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Men of War New World War II strategy game

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Old 02-24-2014, 07:05 AM
Somua Somua is offline
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Default Men of war assault squad 2-feedback

Hello Mates.

First, I will apologize for my English before starting this feedback.
I will say Omg. Did I pay for the same Game(AS1)?25€ for that?
I will not speak about "sync" bugs or not a lot of playing maps because it might be correcting until end of march.

I'd like to speak about new things. Now, players Have à rank. You can't play some units if you haven't a certain level. It's crazy because these blocked units are the same on Mow AS1. I Mean Tiger II, Pershing and others.

So, first game:
I played US VS germany(the only countries you can play for the moment).
I take a wolverine. It's the best tankdestroyer I have for my rank. The slugger is blocked.

I can shoot the best german tank(tiger) on the left side. The Helpscope is green. I can destroy this tiger. I'm shooting 4 times in the engine. Nothing!?

What about the pathfinding?
Yout unit,(under fire) has a choice between going left or going right.
the left side is hardly under fire. I let you beg wich side your unit will choose:
The shorter one and it doesn't care if it's under fire or not.

Finaly, this game is a little bit more beautiful than the first assault squad.
It's nice to find some players with steam. Hopefully we can find a ladder and make a competition.
But, for the moment it doesn't justify 25€. Maybe they can make the possibility to play in early/middle/last war. And to play with new countries like italian and french.
If they do that. I will certainly approve this game, but not if the game stays like that.

If you have something else to say?

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Old 04-25-2014, 06:05 AM
BattleTree BattleTree is offline
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Default Agreed

yea ive shot some of those tanks in the rear like crazy and they dont budge. just track like crazy. since you started this thread under the title "Feedback" i figured id give mine also. one thing that really drives me crazy over anything else (and its silly n simple most will think) is a dang follow cam.. why of why is there no follow unit camera?! so much fun missing because of that for me. anyway. if anyone reads all these things i hope they think about adding one or a modder makes one. it would be a great thing.
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Old 05-23-2014, 07:58 AM
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new here bump...
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