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Old 04-08-2013, 10:53 AM
raaaid raaaid is offline
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Default my grand prix legends review the most realistic feeling racing sim ever

this is the 2nd try i try gpl the 1st time i quited due to the lack of online and the crappy mods people used online but actually with the quality of the original gpl ai and the online hacking the single player of gpl is better than any other current games

when you press the pedal fully the brakes lock as a real car, well very few sims do this and from the marketing point of view is a bad idea though i love it. ive tried more than 100 setups from different people in live for speed and ALL have one thing in common and is that brake pressure is adjusted so the brakes dont lock even if the pedal pressed fully

lfs would be a good sim but had one main flaw that gpl doesnt have: there are actually 3 paradigms in tyres friction: grip, slide and half grip(think in college is taught coulombs law which stablishes force of friction is independent of contact surface, nonsense that lasts for centuries due to the authority criteria) check out this video of the 2nd paradigm of friction half slide half grip:

well you can half slide in gpl but not in lfs, id say gpl is based on practical tyre data while lfs is based on college data

another thing i loved in gpl is overheating the engine, youre much faster if you use the full potential of the engine but soon youll blow it up, you have to know when to push and when to hold according the temp gauge and if you shift with the gas on youll blow the engine as well

theres an easy way to tell if an f1 game is any good: you should be able to drift, you just can no drift in modern codemasters f1 games

check out how that behaviour is similar to gpl:

also the thing that disapointed me the most of modern sims: all i tried is that even the most powerfull cars would be so dumbed down that for a pure question of confort instead of pedals i would use the buttons of my wheel as brake and gas even with assists off, gpl requires a realistic control in the throtle

also ai is better than modern games and keeps a realistic pace and theres such a big gap in power between top and bottom cars that if you get a lotus you can expect to be in the midle with just a litle practice

before i would do hotlaps what meant having accident 9 laps out of ten now im trying to complete a 68 laps race to foment consistency and in any case have the tetris effect of being a safe driver

i take this game as im a millionaire who bought some classic f1 cars constructed classic circuits and hired profesional pilots but not to risk his neck he remotesly control them

the top of sims has been reached this realistic sims are not comercial currently they sell you something as realistic but is actually intended to boost the ego of the customers concerning piloting skills with easy models so they return and buy more

best game i ever tried
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