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A Farewell to dragons A Farewell to Dragons is a classic Action/RPG that takes place in the universe based on the fantasy book written by famous Russian writers Sergey Lukyanenko and Nikolay Perumov.

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Old 06-16-2010, 11:55 AM
Exyll Exyll is offline
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Default Just finished *spoilers*

Wow you get your money's worth outta this one!
It got really fun, then it got REALLY long but all in all, it was an interesting game. I think I hit all the subquests, I kept playing the nice guy in case anything came back to haunt me so I didnt screw over that pirate wanting the ship permit, and I let the Outskirter live, stuff like that.

The steampunk aspect was fun, having twin MGs mowing down everything in your path in seconds flat, fun fun fun.
The economy worked well - I was able to go from rich to poor in every visit to town, in between collecting/selling loot for jewelry upgrades, ammo, potions, etc.

Sidequests were typical FedEx fare but, again, any reason to fire up the machine guns was more than enough.
Main quest was a hot mess though - I literally had no idea what was going on up until about 2/3s of the way through: Initiations? Elements? Telle kept bailing on me...oh look, new machine guns for sale.
Questgivers and Plot NPCs - Dark blue dots on primarily black map = WTF?

Maps were HUGE, and pretty much each map needs a full clear to hit 40 ( I cleared each map from Meadows on and only hit 39 just before the rainbow bridge.

Loot everything not nailed down. Break all boxes, remove Fog o War from all maps, kill everything\everyone.
I went for high +HP regen - I dont know if there was a cap on it but by endgame my chars were avg 75+ in HP regen...prolly a waste of jewelry but I could count the amount of times I lost a member and downtime lasted as long as it took to get to the next mobs (10-15 secs full health).
Machine Guns are NO JOKE in this game. Me and Torry took down about 90% of the game.
Get regen perks (again, personal preference, but a party full of wolverine-like regenners makes for fast leveling)
Merchant Perk - saves a LOT at the merchants at 3rd level.
Try to plan out APs - Restarted at around lev 15 once I figured out which way to spec out. Jack of all trades not so hot in this game, figure out which abilities you want and max em, dont dabble.

I wish this game had a little more meat to it, takes a long time but that's mainly cause the maps are like 75sq mi each. All in all, a nice ride.

One last thing, I couldnt find the screenshot button, but if there is one you might wanna use it when you kill the last boss, the ending goes like this:
Open book with the ending text written on it
Page Turns
Book Closes
This is all in about 2 seconds, lol, laughably short - so I dont know it says but I assume 'you win' and 'the end' are somewhere in there.
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Old 06-16-2010, 02:54 PM
persoiranian persoiranian is offline
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nice topic,could i know whether you have bought the retail version from uk or not?
for reading the text in the ending:http://forum.1cpublishing.eu/showpos...ount=18(thanks to Gniarf)
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