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Tactics discussions and solutions All you need to win the battle.

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Old 10-10-2011, 06:34 PM
Rumso Rumso is offline
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Default Impossible Paladin no loss

Hey guys,

this is the first time im trying impossible no loss i almost made it (except dragon only armies and baal) as a warrior on hard.

I already read alot in these forums, most of you guys are far ahead of me in game progress and the droid armies arnt alot of fun in my opinion. Furthermore I cant use the most infinite ressurection strategies since i dont have the spells or mana.

Right now im kind of stuck between Rusty Anchor and Verona as a Paladin. My ultimate goal is to have a nice Human army at the end with all the buffs from the Paladin tree and achievements. I can't beat any enemy right now (without losses, else i would kill em all ) or lets say i cant beat enough enemies to get really forward right now. Im lvl 13 now, have 44xx Leaderchip and skilled transmute lvl 1 , disortation magic lvl2, rage inflow lvl1 and prayer (those seem to be the most important skills till now)
The units I use:

evil beholders
royal griffons

I have the trapachievement on level 2 and except of ressurection, sacrafice all of the most useful spells. My Dragon pet is pretty weak though, since i was a little bit unlucky with his skills (got only crushing blow with 300 dmg the lightning ball, treasury and the mana acc.). However my main problem seems to be my dmg output or the amount of resurection. My basic strategy is to get stone skin and magic shield as soon as it is needed on my griffons and send them right to the front. I try to slow my enemies with the trap spell and I try to focus the enemy archers over their melee squads. I try to get my griffons some air with his summons and my cyclops as secondary tanks. If the fight is going to an end i send my griffons back to my paladins and revive my losses. Inbetween i keep stoneskin up and use heal to minimize losses. The problem is now that in most fights my griffons and cyclopses cant tank the enemies or if i go more defensive and let them come closer i loose to many archmages/evil beholders so i cant revive everything at the end of the battle. Against enemy heroes its even worse cause their spells rip my units away.

I tried to use inquisitors instead of the cyclops or evil beholders, but the problem is that my damage output goes down and im lacking of resurection power or damage again. I do understand that Inquisitors are great for the rage income but since my pet is really really weak ( im mean like seriously weak ) it doesnt seem to pay off.

In terms of artifacts. I dont have em and i dont have money to buy some good ones.

If anybody has some good advices that would be awesome.

best regards

PS: I'm not a native english speaker, so if i made any major mistakes in grammar or I'm missusing some words please tell me. I wont learn it, if nobody teaches me

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Old 10-14-2011, 11:22 AM
MaroonMaurader MaroonMaurader is offline
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Have you tried the Target spell (if you have it)? It's a good way to let you focus enemy fire onto the unit of your choice, rather than needing to blitz one unit forward and hope they choose to attack it.
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Old 06-11-2013, 02:54 PM
Razorflame Razorflame is offline
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change the cyclop for a trol and fight during night

use demonlogist instead of evil beholder if u have one

or use a royal thorn and spawn alot of plants (again remove the evil beholder)

if you don't have any let me know what u can buy and will explain!
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