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Theatre of War series The most historically accurate RTS games

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Old 11-27-2007, 11:02 AM
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Default The greatest game ever made by human hands!!!

Afterwards Evgeny's request and a great deal of effort and the aid of dictionary, I will try to speak in english...

As I told before, I think ToW the great WWII-strategy game ever made... Above all, don't think I dont know about what I talk; I have all WWII strategy-games appeared in the market: Allied General, Blitzkrieg, Soldiers: Heroes..., Face of War, Codename: Panzers I and II, Desert Rats vs Afrika Korps etc...

However Tow overtake all of them. Its qualitys exceeded our expectations. But we need to have a passion for the strategy games to recognize its great gift... Its incridible the means avalaible to the player - above all in the Mission Editor...

About the War God (is like that the russians call the artillery in the WWII)

But I think the artillery has been neglected in ToW, specially by comparison with the tanks and SPG, plentiful present in the all armys...
Guns and howitzer are however absent. We just have someones; ATT above all... Even the Flak/pak 88 mm - the most famous canon in the WWII - is not there. There are no mortars at all.

We would have so fun if we was be able to put in the battlefield the heavy guns like the german K18, 170 mm; the russian ML-20, 152 mm or the B-4, 203 mm as well... Without to tell about the german superheavy howitzer Karl 600 mm, for exemple.

But you have no choice: the BM-13 Katyusha and the Nebelwerfer must been there (and a supply truck too). Since I told about it, I take the opportunity to talk about the ambulance; there is one in the Wermartch, but it doesn't treat anyone - can it do it? Can we have another one in each army for treat the woundeds?

And last but not least: 1C being a russian Company have no right to forget the battle vessels T-35 and T-28!!!

This tanks has been a symbol of his era. They are so impressive! I know they was not so effective than imposing, but we will have so fun to lead them in the battlefield! It shall be magic, like a dream...

Listen to me, I beg you: above all, don't forget the T-35 in the next add-on!
That's it!

Thank you very much!
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