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Fantasy Wars Turn-based strategy. Gather an army, upgrade units, study magic spells, participate in castle sieges and assaults to destroy the great Orc Ugraum’s horde.

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Old 12-26-2007, 11:48 AM
KingDude KingDude is offline
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Join Date: Dec 2007
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Default Just a few things...

Picked the game a week ago..
Im all for turn based gaming..being in my late 20's i probably fit the demographic to a tee here..Loved all the x-com, HOMM games..

Kudos to the gents who developed the game.. It is initially simple, yet offers room to breathe in the tactical department... 'to move or not to move is the question.' nice rock, papaer, scissors dynamics. The graphics are colourful and basic, yet in my eyes, are more than passable and work well. The battle sound effects are way too soft when zoomed out.. can the sound level adjust to your current view?
The AI makes some 'interesting choices', and despite claims that this game is sadistically difficult by some reviewers, i find it a challenge, yet not overbearing. Ultimately, the human player dictates the flow of the battle, as i dont really see the AI making any intuitive moves. Its advantages seem to be purely from preset map placements..

The thing that bugs me the most however is the multiplayer option... where are the multiplayer maps?!
I played a hotseat game with a friend.. 1 map with more than 2 players supported!!? C'mon guys.. If you go down the road of supporting multiplayer ...then SUPPORT it. Add some meat to the option. The price of the game suggests there should be more to it. As a few of the other guys have said in previous posts.. It will be the community that signs the death knell for this game. Provide the tools.. it will survive.
Also, in multiplayer, when the second human player ends the turn, you do not see the AI move, whereas player 1 does. Is this going to be addressed? This is a little dissapointing.
I've had a few crashes when my Mage casts a spell.. although compared to HL2 Episode One, it manages to work more than one out of every two tries. So im a little more forgiving there...

Sorry for the length of the post, as I only say all of this as i see great potential in this game.
But at the moment, it feels a little 'half baked'.
All in all, im enjoying it.. yet want to see a more from the dev team. The Campaign is ok, yet the multiplayer option needs a real kick in the ass. Why no option to have a lobby where you can purchase units then deploy and fight? Rather than 'heres a few units.. go attack'.. Just seems tacked on.
At the moment, all i see is unrealised potential.
Yet faith remains the Dev boys will fix some of these problems that hinder an otherwise good game.

Anyone hear me on this?
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Old 12-27-2007, 09:07 AM
Skelos Skelos is offline
Join Date: Oct 2007
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Yes. We are reading this forum. We'll do our best to provide good support for the game.
Thanks for your feedback!
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