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Old 08-24-2011, 07:10 PM
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Default [NEW!!] [Translated] Messerschmidts über Dunkirk. New campaign from vetochka


RC_Bublik and RC_Bu-Bu (Vetochka) published yet another great campaign, which I (mostly Google) translated again.
New features (see below) deliver a very lively and capturing experience...
You even can win Medals
File is attached, use campaign tool to install.

Thanks to Vetochka for all the work and invention!

Messerschmidts over Dunkirk

The second season of the series "fighters over Dunkirk." campaign consists of 16 missions.
The player commands a squadron I/JG27 from May 20 to June 1, 1940 Aircraft player Bf-109E3, sometimes Bf-109E1. Features campaign.
1. The system of rewards and promotions in rank.
Awards (iron cross) are available for a downed aircraft, and thanks for raising the rank of player points. The system rewards authors admitted some voluntarism and slightly altered the historical system of rewards. In the period clears the Knight's Cross was issued for 20 kills in this campaign is issued for 40 kills. This was done solely for the sake of playability, since testing campaign, I was crammed with more than 20 aircraft in the first half of the campaign and incentive for obtaining the highest award of just disappeared. Oak leaves and other gadgets to the Knight's Cross were introduced later. Iron Cross 2nd and 1st degree granted for 2 and 5 kills respectively.
The second line of winning depend on the player points. The first two rewards - are some of gratitude, the third - higher rank. When typing in a strong minus a player may be demoted and removed from the squadron commander on what the campaign is over.
The player starts with the rank of Oberleutnant and can be upgraded to Hauptmann.
Points system is not transparent, each mission has its own system. Generally for carrying out a fundamental problem, which is not everywhere, is given 100 or 150 points. For example, in the first mission during its implementation need to protect staff from the plane suddenly appeared in the rear of the British. If you protect the aircraft, the 150, will not protect, and continue to shoot-hartmanski Blenheims or can not defend, you get -100.
There are missions where there are no major problems, such as patrolling with the priority of attack fighters. It is commonly used progressive points system for the purpose, ie For the first 5 kills is calculated for each 5, with the following - 10, etc. Accordingly, if you are protecting bombers, then for each shot down is also less than the more kills, the more minuses for each downed. Standard plus player is rewarded for kills, kills per squadron, commanded by the player, minus the loss of an aircraft squadron, the death or capture pilot squadron, for the loss of the slave, the big minus is given for the death or capture slave.

2. If a player during the mission was killed, captured or had been demoted, the campaign goes on, but all the advances are cleared, ie, is like winning back already for another character.
To keep all the achievements will have to fly the mission, ie choose a new attempt.
Hit in captivity will always be a player sits down at an emergency in enemy territory, if a player jumps over enemy territory, it is likely to avoid capture. Probability depends on the distance from the front lines.

3. Aircraft squadrons are not infinite, although periodically replenished. Ie If, after the mission you have left six of the 12 fighters, the next mission you fly second, of course, unless otherwise provided in this mission completion. The number of pilots is infinite, is only statistics on the death of the pilots, and, accordingly, for the death of the pilot squadron the player gets a minus on points.

4. The job may change during the mission,
for example, you start out on patrol in one place, but in the course of changing the situation and send you to another place. Message about changing jobs appears in the messages from the server, ie, you have a message box should be included messages from the server. By default they are enabled. This is where they write that such and such a fact has brought down some. In the important messages that the player drew attention to them, in the center of the screen illuminates the inscription «Achtung». After the appearance of this line should always watch window server messages, because You may need to fly is in the opposite direction.
5. Counting kills. Not everyone can be confirmed shot down. Guaranteed counted downed, fallen on your territory, and shot down in front of witnesses. Downed in enemy territory without witnesses can not be counted. Sometimes you give your slave a victory.

6. The campaign has several so-called long mission, ie player may return from the battle area to the airfield to change aircraft and fly again. On this you will be informed in advance of the briefing. Accordingly, if a player was hit or injured, then again he can not fly.

7. Because of the technical features of the game, the start is almost always in the air. With appropriate modifications to the game in the future it can be fixed. You can make a landing at the airport or out of the game ESC. There are no restrictions on the way there is no ESC, ie, this can be done over enemy territory in any state and always will be a return, of course, if a player is alive. Restrictions, we do not have especially for those who do not like to replay the mission twice. So this moment is only on for a player to the passage of the campaign. In the primary mission of the map there is no German airfields, so instead of landing the player returns to a certain square, which will be clear from the briefing.

8. In some missions the element of chance is present, ie type appears opponent is chosen randomly, sometimes randomly selected number of planes in the emerging group of enemy. At the end of the mission will always be left on top the inscription "The failure of the battle." Do not pay attention to it. The text will always be written postbrifinga anskolko successfully you have completed the task, and whether to continue the campaign without a loss of points and awards.

SETTING CAMPAIGN Download two files from attachments. Extract the files in the archive folder campaign_bd.zip campaign campaign_bd (not rename!), The second archive programm il2campaigntool.exe. Run the example program in which points the way to incentives, such as automatically detects and path to the downloaded this and unzipped folder already campaign_bd. We press the button "installs". Start BzB and appears in the list of campaigns the campaign "Messerschmitt over Dunkirk." Pleasant passage.
Authors: RC_Bublik and RC_Bu-Bu (Vetochka).
practical advice. When escorting bomber, Fear Beaufighter
Attached Files
File Type: zip campaign_bd.zip (2.25 MB, 136 views)

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Old 08-31-2011, 04:00 PM
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Old 08-31-2011, 05:50 PM
adonys adonys is offline
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I'm in the process of manually translating the russian in-mission texts (I've already translated half of them, from mission 1 to 8 inclusive).
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Old 09-01-2011, 01:12 PM
erzwodezwo erzwodezwo is offline
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sorry if this is some kind of a silly question, but where do i find the second archive programm "il2campaigntool.exe". i cant find this .exe.

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Old 09-01-2011, 04:01 PM
Mington Mington is offline
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The campaign tool referred to in the campaign post, I found (a version of) it at-


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Old 09-01-2011, 05:19 PM
caprera caprera is offline
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I find odd that during a mission there's no way to receive and objective update.

Is it me that has installed it wrong ?
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Old 09-01-2011, 05:27 PM
gabuzomeu gabuzomeu is offline
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Mission updates are there:
You have to add server messages to a window (for example the one with radio msggs) . you alt-right click to select then right click/ choose edit window. Then you can add server message from the list on the right.
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Old 09-01-2011, 06:16 PM
caprera caprera is offline
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Thanks so much
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Old 09-09-2011, 09:39 PM
naz naz is offline
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Having a lot of fun with this one ... great work!
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Old 09-10-2011, 05:06 PM
JagdNeun JagdNeun is offline
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Luftwaffe campaign...much appreciated and working very well. Thanks for your time and effort in this.
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