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Old 02-22-2014, 11:28 PM
Agrippa Agrippa is offline
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Default How to start with all of spirits active?

Title should sum up my question. I'm shooting to play a warrior, but don't want to be gimped without my rage spirits for the first half of the game. Simply using "spirit #" console command didn't work and no one's posted the full list of developer commands, so I'm guessing I'll have to mod. Any help is appreciated.
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Old 03-08-2014, 08:26 PM
MattCaspermeyer MattCaspermeyer is offline
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Exclamation This cannot be easily done, but...

This cannot be easily done, but if you are a intrepid enough, I can point you in the right direction if you are willing to "learn how to fish" so to speak, I'll help you along the way.

Note that there are at least 3 parts that you'd need to do in order to be able to do this:

1. Edit the quest that gets you the rage box and King Mark's quests before and after the rage box.
2. Edit the individual spirit quests.
3. Edit the dialogs of the quests affected so that everything flows, otherwise dialog choices could possibly break things.

Go to this forum post for my LNG & CHAT file NPC reference. You can search this spreadsheet for the NPC you're interested in (specifically King Mark and the spirits, i.e. Zerock, Sleem, etc.).

If you pull up the LNG file, you'll see the conversation elements and their corresponding names (i.e. chat_system_YYYYYYYYYY_snap_0_answer). The "snaps" will have a corresponding entry in the YYYYYYYYYY.CHAT file that you'll need to decompile with KB_DB_EDIT to start trying to correlate the two.

This is where you're really going to have to spend time and see if you can figure out how the files are linked together and what conducting this conversation choice does. If you get this far, then you can start to ask me questions and I'll help you out further. If you have the time and you're determined enough you should be able to do it - good luck!


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