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Pilot's Lounge Members meetup

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Old 05-13-2012, 01:01 PM
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Originally Posted by ZaltysZ View Post
Old times... Flanker 1.0 anyone?
Yes, great sim!
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Old 05-13-2012, 01:47 PM
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Originally Posted by ACE-OF-ACES View Post
Enjoyable is realitive..

As for working..


Like the current CoD alpha patch.. The current DCS P51 has some aspects disabled..

Most notably for me is the Force Feedback is disabled..

Hard as hell to fly with a wet noodel FFB stick.. But do I run to the DCS forums and whine about it? Nope! Becuase they clearly pointed out that the FFB is disabled in this beta version

I bought the prepaid DCS A10C back when it was clearly advertised as "beta". I had all kinds of problems -- I'd get CTD's when merely doing key assignments, plus when flying the A10 for roughly five minutes the sim would "forget" my joystick (Sidewinder FFSB2 back then) and my A10 would careen out of control into the ground. I duly reported these two glitches on their forum and went on to other things --- checking in now and again for any patch fixes. Sure enough, the retail version came out, I applied the upgrade, and all worked fine.

Thus I had no qualms about prepaying for DCS P51D beta -- and it works great on my current system. The features that are missing (temperature control, etc) I'm confident will be there when the retail upgrade is released.

In retrospect -- and hindsight -- 1C should have gone the same route last year with their hurried launch. I think if they had been straight up right from the outset and still charge $60 (or there abouts) to "prepay" for a "beta" (alpha really, but who's quibbling? LOL) the PR debacle that quickly developed could have been largely avoided, or at least minimized. Their good name with the previous IL2: 1946 series would have assured them high sales right at launch, plus the inevitable whiners would have been effectively squelched with a "It's a beta, nimrod -- why'd you buy it if you're gonna complain?"

Despite the frustrations of the current CoD, plus new glitches with the latest patch and "Hotfix", Cliffs of Dover is still the only game in town for WW2 sims of this scope with a strong online capability. It WILL get fixed, and it's encouraging to see the 1C devs working more openly with the community with these latest patches.

I'm hoping 1C takes note of how their competitors work with their customers towards fixing and polishing their product. It's a complex task, and it's not helped that we don't all use the exact same console but instead we use Personal Computers with a near-infinite number of component and peripheral combinations between us!

I love to see new WW2-aircraft sims, though -- I have A2A's Wings of Power 3 Spitfire I/II as well. Although much different in scope, they still compete for our few discretionary dollars.....and competition is good!
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Old 05-13-2012, 01:51 PM
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Originally Posted by ATAG_Snapper View Post
In retrospect -- and hindsight -- 1C should have gone the same route last year with their hurried launch.
Agreed 100%

I think it is a smart way to go..

In that you know the only people who are going to buy a beta are people who flat out love what ever it is they are simulating, and thus do everything they can as beta users to help out.
Theres a reason for instrumenting a plane for test..
That being a pilots's 'perception' of what is going on can be very different from what is 'actually' going on.
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