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Rig'n'Roll Truck racing game, sequel to the famous Hard Truck series. Drive authentic trucks along real Californian roads, deliver cargo, take part in truck races or establish your own cargo transportation company.

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Old 05-16-2009, 05:28 AM
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Scheduled Release Date: 2009

The game gets you into the role of a young man who in 2024 arrives in California. Its sole purpose is to meet your old dream - to establish a transportation company, operating throughout California, which will have no competition. There are miles and miles of highways, many towns and villages, which means you can capture your company and become a trucker so most in California. Rig'n'Roll is the successor of Hard Truck series, but in RnR is placed much greater emphasis on realističnost. Players can the executive controlled truck one thousand km of existing highways, visiting the fair city such as Los Angeles, San Francisco or San Jose. We, however, even small towns and villages, where rarely anyone zabloudí. You will have to compete with their rivals for the favor of customers, to drive faster than them, just so you can conquer the transport market.

Some other confirmed facts and a summary of all information:

demo out

* game will be released in English with Czech manual
* price in the Czech Republic is 284, --
game is likely to be at two to three DVDs, which illustrates the scale and diversity of the game world, the total amount of disk space 10 gigabytes (for comparison: 18 WoS PttM-Haulin have about 150 MB)
in the game, a real 2000 km of roads with 40 cities

in the game may be a fatal accident = restart game
accident - the police will decide on excel, the opportunity to get close to a fine or jail = restart game
Rig'n'Roll will contain about 40 different models of truck, each will have more than 10 skins
these trucks will continue to make every possible tweak, such as installing a stronger engine or multi-gear
All handling should correspond to the physical laws
>> more on the physical characteristics of the game here
inability to manage the car
AI drivers will respond to toot, slow driving, improper driving, etc.
can happen that the animal appeared on the road, the road in California are apparently well-fortified
in the game unfortunately nesetkáme with hasickým car or ambulance
Location will play the Czech
not static radar
will be demolished and damage various objects
Finally, the possibility of destroying the truck and trailer, damage will be visible
physical features of vehicles should be fair
in the game are real sounds
will rotate with the seasons
on the road unfortunately nesetkáme the snow, with ice
rain and ice will deteriorate handling vehicles
weather will be fair as in California, ie. change, rainfall, etc.
the possibility of using all 3 pedals for some wheel, the game will support the connector
multiplayer is not included in final version of the game, but it is possible that will appear in a add-one
authors of the game plan after the game, and issue-they add a patch to correct errors, etc.. It is possible that the meet is the map of Europe and European trucks
in each truckstopu, bar, motel and gas station, a different assortment of goods or other services and prices
in the game will be radio
it will take hitchhikers / hitchhiker
go off the race for loading into the subsequent landing
freedom in the game, the option to withdraw from the Truck and go almost anywhere, of course, will scriptovaná video (again benefit from 18 wheels series, where you are locked in cans) recently confirmed in the last video
Road congestion will continue to appear, can be seen up to 80 cars
levels of traffic will change
it may happen that prorazíte tire of some hole in the road, which will appear
appears in the game Mafia, which may even kill your hero
you go across from one end to the other side of the map (north-south) should take about 2.5 hours, this again svědší scale of the game world
hardware requirements are already finished (you can find it in the hardware requirements)
All names are licensed truck, ie the encounter with real names such as Kenworth, Volvo or Freightliner
among others are planned less pick-ups and deliveries
You can expect many types of trailers for various kinds of goods carried
one of the possible settings will apply to the hands of the driver's view on the steering wheel
see the same view as in previous titles, but there will also some new
newly appear different disorders and the failure of the truck
pedestrians in the game will be
you will need to comply with existing road rules and laws of California (they are different from European)
it is very unlikely that it became possible to add games trucks, trailers, or even edit the map (on the map it's clear response to the addition of truck was not very obvious)
in each town is one loading area, but the possibility will be treated both inside and outside
in the AI traffic will take place the actual traffic accidents
in the game will be different levels, from factory to the "simulation" in truck transport, the lightest of the Arcade mod, where you will be able to choose the weather, turn off and turn on the plants, where to start, etc.
Well, I hope you dočetli up here, because it really worth it: o) Otherwise, I'm sorry, if you like this info seems a bit jumbled and inconsistent, but it is the collected information from various interviews and the official Web site.
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Old 05-16-2009, 05:35 AM
yuhui2009 yuhui2009 is offline
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Posts: 72

This is an interview with the developer that the:

1. as we know,it's impossible to do something without shaders. at the of beginning the development we planned for 10 times compression of the game world. .this means that we were going to have about 1000 kilometers of real roads. we actually did even better. as result we now have about 2000 kilometers of real roads. this territory includes 40 cities,including los angeles,san diego. san francisco and sacramento
2. in game. Driving 60 mph in game, it would take you 1h 20m.
in the game, a real 2000 km of roads with 40 cities
How long time we need to across gaming map from one edge to another?
Approximately 2–2.5 hours when you will drive from South to North.

