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Adventure mode All you want to know about adventure mode (may contain SPOILERS)

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Old 05-03-2010, 12:36 AM
calnon calnon is offline
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Join Date: Aug 2008
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Smile I underated this game+Newbie Questions

I bought this game and I always got stuck before lvl 5 anyway this time months later on a replay I have done so much better. I think it may be owing to the fact I am not trying to grind every mob in an area plus this time I got a free boat before lvl 5 and made a heap of cash

I dont want to crash out at lvl 5 and want to save money so Im looking for any tips or links to guides which pertain to my lvl onwards

I have access to

Blue royal snakes [15 in party]
3 mages
1 skeletal archer (Just got killed which is no loss as they not very good)
4 vampires (Frrom coffin lids)

I also have access to knights but havent got any in my party and just as of writing this , those arent the cavalry things are they? If so I need to get them!
I havee access to robbers

I just got th item to do with beholders and I am away back to hand in that quest
I am on the second main quest(not done yet)
Have got some scroll of the witch
Have got a ring for a quest that I need to supress but its kinda out my league
I have done the werewolf quest

I just learned skull trap(I think thats the name, green skull appears low cost awesome dmg)
I learned a spell that summons demons from a portal(Hell I spent all my crystals wrong when I played in the past and this is first time I Get this spell and I love it!)
I have specialised in chaos magic (2 lvls) + 1 lvl necromancy is all spells I have

Thats kinda a overview of my situation but its getting tougher to decide where to go or what to do next

I will add to this thead if I come up against anything game stopping. Apologies about it being so general its just Im kinda fishing for pointers as this is the best I have done and I am starting to see a much differant game to what I imagined it would be.


As it currently stands I am lvl 8, got some magic chest, have 14 int, no rez spell yet

I have done most quests in the start areas, ones that are too much for me are:

The quest in the swamps where you need to try and convince the evil boy
The quest where you have to supress the staff of destruction

I am wandering whether to go into that mage challenge instance yet?
Also in the judgement day arena where you supress stuff do you get the artifact as a reward?
What quests should I do which will get me good items?
Btw I got the wife from the frog, she had two kids which wasted my damn item slots
In the main quest some pirate wanted 100k from me, as it stands I have 140k(Im not sure if thats good o bad at my lvl) but screw giving that away so I went back to the king who says 5k take it or leave it so in short do you think I will manage to kill him?

Also I will run out of royal snakes eventually, what is a good replacement?

Current part 5 knights
approx 67 hyenas
20 odd ancient bears
22 royal snakes
good few healers

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Old 05-14-2010, 11:56 AM
homm3megejas homm3megejas is offline
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Hi, just sail around the island to collect some leadership flags and other bonuses. When you have it enough leadership just beat Lucky James. To other questions: search it more snakes in snake? underground; replace hyenas with griffins, they are much better tanks; healers, do you mean it priests? change them to archmages, or some other better ranged troop.
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Old 05-22-2010, 08:35 AM
Razorflame Razorflame is offline
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or just read my strategy guide posted on this forum
enough info in there..
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