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Death to Spies Stealth action. Professional spy working for the Soviet counterintelligence service executes dangerous operations in the heart of German territory.

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Old 08-31-2008, 06:01 PM
agrash agrash is offline
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Default Graphical problem at mission 3 (the prison)


Awesome game so far. Its been a while since i played an awesome WW2 sneaking game (commandos strike force to be precise ^^) and i love the hitman touch to this game. Anyway thats not the reason why i started this thread.

As the titel explains i have a graphical problem at mission 3. There are kinda invisible/white thin lines that seem to move with my camera. I didn't encountered any problems at all with the previous missions + the training.

I tried taking a screenshot but fraps always gave me these 'colorfull' images no mather what i do:
And paint's no good to for pasting the print screens, since i get a plain black screen in that program

This is the first time that this has happened with fraps before (+-30 games). So i'm kinda positieve that the problem is the game. Anyway thats not a big of an issue, since the main problem is the graphical problem
I think the lines came from the textures since those big barrels also have round lines when i move my camera on them

I don't think its my direct x version or my drivers since well i played alot and more newer games then this without any grafical problems (crysis included)


Apparently i only get that 'problem' in the wine cellar of the prison so its not such a big problem anymore unless at later missions the same texture will appear for the whole mission..

Also when i double checked those lines i noticed that not all the lines are white because some are kinda black/invisible like

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Old 09-03-2008, 07:13 PM
agrash agrash is offline
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Join Date: Aug 2008
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I also had that problem in a second room. There's a linear path leading to the prison right?
I think that was a changing room for the guards or something on that path

And so far i didn't had any more problems concerning this issue
I'm now at a mission where i have to kill 2 guys & blow up a bridge or something

Also i heard alot of people complaining in reviews and such that the game is to difficult. The hardest part for me was mission 1 to understand how the ai works & the basics on how to obtain uniforms but i still think this game isn't that hard..
Maybe the assasinate 3 guys was a bit tricky but once you got the officercostume its a walk in the park.. Poison here, sabotage there with a trap on the door and boom 2 guys dead without even seeing there faces
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