This is your answer:

California is about 800 miles from North to South, and Igor has said it is compressed 1:10, so 80 miles

in game. Driving 60 mph in game, it would take you 1h 20m.

A result, different!
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Old 05-16-2009, 05:40 AM
yuhui2009 yuhui2009 is offline
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According to the answer you say, combined with the road map, the result should not be 2000 kilometers, 400 kilometers south to the north before the appropriate
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Old 05-16-2009, 05:56 AM
yuhui2009 yuhui2009 is offline
Join Date: May 2009
Posts: 72

This is an interview in 2006:
"Igromaniya" # 2, 24 January 2006

Dalnoboyschiki 3. Conquest of America

On the other side at once and the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, there is a big and great country - the

United States of America. Many people in Russia do not like it, called the "upstart, without history

and culture, and almost the main enemy of all civilized humanity.

Nonetheless, between our two countries, strangely enough, a lot in common. No, no, we are not

hinting that Russia is also a "mushroom without the history and culture," and talking about another,

much more pleasant things. For example, in the United States, and we are very developed road

transport, which long ago turned sheer 'delivery of goods from point A to point B, "turned into a real

subculture with their characteristics and customs. To see a piece of this subculture, it is enough to

see any American "roadmuvi" - none of them live without the next stage: motel somewhere in

California, an empty highway, parked doze huge trucks, and obsharpannoy eatery mother drove

share the latest news and wash bone Government.

It is there, this eatery obsharpannoy holds path Novosibirskaya company Softlab-nsk with his new

project "Dalnoboyschiki 3: The Conquest of America." Take, however, still very, very long time -

leave the game was appointed in 2006, and is not at its beginning. So it's time overhangs with

sleeping shelves and listening to travel stories. Luckily they have Igor Belaga, our driver (and part-

time - Director of a virtual reality company Softlab-nsk), very much.

History first. About wrong road

Of course, the "Americanization" of famous game series and have a commercial intent: it is enough to

issue a "Dalnoboyschikov" in the vast United States - and money overseas buyers raging river leakage

in the wallet. You can, of course, anger at the developers for this and accuse them of lack of

patriotism. And you can look on the other hand, good hand: it is we have to plunge into a new

world - a wonderful, unusual and very inviting. Want proof? Well, they do Igor.

Igor, hello! Let's open our readers a little secret: before you begin to conquer America for its

"Dalnoboyschikami, you and your colleagues have made several visits to the country - gathered

material for future games. Tell me, what impression you have left after getting acquainted with the

kings of American roads?

Initially, it was the sea ... Small sailboats furrow the great expanses of oceans, killed in a storm,

download at the reefs, was broken on the rocks. But the sea was called, and new adventurers go.

Life - this is the road, the road - this is life. Along with the wind thing of the past romance of sea

routes, replacing it is the romance of motorways. As descendants of the great navigators, the

Americans remain in the soul of adventurers and pioneers. It is no accident that park cars in almost

any American transport corporation called the "fleet", and place names often include a reference to

the side of light, such as East Main Street and West Lake Village.

It is no coincidence that the U.S. drivers are so fond of their trucks. Today's dalnoboyschik not

obliged to know the device "truck" right up until the last screw - there is a huge service station. Few

sleeps in luxury "sleeping bag" - in fact, there are extensive network of hotels. However, almost all

dalnoboyschiki soul chayut not in their "iron horses": decorate them invent names, etc. In fact, as

the mariners past dalnoboyschiki most of his life spent in the car on the road. Life - this is the road,

the road - this is life. And, you know - this is probably the main thing that we learned about the

people who are dedicated to the game.

Sometimes while traveling to California with you kakienibud in some cases, funny or just interesting

stories. Maybe tell us a couple?

It happened in San Francisco, during the first expedition. Imagine - the end of 2001. America still in

shock after the events of September Eleventh. At the Golden Gate Bridge are military "Hammer" at

the airports - continuous testing. There is, in general, a pleasant time.

