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Tips and hints for Single player campaign May contain SPOILERs

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Old 05-24-2009, 01:25 PM
chrissk chrissk is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: May 2009
Posts: 1
Default Last Mission "Turning Point" dont finish


i played this mission, and i have destroyed the Mortars at the East, i have destroyed all enemy's, but this mission dont finish


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Old 05-27-2009, 05:32 PM
haorant haorant is offline
Join Date: Apr 2009
Posts: 48

yeah there semmes to be a bug in this mission restart the game it may work after that
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Old 06-07-2009, 03:22 AM
kiwi68 kiwi68 is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: May 2009
Posts: 7

I have the same problem, and I have restarted the game 4 time's and still I can't finsh this level
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Old 06-16-2009, 11:33 PM
Rotarran Rotarran is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: Jun 2009
Posts: 1

Don't capture anything to the east. Kill them fully, shoot vehicles so it either burns or explodes, becomes non-captureable.
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Old 07-26-2009, 11:34 PM
CursedPanther CursedPanther is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: Jul 2009
Posts: 5

The exact same problem occured to me. I had destroyed all remaining enemy unmanned mortars and abadoned tanks. I also had killed all enemy units inside the map area but still no luck.

However, the final solution to this annoying issue for me was the reloading of the autosave made by the game when fresh troops had just arrived at the eastern front and you're about to fight off the renewed waves of enemies.
As soon as I'd fended off enemy troops and tanks, the game expanded the map to the east but miraculously at the same moment the game decided that I'd already destroyed all enemy mortars and completed the counter-attack. So the end mission log popped up. And the funny thing was right after a second the game renewed the last 2 missions for me.
To hell with that! I've done my part fair and square.

Now I'm fully convinced that this mission is bugged. The best thing you can do is to reload earlier saves so you get a second chance to trigger the "trigger events" for completing the missions.
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Old 02-07-2010, 12:10 PM
MaLiBu*KiLL3r MaLiBu*KiLL3r is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: Feb 2010
Posts: 1

I just have the same problem, tried 2 times now and it just doesn't complete.
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Old 03-11-2010, 03:40 AM
KnightFandragon KnightFandragon is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Dec 2009
Location: KRL HQ, Ontario Canada
Posts: 740

My first try at this mission did that to, I drove back and forth for like 30 mines crushing, blowing up or just plain obliterating everything to include firing rounds into the off board fog of war to see if I could kill anything it didnt work. Seeings how it took me over an hour to beat that mission i wasnt about to reload it and quit....came back another day and the mission was complete before everything was even dead..I was like, that was weird but ill take it. All in all a rather fun mission
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