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Old 09-01-2018, 11:48 AM
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Default La 5FN / La 7 FM and FW-190 AI pilots

Hi all this is my first post here on this forum. I have been playing Il-2 since it came out and I really enjoy the fact the game is still alive thanks to the team still working on it and mods that enhanced the game.

I was wondering whether it is possible to correct the FM of the Lavockhin series. When I fly these planes I find them to be to easy to control. They pick up speed quite fast, they can maneuver without stalling. In fact they can do really tight turns especially the La 7. You can shoot down anything with them even jets.

Is their FM really realistic? I feel they need to be nerfed.

The other thing is the AI. They really do not know to how used the the different strengths of their aircraft. For the example they fly the FW-190 like it was a Yak or a Spit which in turn they are slaughtered easily by the enemy. The Ai or the game in general favors turning battles an we know that not all fighter planes are suitable for this.

Maybe something can be done to help the AI acknowledge the different strengths and tactics needed for the aircraft.
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Old 09-01-2018, 12:06 PM
DavidHayabusa DavidHayabusa is offline
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Default La 5FN / La 7 FM and FW0190 AI pilots

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Old 09-24-2018, 09:01 AM
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Default AI situational awareness

From "Fighter Combat - TACTICS AND MANEUVERING, By Robert L. Shaw":

"It has been estimated that throughout the history of air combat 80 to 90 percent of downed fighter pilots were unaware of their danger until the moment of the attack."

From 4.11 Guide:

"AI planes will no longer detect enemy planes automatically inside certain radius. Position and size of enemy plane is the main factor here. Bigger plane will obviously produce a bigger and more visible "dot" and it will be more visible to AI. AI skill will generally determine how well AI can spot targets. Also every gunner on board will contribute to enemy spotting by covering their own sectors. Generally pilots will keep looking more forwards than backwards. Occasionally fighters execute fishtail maneuver to get better view behind. Planes will be less visible against dark background like land, but more visible against brighter background like sky and clouds. Clouds & land mass blocks AI's ability to see other planes behind them. For example it is possible to evade attacking AI plane by hiding in clouds. AI planes will also try to hide in clouds in certain conditions. AI's own plane will block their line of sight. This is calculated from the plane's collision model. For example basically all planes cannot see directly below them, unless the plane has ventral/bottom gunner that can cover the underside. For example plane like Blenheim has blind spot rear & behind since it has no tail/bottom gunner. Plane like B-17 with bottom/rear gunners cannot be surprised from rear & behind like Blenheim (during daylight). Occasionally fighters will execute roll maneuvers to get a look directly below them. When fighter is pulling positive G's to get a lead shot and target goes invisible under nose, AI will not see the target. Instead of aiming at the actual target, AI is shooting at estimated target which position is extrapolated based on the last real observations. Much like human brain would do."

Well, I would really like these features to be efficiently implemented, since, so far (4.13.4), I still fail to make an "ambush" to any enemy aircraft. Invariably, even if it is alone, when I reach a distance from it of less than a few hundred meters (let's say 400) it snaps into a series of incredible evasive maneuvers, sometimes so unreal that I burst out laughing (like the "false stall", recovered only a few meters from the ground). If I attack a Blenheim from rear and below (as mentioned in the previous guide) the tail gunner not only sees me, but also manages to shoot me! I am puzzled when, in a formation of C-47, I see the last of the row twists and turns "to see what's behind". Even hiding inside the clouds does not seem to work; according to Storebror (who can read the code) it is true that the AI ​​does not see the opponent inside the clouds, but continues to look for him so aggressively that sooner or later he finds it the same!

In the game "Red Baron" (the first, of 1990) you could really hide in a cloud and veering inside a couple of times, the enemy AI could not find you anymore. As for the "ambushes", in the game Falcon 3.0 of 1991, were one of its features: approaching from below at six o'clock with the radar off you could get to knock down the opponent without being seen.

It's a pity that these old game features are not capitalized on new ones and the new developer teams always start from scratch.

... always looking for intelligent life
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