We return from Yurik on US101 (name of the highway - Prim. Ed.). Stopped at the pharmacy to buy

drugs. Exit - our car is a small southeastern citizen at mokike. And if you put mokik on the rear

wheel, as a citizen to mokik, it just suffice to the roof of a massive jeep.

So, while we estimate, we will put mokik on the rear wheel, Southeast villain tried to zapihnut us the

paper under the wiper. We ask him: "You are what lazish on someone else's car?". And he replied:

"You a fine for wrong parking." We say that parking is correct, only automatic parking почемуто

money do not stop, we honestly tried. It turned out that there is a small plate - "only for commercial

vehicles." Arrived at the hotel, read a long piece of paper, calls for a variety of phones and, finally,

shows that, it turns out, some fines can pay by credit card. Coped. So we joined the American

budget for the first time. And, unfortunately, not the last!

And how you have helped these trips? Is easier to recreate the game world?

Helped, of course, very much - in fact we have seen with your own eyes what is in our game. But

there was more - a very, very controversial issue.

See - there were four road expeditions, each of which we have been around for thousands of

kilometers dvetri. Big cities were taken on foot, the road - on the move in the two chambers.

Initially, we planned to "squeeze" the playing card, making it ten times less than the actual card. The

idea is to crash a failure: we simply do not know the game of the World, which is seen alive. As a

result, a map, of course, have shrunk, but much smaller.

If we take four to three thousand miles - that will nemalenkaya figure, is not it? Yes, and four times

in two thousand - is also firmly in place. In general, you probably already realized that the gaming

world that awaits us in the third "Dalnoboyschikah" is enormous.

More about him again, tell Igor. Please describe, in an area of spread to the game.

World "Dalnoboyschikov" in the vast stretches of California and a small piece of Nevada. This is the

Pacific coast and the snow-capped mountains of the Sierra Nevada. This flowering gardens of San

Joaquin Valley and scorched Mojave Desert. These red rocks Red Rock Canyon and alleys in the

forests of giant sekvoy Coastal Range. This stick mega skyscrapers like Los Angeles and comfortable

"western" type of towns Lon-Pine or Bridgeport ...

The history of the second. About nechuzhih most people

Last comment by Igor sounds impressive, does not it? But even the rich and beautiful game world

will be dead without a story, characters and interesting events. All this is now and will be discussed.

So, what place in the game to take our hero? Where to begin his career and what will happen to

him during the campaign?

Our hero - an aspiring entrepreneur, the owner of your own truck and a small transport company.

However, workers in it - the hero so his secretary. But over time, the player, of course, can make an

excellent career, moving his company to the leaders of the transport market.

So-so, a private business? Tell us about it in detail.

Actually, we have created a third "Dalnoboyschikah" the present economic simulator, which is

described in several journal pages will not be easy. Therefore - the most common points. So in the

beginning of the game, we have a truck and a small office with several commercial databases. We will

develop a typical pattern. First, making money, they buy new trucks and hire drivers. Then start to

"grow in breadth: to open offices throughout California, linked to the new trading bases, and so on.

And in the breaks - and even storylines able to perform the job.

And that story? What tricks are you going to distract a player from the economic system? Do Us

Waiting interesting turns, nonlinearity, additional tasks? Shall We See whether we have scripting

videos? Maybe you even poraduete us romantic line?

Yes, anything you name will be! Player waiting for videos to scripting engine, various interesting

events, surprises, adventures. Well, about "romantic line," we are not forgotten - it is time the King

of the roads, it must be the Queen!

However, it is worth noting that the story we did not "loom" over the player - if you prefer, you can

not comply fully focused on the economy or other entertainment.

These are the same?

First, additional quests will be different. Secondly, we have not forgotten about the race: from

street duels "to transkaliforniyskim cup dalnoboyschikov.

Are not you afraid that this is not quite similar to each other elements of "not sostykuyutsya


No. We believe that the wind wheel bluntly - boring, need a variety of interesting assignments. In

addition, the player himself would be "sostykovyvat" these elements: I do not want to participate in

the race - is not involved.

The history of the third. About most home cars

At sites near the American motels, you can see a lot of interesting things. Trailers, for example. They

are even now in the bay art gallery: Here is a luxurious naked woman, that's kind of in Niagara Falls,

this is something in the "western" style, but the modest inscription "Mobile Christian group ... No,

this is not a joke, but a real church on wheels. The logic of the founders of Mobile Christian group is

simple: some dalnoboyschiki spend way too much time that they were even there to pray. But once

the mountain does not come to Mohammed - then let the church come to the mobile


But, of course, the main guests at our banquet - this truck. The huge, powerful, well-maintained -

such luxury "tracks", as in the United States, you will not find in any other corner of the world. So

we are very interested to know - what will be the third fleet "Dalnoboyschikov.

