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Old 04-01-2010, 02:15 PM
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Default Random Contacts

Edit: Updated to version .04

There are quite a few important files that you must go through in order to understand this script. These are the Randomcontacts.script, the create_flight_2.script, and the activate.script (located in each and every sector)

The Randomcontacts.script is highly interwoven with the create_flight_2.script, so if I say something without elaborating, chances are I am talking something in create_flight_2.

I have been doing a lot of researching of Random contacts as of late. My first initial expeirments consisted of merely doubling the number of random contacts (in order to better understand how they work) and adding KFNI patrols in certain MSF Systems. Both of these experiments have been successes (Well, adding the KFNI did not produce the desired results, oh well), and my study of the Randomcontacts script has yielded results.

Random contacts are -always- fighters, there is not even infestructure set in place for random contact bombers or capital ships (Although it should not be too difficult to set up). The only exception to the rule is trader flights, which consist of mixed capital ships (transports) and fighters.

Random contacts also have a 'strength' modifier. The strength modifier is different from the power modifier, in that it goes through a special script that generates a random number from the strength modifier, which than becomes the power modifier. The degree of randomization can be anywhere from Strength minus 4, to Strength plus 3. So a Random contact with a strength of 17 can generate flights with power levels as high as 20, and as low as 13.

Another thing that is important is Portals. Each randomcontact has a list of portals that they will enter and exit. They will ignore all other portals.

When Random contacts enter a sector, they have a specific set of waypoints that they must follow, and once they reach all the waypoints, they will than head to a portal and exit the sector.

Finally, there is a probability modifier. To better understand this, one must go to this little tidbit:
StartRandomContacts(80, 60);

All sectors with random contacts have this. It basically tells the random contacts to start. The first number is the initial interval, in which case, the game will wait 80 seconds before triggering the first spawn of random contacts.

The second number is all intervals after that. After the initial 80 seconds, it will call a spawn every 60 seconds. The 'probability' part of each registered random contact is the probability of that random contact spawning.

I know this might seem like cutting it short, but it is all I have for now. I have several goals I am considering going after, including:

1: Adding military convoys. These transport convoys will be carrying mainly weapons, equipment, and ships. Probably the easiest, since I can use the Trader code as a guideline.

2: Adding fleets.

3: Adding more conflict.

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