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A Farewell to dragons A Farewell to Dragons is a classic Action/RPG that takes place in the universe based on the fantasy book written by famous Russian writers Sergey Lukyanenko and Nikolay Perumov.

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Old 09-09-2010, 06:54 AM
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Default walk

Excuse me guys......does anybody know of a walkthrough for "a farewell to" ? only I'm in a bit of a jam, I seem to have done all the outstanding tasks but I still can't seem to get past the mage outside the ticket office and it's making me go even crazier than normal.......cheers
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Old 09-10-2010, 02:57 PM
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To deal with the boss..Well the trick is concentrate all your damage output onto single unit at one time. Kill weaker enemies nearby one-by-one. Then deal with boss. I don't remember but if Telle was present use her healing magic when required to keep party alive.
I didn't see a walkthrough on English spoken internet. But as an experienced RPGamer I didn't make a mistake on my build. Here a few advice:

- Don't give points into each skill. At start concentrate on few skills and make them powerful and jump on others while levelling up.
- The game is supposed to be played with a 4-heroes party most of the time. As game progresses new members join your party. Each hero is supposed to fulfill a pre-determined role in party though you can customize them. I don't suggest trying to be creative. Just learn what each one is supposed to be and use them as they are and be happy with that. If you are familiar with general RPG games mechanics and class systems you should already get a point. The early party members:
+ Outskirter: Two-handed weapon wielder, slow attack, high damage output, offensive melee.
+ Rada: Shield+Sword/Dagger wielder, fast attack, support melee.
+ Telle: Staff or ranged weapon(?) wielder, healer.
- Telle leaves party in some maps so try not lo let valuable items in her inventory.
- The game's one of main features is trying to be a steampunk game (the reason why I play ) and your character starts as a combat/techno guy. But confusingly he is supposed to be a mage later on. A powerful mage. But I think general concept of main character is OK. So decide how to use him in party. Later in game there's a dwarf joining your party and you are able to use him as techno-guy if you want your main character as a mage. But I play game for techno steampunk style so I go techno skill tree all the way. I use Victor as firearms wielder, ranged damage dealing nuker and dwarf guy as saw wielding tank. Explosives and electricalshock are optional.
- The game's progression is pretty straightforward. If you follow the general path of character develpoment like in other well-approved cRPG games you will be OK even you don't need to know what's coming next. The game does not introduce any challenge into cRPG genre, just follows the standart formulae of its successful predecessors. I found the game is medium difficulty for casual players and easy/medium for experienced RPGamers. Selecting "Hard" difficulty is better if you are good at cRPGs. Some tips covering common aspects like in other cRPGs: enemies are packed in groups(melee/ranged/caster/healer combinations so kill healers first is my advice), develop your heroes in-balance(no reason to pump high mana cost skills earlier while you run out mana so fast, distribute stats reasonably and learn what they stand for and read manual)
- There is a wide range of weapons. Your stat/skill distribution and life/mana amounts as well as secondary traits like critical,evasion chances are closely related to your weapon choices for success. But after having a machine gun I found that it is an overpowered weapon. You kill so fast with that and maybe even saw is also a too much powerful. Maybe they are designed also for no-tech guys but as I invest all my skill points in firearms skills I kill so fast and it's not so funny.

I think these help you a bit.
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