Igor, tell us - that we were waiting in the garage? How many models of trucks in the game and

whether they are licensed?

The game is scheduled for more than two dozen truck tractors, and about the same number of cars.

Given the different versions produced around 240 raskrasok unlike each other cars - so that our fleet

will not be able to call "monotonous."

Licenses for some of the cars have already been received, the rest continue to engage specialists

from 1C.

Experts, of course, be interested in specific names. Well, part of the information about stamps

machines developers have already released games on the site. For example, a powerful Freightliner

Classic XL - one of the longest trucks in the world. Here is a wide-angled, like the International

sobakuboksera 9300 Classic Eagle. Here is a neat "sleek" Kenworth T600. This is ridiculous and a bit

ungainly Sterling A9500S ... In general, you have probably realized that the third "Dalnoboyschikah"

will ride on almost all American trucks, legends.

Will the game have any vehicles other than cars?

Planes, ships, trains, trams ... But you will need to travel on trucks.

It is difficult to model cars? Konsultiruetes Are you with their creators? Or chose a different path?

We have a very wide range of technical documentation for the cars. In addition, this time we are

trying to look at the car and "inside" - that is very actively communicate with those who are

traveling. This helps us to make the trucks are much more recognizable. "

And what with the physical model and system damage? How deeply modeliruete? Are there

different "levels of complexity?

Well, start with the fact that we have modeled twelve major real truck - such as engine, suspension,

etc. Each of them includes an additional four to six diverse sites. And any "screw" is a huge number

of states - for example, the amount of damage the body, we do almost indefinitely. From the

behavior of these units and it depends how the car will be managed.

Very interesting, we simulated maintenance vehicles. An advanced player may itself try to ascertain

the reasons for failure and, having arrived at a service station, make a "correct" repairs. Those who

are not very interesting, can rely on the opinion of mechanics. However, as in real life, this is not

always optimal for the costs and benefits.

And finally we'll talk about the schedule. In almost every interview we give developers the

opportunity to boast of its graphical engine. Let's give it to you - because we are confident that the

third "Dalnoboyschiki" will look no worse than competitors.

We faced a difficult task - simulate California in all its diversity. Actually, it was under it and we

"sharpen" their graphics engine: we will not have the levels of locations - the player will be able to

ride throughout the gaming area, without seeing the screen podzagruzki.

In addition, we pay special attention to the weather. It will change us for the same law, which is

changing weather and in the real California. We even introduced virtual weather forecaster, forecasts

that - you do not believe it! - Will often come true.

And in general - look at the screenshots. This is far from all the beauty that you see in the game.

* * *

Boundless California space. Mighty trucks, which sbivshis in caravans, bredut somewhere to horizon.

Long hours at the window of alternating types. Short stop at the motel. Yes, it's certainly cool - ride

to California on his own truck. And sadly, that this opportunity falls to us only a few months.

However, always sad when someone is late. We waited for the third "Dalnoboyschikov" even in the

distant 2004 - but their creators stayed, decided to make a detour, took a little more geympleynogo

"goods". And, as mentioned above, the arrival date moved up to 2006. But wait, of course, is - not

every day in our with you zaezzhayut edge of the game, the company that can conquer America.

