04:24 AM
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The release video is finished, and the OP has been updated! The last release video also happened to be the very last video I recorded with Fraps, as after that it stopped working properly. So this release video happens to be the first high definition one!
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Old 04-20-2021, 01:58 PM
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All playthrough videos of v0.10 have been uploaded onto YouTube, here's the playlist:

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Old 06-02-2021, 02:26 PM
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Hey, thank you for sharing the playlist with us.
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Old 07-18-2021, 04:14 AM
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The OP has been updated. I've released a short improvement of this version, which I call v0.11. Since I'm now using Alekhine's Gun on a bigger monitor (I can confirm that it does run on Windows 10), I ended up having to change my screen resolution. This is what ultimately prompted me to make this short fix. My priority now is to get one of my Fan Missions out by the end of the year, and then I'll see if I can make any further changes to the Addon. Until then, enjoy.
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