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Old 01-23-2013, 08:37 PM
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Default after sometime definitly i solved the unsolved longitude problem

archeoastronomist are bufled at polinesian finding out longitude without a clock

here the concept i just found out how to prove:

you have a dial with two geared counterotating needles you move by hand

every rotation of the sun around you you rotate a needle ten times with which the other needle will rotate another ten times in opposite sense

a question i think easy is how many times will cross each needle the sun?

well, like one follows the sun and the other goes against it one will count one more and the other one less that is 9 and 11

how many would they count along 10 days?

90 and 110

and how many will they count in those ten days if besides you give a revolution to earth(warning tricky question)

well my minds so weak i have to simplify i know in greenwhich they count 110 and 90 but i cant make in my mind the simultaneous rotation around the globe so i make first the ten days stopped and ill move in a second around the globe in the end and check the count

now my weak mind can demonstarte that

in greenwhich i count 110 and 90 for each needle crossing the sun, now i make a light fast trip around the globe:

so if both needles are at 12 and i make a light fast revolution following the sun going east the sun will move with respect to BOTH needles west but for one needle going west counts as POSITIVE while for the other going west counts as NEGATIVE, for theyre counterotating so ill have to add one and substract one to each other to whatever count

so if i count 110 and 90 in greenwhich travelling around the globe ill count one more and one less of each, 111 and 89 or 109 and 91 depending the sense i travel, which will allow me to know longitude

i think theres an easier demonstration:

in greenwhich one needel will move with speed x with respect to the sun clockwise and the other with speed y counterclockwise with respect to the sun

so as soon as you change longitude speeds will be x+z and y-z for the added velocity of the sun counts as clockwise in x and counterclockwise in y
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