This is an interview in 2008:
We are making a game where you dou't need to go to the main menu to load a level. This will be a seamless game world, an absolutely free world where you can go to any place you want. We decided to make the game take place in the USA. Why the USA? Because it has more in common with Russia than people think. Firstly,people in both countries have a simmilar mentality. Secondly,Truckers exist in both countries. I mean it's a very big professional segment. The idea of the game us that a young trucker comes to california, he has a little office and not much money,and he decides to expand hia business. He has hired a secretary and bought a second-hand truck. His aim is to make his one of the maior companies on the freight market of California. As a result he will find friends and enemies. There are no truckers on our developer's team. We could only find out the specific features of the profession by asking someone else. We found a trucker who let us try out his spot in his truck. By chance three of us got to sit and see it for ourselves. Our feelings were the following:"seats are soft,there is enough space,we can take everything with us we need: a phone,a microwave oven,modem,fax...everything! We also have a minimum of one berth in the cab. We created the truck in the way we wanted it to look. We used high-powered computers and all the calculations took a very long time. As a result we got the image we liked. then oue programmers with their head, Nikolay Elykov,worked out the engine. From the moment we saw our fist truck,where one can see everything including the truck that reflects the real world and changes according to the lighting,sunrise and even rain... at that moment we realized,that we must make this game. This is the feeling of freedom. The freedom in creating interiors and landscape exteriors. lt's not easy to make living colors and a lot of light. We made every detail as realistic as possible, l mean leather and plastic, and if we look closer it's fringes and other little details. We paid a lot of attention to the technology as well. As we know, it's impossible to do something without shaders. At the beginning of the development we planned for 10 times compression of the game world. This means that we were going to have about 1000 kilometers of real roads. We actually did even better. As result we now have about 2000 kilometers of real roads. This territory includes 40 cities, including Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco and Sacramento. it's hard to create models of dirty cars in the USA, because one can hardly see such cars there. We added different elements to the cars, l mean polishing, metallic ,chameleons, shadows- we included all these things. As for the dirt, it's hard to find a place on a car where one could draw it and a gamer could notice it. So all the vehicles seem to be the cleanest elements of the game. The main secrets of creating weather effects such as rain drops on the windscreen and other things were done by means of new technologies and sometime that was the result of creativity from our programmers and designers. Such technologies were simple, but cunning. Finally, when we watched all of these weather effects, and saw how organic they are, we were really glad. The technique of the hauler handling is absolutely different to the technique of the truck and lorry handling. l mean you need to take into consideration the semitrailer its behavior. its drift is directed to the side opposite to the direction of the turn. lt corresponds with all the physical laws. lf you turn to the left, your trailer skids to the right. lf you go to a highway at a high speed and the highway is fenced, the trailer brushes against the fence. So you need to control the speed. We developed a damage model and our own physics model. lf a player stops for a moment and looks around, he can see up to 80 cars. Actually, it's a real achievment. Taking into consideration, that each car consists of about 50 000 polygons, there is no computer, that can render them. So we created very complicated intellingence aimed to detalize cars. A player should see the cars, that behave absolutely naturally, that his system can afford. So we created a special intellectual subsystem of traffic management, that dispatchea cars and gives them orders to move in some direction. ln effect to follow the US traffic rules, including all the road signs, road interchanges, etc. l really hope that players will appreciate it when they will see it. l mean they will see how this world lives, and that it is a living world. ln the game as in the real life you can get into jail and this will be the end of the game. You can get into conditions, which are incompatible with life on the road, this will be the end of the game. That is the difference from the previous parts of the game: there are many different endings of the game. You don't have only one alternative where you monopolize the market or you don't. There are many possible positive endings and negative ones as well. As for the soundtrack, we decided to make it the radio. 1C Company asked us to create Rig'nRoll's soundtrack based on the songs of our band "Aria". lt had to be brutal, modern and exciting, so that the player would want to put the pedal to the metal. l believe that our music fits the spirit of the game perfectly.

Therefore, the total mileage of roads is subject to change, not originally planned 1:10 compression.
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Why the hell would someone paste endless text about such a STUPID matter?
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Originally Posted by Azabache View Post
Why the hell would someone paste endless text about such a STUPID matter?
You've got me on that one mate
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Originally Posted by yuhui2009 View Post
According to the answer you say, combined with the road map, the result should not be 2000 kilometers, 400 kilometers south to the north before the appropriate
What are you talking about? Are you saying California is 400km from North to South? Have a look at a map man.
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Old 05-18-2009, 11:56 AM
yuhui2009 yuhui2009 is offline
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I was under the road map for all to see, the official said the total length is 2,000 km, it should be from north to south about 400 kilometers. Otherwise there would be no 2000 kilometers, if you say compressed by 10 times, is 600 kilometers, it is not 2,000 km .
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Old 05-18-2009, 11:06 PM
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Originally Posted by yuhui2009 View Post
How long time we need to across gaming map from one edge to another?
Approximately 2–2.5 hours when you will drive from South to North.

This is your answer:
400km in 2 hours? Thats a pretty good truck.
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Default Correction

This is the official answer:
How long time, we need to map from the edge of the entire game to another?
Approximately 2-2.5 hours when you drive from north to south.
Even 90 kilometers per hour, also from south to north about 200 kilometers

I was under the road map for all to see, the official said the total length is 2,000 km, it should be from north to south about 200 kilometers. Otherwise there would be no 2000 kilometers, if you say compressed by 10 times, is 600 kilometers, it is not 2,000 km.
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