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Mods NecroVisioN MODs and other improvements

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Old 05-23-2009, 04:03 PM
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Originally Posted by Dominic White View Post
As a possible better way of balancing the difficulty, is there any way of adding a slider (like you did with spawns/speed) for damage multipliers?
Sure, no problem
Originally Posted by Dominic White View Post
It would make sense to have, say, enemies doing 0.3x damage and you doing 3x if you've got 3x enemy spawns on, so you can kill them at roughly regular speed without running out of ammo,
If you're worrying about ammo (either use the unlimited ammo option or) that's an ennemy health factor you'd want.
Originally Posted by Dominic White View Post
but they'd also not be shredding the player.
I'm kinda starting to think ermm...4 sliders: speed, number, %health, %damage...+1 text indicator "average difficulty" = speed*number*%health*%damage/(10 000)
Originally Posted by Dominic White View Post
Of course, you'd need to figure out some way to stop this from applying to boss spawns.
*suddently notices*OMG I slowed bosses aswell...hmmm...shall I keep it that way?
Speed affects bosses
number: no
health & dmg: I guess they shouldn't

[When I have time to]/[if I] implement ennemy health & dmg sliders I'll make them range from 1% to 200% inccase some people would want to thoughen things a bit... demoncrusher, 10x ennemies, 200%hp, 200%dmg, any volunteers?
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