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King's Bounty Famous series of Fantasy Real-time RPG with turn-based battles.

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Old 01-19-2015, 05:53 PM
Shadowcran Shadowcran is offline
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Default Idea for KB: Trading Card Video game

It's got the creatures.
It's got the spells.
It's got the Items.
It's got a following.
It's got the badges.
It's got the Runes.

Right now, card games are popping up right and left on Steam. The problem with them? No familiarity with them except for Magic: The Gathering and Hearthstone.

If King's Bounty went into this market, they could offer a card game similar to MTG's Duels of the Planeswalkers for around $20. If they do this, they would have to have ways to get every card and not have a "pay to win" formula as many of them do. This could be done in the form of a RPG/Card battle quest to obtain them. Once obtained, they can be used in the Multiplayer format.

Instead of posting your scorn, instead help me come up with ideas on how we could make it work. The only thing I can see as a problem are the "troop Numbers" and how they would play.

Runes would take the form of cards, similar to how mana is used in MTG. To deal with the various types of units, there would probably have to be a corresponding amount of different rune cards. However, there could also be 3 types of rune cards and some factions could utilize "one of this rune, one of that rune" to summon the creatures.

Mana cards would be for spells.
Rage cards for Rage effects.

You would get 1 rune a turn, 1 mana, and 1 Rage. Cards could exist to up these 3 factors, such as one that gives +5 mana for one turn, or cards that increase your stock of runes, similar to "ramping" in MTG. There could also be artifacts that increase the stock of any of the 3 factors.

Each creature would be given a cost to summon. However, this is where I'm trying to figure out "What about numbers?". This could be a form of the card as well. For example, for 1 Rune(let's say order), you could summon 10 peasants, represented by 1 token that reads "10 peasants". You could also have other cards that increase your stock of peasants.

In card combat, you could choose to attack with these peasants or leave them for defense. If they attack, they cannot defend and vice versa. Some creatures could do both of course, but we're sticking with basic peasants for now. Let's say for first round, they attack. Opponent, since it has no creatures on board yet, can cast a magic spell that damages them or other option or simply let them pass. The peasants then do 1 damage(being only 10 0f them) if unhindered in their attack. These peasants would have a base defence and attack.

Items would increase all troops on board, same as it does in KB now but of course, cost something to put on the board in runes.

As in KB now, you can only have 5 units on board at any time. 2 can be summoned and put in reserve to replace lost units. This can be a good strategy as you can use the runes to summon the reserve on a turn where no other play is good, then not have to spend the runes later to put them into the main 5 units, replacing a lost unit.

This is an IIP. Idea In Progress. Help me come up with ideas.
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