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Tactics discussions and solutions All you need to win the battle.

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Old 03-16-2010, 10:26 AM
ivra ivra is offline
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Default Using Armageddon is Cool :-)

In my impossible mage game I am almost finished, only Moro, Zilgadis and Baal left. I tried fighting Moro with my standard setup of Archmages, Inquisitors, Paladins, Trolls and Emerald Green Dragons. I managed to pull it of as a no-loss battle, but not without a lot of resurrection afterwards. Since my Int is high (66, and 76 with Depth of Thought) I wanted to try the armageddon strategy. I summoned up a bunch of Archdemons since I needed to go first. This battle became really easy and was finished in the fourth round (I skipped digging for treasures). I have attached the savegame so you can try if you like. I did the following:

Round 1:
- Fireball 3 on all the humanoid unit (excluding the black dragons)
- Armageddon 3
- Now I had enough Rage to use Ball of Lightning
- I picked up the chest with my Archdemons - the important thing is to either stand still or to move far away from your original position so that Turn Back Time will work later.

Round 2:
- Mana Spring 3 on Archdemons and move to the middle of the enemy to get some more mana
- Archdemons wait until all enemy units have moved
- Turn Back Time

Round 3:
- Mana Accelerator to get 25 more Mana
- Mana Spring 3 on Archdemons and move to the middle of the enemy to get some more mana
- Armageddon 3
- Attack a unit that does not die so that it can counterattack and give you mana

Round 4:
Turn Back Time and mop up.
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Old 03-16-2010, 06:29 PM
KongMysen KongMysen is offline
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I just tried and it totally works
Kudos for finding a VERY good (ab)use of the Armageddon+Time Back combo.

I would've testet if I could have done the same in a few more rounds using trap+Death Star in round 1 and 2 and simply avoid most dmg so that the paladins wouldn't need a single phantom. Armageddon seems theoreticly amazing in a single stack Red Dragon or Arch Demon lineup, but I never had the guts to use it, so I wanted to see if it could be avoided in this particular fight.

But there were no Death Star spell I guess I'll never find out
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Old 03-16-2010, 08:37 PM
ivra ivra is offline
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Join Date: Jan 2010
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Sorry, but I never found Death Star in this game. And I missed it. But I got Geyser maxed, and up to 10k on 8 units is not bad either

I also did not find Divine Armor, which gave me a huge challenge when fighting Baal. My standard lineup could not beat him. I managed to kill him to about 50%, but at that time the only remaining unit were the Trolls... So, I picked up a single stack of Cursed Ghost. They have 50% Physical Resistance. A Stone Skin on them + the medal got them to 95% physical resistance. The challenge was to ballance this stack. I started with the maximum of 284 units in one stack. I tried to never get the number below 150 and never above 250 during the fight. They regenerate when they eat up enemy units, and if they pass 284 it is immediate defeat. It was a long fight where most of the damage to Baal was done by spells. The cursed ghost did only 2000 in damage to Baal, which is pretty bad considering Baal's 270 000 hit points...

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