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Cryostasis First-person shooter meets survival horror set on a frozen Soviet ice-breaker trapped in the ice on the North Pole.

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Old 08-12-2009, 08:48 PM
GeodeJr GeodeJr is offline
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Lightbulb Cryostasis II- City of Dreams

Okay, first off- my idea, so this isn't a spoiler or anything. Two, if you didn't like the first game, pay no attention to this thread. And third, i like ideas and suggestions along with helpful criticism. Anything like "That's gay!" or "You're stupid" will just be a waste.

This will be made is sets of posts, so keep watching for it to be updated.

The papers from the first game with Danko will be replaced with Sedna (Inuit goddess of snow), and the captains papers will be newspapers.

I loved the first game, and after beating it, i thought of a sequel: here we go...

The main idea of the story follows Alexander Nesterov again, this time, in his home town. Maybe some random Russian town, I don't know. All it need is a museum, capital, sewer system, and a church.

Anyway, it's set some number of months after he arrives back home from the Northwind (ship in first game for those of you who didn't know). Alexander is asked to come to the capitol for the awards ceremony of the Captain from the last game for some awesome thing he did. The start of the game takes place at the capitol when the captain is accepting his reward. During his acceptance speech, the Chief Engineer from the last game (the fat guy, main character, you know him) bursts in through the door, saying that the town's water is starting to freeze over. That's when the water systems in the building rupture and the icy water starts filling up the capitol.

Alexander, the mayor, the captain, and the engineer all make it up to the top of the tower on the capitol. There they see water slowly freezing the town and snow forming blizzards all over. As the waters slowly rise, the capitol begins to creak. With a loud bang, the capitol's front pillars cave in, letting no one in or out (maybe there's a back door that also gets frozen or something...). When the front part colapses, Alexander, the mayor, and the captain all fall off the building. The engineer yells as they fall off.

That's when Alexander has his first "mental flash thingy." He sees two seals, one is white and small, the other is gold and much larger, yapping at each other, all the while a black seal (who can barely be seen) looks on.

Alexander wakes up outside the capitol, taking damage from the cold. When he looks around, he doesn't see the captain or the mayor. He rushes inside a sewer entrance. There, the waters have frozen and some walls have collapsed. He finds his first weapon- a key ring with 3 keys. He hold it so the keys poke out through his fingers.

As he makes his way through the sewers, he finds enemies such as Eskimos (just an idea) that have the style of the people from the first game (ice zombies). He also finds ice seals and polar bears (ice zombies too) in the sewers. There, he finds the first paper in Sedna's creation.

As he exits the sewer, he finds he is in front of the Church. He goes inside and find the first newspaper article saying that the fish supply is at an all time low. This is when he finds his second weapon- a large crucifix (no offense to anyone who thinks beating dead things with a cross is wrong, just the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of items to fight with in a church; I'll gladly take ideas...)

Okay, so that's the first part. Email is hckid@comcast.net. I'll take and consider all ideas. I'll post my next part later.
Thanks for reading.

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Old 08-13-2009, 09:34 AM
persoiranian persoiranian is offline
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i love cryostasis also. it's horror but not stupid zombie shooting kind of games.
good story good locations and good gameplay. I KNOW PERFORMANCE ISSUES for some (or perhaps many) players but i had almost no problem with it. to ME it was a great game.
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Old 08-13-2009, 01:52 PM
Xiaopang Xiaopang is offline
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nice effort cooking something up. i just thought about how a sequel might look like and then i stumbled upon your post. while i like your design changes (newspapers), it seems you haven't understood the game and that's why your plot would make little sense as a sequel. all characters in the game are dead, including nesterov. so having them return to their home town is out of question. also, the whole part with the acceptance speech and then something happening during something public like that seems like a cheap plot from countless cheesy american action movies. it's the russian background that makes cryostasis so intriguing. your storyline sounds as if it would fit a duke nukem clone.

also, eskimos as enemies wouldn't make much sense. what the enemies in cryostasis are is arguable. according to the manual they are not living, but might have lived in the past (warden), while others seem to have been created from a higher power (servant). to me (and also to many others) these are manifestations of the dead seafarer's emotions, namely their fear and anger about their captain's decisions, which in the end led them to abandon him. that's why nesterov is sent back by chronos to correct their mistakes and to instill trust into their captain again.

the only thing where a sequel could be pulled off by using nesterov would be to go a step further and start where the game ended: on the ship. where does it go? why was nesterov chosen? why did chronos want that the seafarers gain trust in their leader again, even though only in death? why did he choose nesterov for this job? those are all questions a sequel could answer.

if your version would be made it would be ripped apart by those who loved the game as a pure commercial release that was made to cash in on cryostasis' uniqueness and which had just thrown the original characters back in to fool people into believing it would progress the original storyline, while it would be nothing more than a cheap fps-knock off and we have seen far too many of those already.

i mean, low fish supply? really? did you even think about all of the philosophical aspects of the game? did you give some thought to the prologue and epilogue and the danko analogy? it looks like your inuit goddess of snow is supposed to be the baddie in your story, but isn't she supposed to replace danko? danko, however never even had anything to do with any of the characters in the game and serves only as a metaphor to mirror the game's occurances with those of the fairy tale...

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Old 08-05-2010, 09:19 PM
czerro czerro is offline
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I think this needs a correction. I am loading up the game to play again, but as far as I understand the ending, you corrected the timeline, therefore the northwind and it's crew existed in the future to pick you up as per the transmission you had received from the "correct" timeline. Therefore all the crew are alive (though obviously aged from the counterparts we see in the flash backs). For whatever reason, possibly due to radioactivity and wierd science initiated by the nuclear drives on the vessel, there were two timelines. 1 in which the Northwind goes under after fatal reactor collapse. 2 your timeline in which the Northwind experiences a faultless journey and survives to be your ride home in the future. It would seem that the Northwind DID infact have a fatal reactor collapse and disappear. YET, your character in the future recieves a letter that he is to be picked up by the Northwind on a certain date defining the anamoly created in the past due to the reactor collapse. This suggests that the drives on the Northwind were creating some sort of temporal ambiguity that was propagating into the future. After destroying the mutual timelines and recreating the new single timeline...there is really no where else for this tale to go...

If someone were to make a fanbased mod or game, it should probably abandon everything from the original storyline. Maintain the noteworthy effects and style of play, throw in some clear theoretical science and/or philosophy to explain what is happening.

To the OP: Cryostasis is more referencing a temporal bubble outside of time, than the ice effects used to enhance the game. Focusing on ice in a sequel, makes it seem like you are abandoning the actual concept of the game for the imagery.
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