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IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover Latest instalment in the acclaimed IL-2 Sturmovik series from award-winning developer 1C: Maddox Games.

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Old 02-10-2012, 11:02 PM
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Type of improvement: Pause Chat Window
Explanation of proposals: Difficult to read the chat history, because the chat window jump back to the last row if a new line comes in. Should be solved to stop the chat for this time.
Benefits: Easy to read history
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Old 02-11-2012, 12:14 AM
Sternjaeger II Sternjaeger II is offline
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type of improvement: programmable/random fault or malfunction
explanation: a scalable and editable option for faults within the aircraft engine, cooling, propeller gearing, armament, fuel system etc.. to train for emergencies and to learn how to recognise faults with the machine
Benefits: it can help for testing purposes and to train pilots
Old 02-11-2012, 05:07 PM
nic727 nic727 is offline
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Join Date: Feb 2012
Posts: 344

Type of improvement: Collision with trees
Explanation: It's very annoying in multiplayers and in singleplayer, when the enemies went in the trees to be invisible.
Benefits: More realistic game
Old 02-11-2012, 11:37 PM
Skoshi Tiger Skoshi Tiger is offline
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Default Observation Post bjects

Type of improvement:
Include a Observation post object

Explanation of proposals:
Create a Observation post object that can be placed by the mission designer. When enemy aircraft come within a set distance to OP it will trigger a message stating an approximate Number, speed, heading, type and altitude of the enemy flight similar to current radar messages, though in a much more limited area and incorporate a realistic ammount of error and delay into these observations

Added realism. One of the reasons an Outnumbered RAF was so effective in the Battle of Britain was that they had better situational awareness of their airspace.

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Old 02-12-2012, 01:25 PM
Stealth_Eagle Stealth_Eagle is offline
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Type of improvement: Modified Spawn system for human pilots and an option for AI pilots in the Full Mission Builder.

Explaination of Proposals: Rather than spawning people in aircraft, have them spawn near or inside (If possible) an airfields barracks. You would then control your aviator and be able to walk a static aircraft that you spawned on the spawn preselection screen (Location, loadout, paint scheme, etcetera) and you would be able to hop into the aircraft or any other static aircraft already (Like if a mission builder had put some static aircraft that would get default loadout except bombers which would get a historical loadout and respawn after a set amount of time) be able to take the position of another crew member. This would also allow people to go to flak guns as they please and leave if they want. Also, if a pilot bailed out overground, that person could either respawn upon contact with the ground or find something else to do (like stealing an enemy fighter ). This barracks would also be a moveable spawn point such that if we ever get drivable vehiciles, we can spawn in the front lines.

Benefits: A totally new layer of immersion that can be opted out if you don't want to but I would find this quite interesting to have if possible and thanks for your commitment to the game.
Old 02-12-2012, 03:20 PM
Red Dragon-DK Red Dragon-DK is offline
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Location: Denmark
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Type of improvement:
Recon patrols with camera.

Explaination of Proposals:
I have an idea for online gameplay. Recon patrols. Without any ammunition, but only equipment with a camera. The pilot flies out on his recon mission and mocks a target on the ground. He looks down at the target and take a picture, which is now stored in his camera. After the mission, he flies back to base and land.
Subsequently, the pilots, who now takes off from base, have new facilitates. They can now go into their map and see a small icon on the map where the picture was taken. They click on it, and a small image pop up and display the image. For example, the size of 250KB allso show position and time, it was taken. When the target is destroyed, both the image and icon disappear.
Only if the pilot land with photo, this will happen. If he gets shot down, the image will be lost, since it could not be produced and shown to others. As in real life.

You could do something similar with radio communication to home base, if you spot enemy aircraft. Today we get a message on the screen, but an icon of the mad that holds 2 to 5 minutes after the message is sent, might be an idea. Then it disappears and you have to communicate again if you still in contact with the group.

Nb: Its not meant to be like the mod in IL2 1946 with a lot of blinking icons. but in a balanced and realistic way.

Dynamic gameplay, there could be close to reality - although it would take longer in real life to get induced photo and send them out. But more realism and dynamism that makes that more people can plan their missions after the targets are given.
Old 02-12-2012, 06:01 PM
nic727 nic727 is offline
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Join Date: Feb 2012
Posts: 344

Type of improvement : FPS body
Explanation: It can be a cool feature when you reaload when you are gunner and you can see your feet push the rudder, etc.
Benefit: Realistic feature

Old 02-12-2012, 11:27 PM
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Friendly_flyer Friendly_flyer is offline
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Location: Oslo, Norway
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Type of improvement: More natural placement of buildings
Explanation: The extremely lined-up feeling if villages in much of CoD is very artificial. Buildings do not normally line up perfectly, particularly not in less built up areas. (see some pictures below). Recent development shots shows some extremely nice Russian farmland buildings, again with the mathematical (and quite unnatural) precise line-up.
Benefits: Environment, navigational (buildings/quarters as landmarks easier to spot)

Small village (the size that's all over the place in IL2 maps), England. Notice the houses align to the roads, not to an overall line-up:

Small scale industry, London. Notice even adjacent houses don't allways line up:

Large scale industry, Hungary. Notice several lines of line-up:
Fly friendly!

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Petter Bøckman

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Old 02-13-2012, 10:57 PM
PhilHL PhilHL is offline
Join Date: Jun 2010
Posts: 33

Type of improvement: better effects and animations

Explanation of proposals: some visual effects in COD cause dramatic fps reduction, e.g. clouds, dust, etc. why? Its not the complexitiy of the game when i have stable 60 fps with 30 planes around but i lose 25 fps instantly when i look at bad looking clouds!!!

battlefield 3 is a good example of good effects, maybe the best. it has always good fps even if a lot big explosions are going on.

so please have a deeper look or even a talk with the bf3 developer dice and change the effects in COD then.

Benefits: much smoother game and visual more attractive = more sells of the game for sure!
Old 02-16-2012, 02:33 PM
hc_wolf hc_wolf is offline
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Posts: 439

Type of improvement: Please put 1 bridge on the Fields Online Map (Land$Online_Map2) in the next patch.

Explanation of proposals: Currently all the AI tanks & Vehicles re-route around the bottom of the map to get around the river.

Benefits: Great online games can be plaid with ai vehicles and This mission would then be great for both sides to jump into tanks and AAA guns to defend and capture the front lines.
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