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Old 08-25-2009, 05:19 PM
anmattos anmattos is offline
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Default World War I - Bugs

I´ve been playing World War I for some time. I think this is a pretty good game, fun to play, good graphics, lots of types of units, and so on.

However, like almost all games, it also has some bugs. My intention here is only to highlight some ones that could be corrected in a patch or next version.

1) The buildings are not obstacles to bullets. I´ve seen this for the first time in the first level of the Entente campaign. You should defend 2 French fortresses in this level. When the enemy comes to the walls of your fortress, the enemy infantry can shoot trough the walls with their rifles and hit your units inside, that you though to be protected against the enemy infantry fire. The same happens to all kinds of buildings.

2) Some times some of your units can´t cross a bridge. I don´t know how to explain this, but a regular bridge that you are used to cross all the time is not crossed by some tanks and artillery (even portable mortars). When you order them do go to the other side, they seek for another bridge and do a huge go around in the map.

3) Sometimes 2 vehicles get stuck in each other and they can´t separate. In some occasions I had to load the game, because I could not move them anymore.

4) Sometimes, when you attach an artillery to a truck, the artillery unit moves in a fast 120 degrees movement (back and forth) attached to the truck, in a clear bug style. When you detach the artillery, it stops.

5) Cavalry units are fixed by the "engineering trucks" and not the "medical truck". I think this does not make sense.

Some other things that could be improved:

1) The lack of cheating options is a con to me.
2) The encyclopedia could include infantry and cavalry units also, and their features. Today there are only artillery, tanks and planes.

That´s all for now.

Best regards,

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