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Gameplay questions threads Everything about playing CoD (missions, tactics, how to... and etc.)

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Old 09-04-2014, 05:48 AM
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Default Request: Map with less CLOD markings

Hi Tom,

Fabulous map, I've printed it a number of times, hand glueing A3 sheets together. Excellent work - I love it. Use it all the time.
Mark it up, trash it, give away the used ones to friends.

I had to adjust the sizing a little when I printed, to make sure that the scale was correct for 1:500,000.

I also pushed the contrast a bit in Photoshop.
Made things a bit clearer for late night reading with these tired old eyes.

One thing I would like removed is the blue sector overlay.
Reason: The "Alpha-Oscar 4.7" identification system varies between each mission. So the blue sector overlay is only correct for a couple of missions. I'd rather have your beautiful map without the overlay.

Second I would change the scale markings in the margins slightly so that nautical miles / statute miles and Kilometers each have units (ones) instead of just kilometers having units.
If you remodel the scale bars they could maybe be separated by a couple of millimeters.
Reason: I plan routes by measuring the distance with a drawing compass and then lining that compass up on the scale bars. That distance divided by my airspeed gives me time on that heading. Since my airspeed is in miles I'd like to know distance in miles (to the nearest mile).

Third I would take out the Green magnetic declination line.
Reason: that is beautifully expressed by the compass rose in the top right. And there are already two Magnetic Declination lines on the original map (a 10 degrees W 1942 and a 9 degreees 1942) and in the margin.

Lastly I would like the AFBs ICON and name layer as a separate image.
Reason: Details. In some places the text is hard to read or obscures the detail underneath.
1) In the top left of the map, the names Yatesbury, Watchfield, Harwell, White Watham, Harwell, Reading etc are already on the map.
The convention seems to be font: ARIAL for AFBs and font: Times New Roman Italic for Towns.
2) Also in the top left of the map there are a number of AFBs that are not in the mission but are on the map. Bibury, Witney, Brize Norton, Abingdon etc.

Personally I would change my AFBs layer so that:
1) The AFB Icon has a Runway.
2) The AFB Code is in Capital Bold Arial.
3) Where the AFB Name already exists on the map don't write it out again.
4) If the AFB name doesn't exist, add it in Regular Arial.

I'm happy to do the grunt work on this if you are able to output a version without the layers I have suggested.

Here is an example of the proposed before and after on the AFBs layer and the contrast boost.
If you PM me we can dropbox.
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Old 09-29-2014, 01:57 AM
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Originally Posted by decay View Post
Hi Tom,

huh, I did not read this forum since months, I used to check daily the ATAG forum.
I got your PM there, I will reply soon.

| AFBs of CloD 2[/URL] |www.pumaszallas.hu

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