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King's Bounty Famous series of Fantasy Real-time RPG with turn-based battles.

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Old 02-12-2015, 03:32 PM
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Default Dark Side: One Race unit combinations(besides split stacks)

At times, Dark Side makes playing single race units for Humans, Demons, and Undead. This discussion is there to find the best ones to use for each and maybe ones to use for the other races(Haven't done Orcs yet). I'll start, but I would like corrections from you guys to get the maximum use out of the combinations.

1. Heresiarchs
2. Dark Paladins
3. Dark Mages
4. Dark Knights
5. Horsemen(dark)

Playing this setup requires a defensive strategy for them, which goes well for the Vampire as he can simply 'magic' trouble away and in worst case scenarios, reduce the enemy so much that your units simply pick them off. Even the horsemen should be kept back for defense and only attack those that make it near enough to you. Mage Killers can also sub for the Horsemen pretty well in some matches so keep them in reserve.

Also, you won't have enough of these to make it the entire game even with low leadership. The answer: Blood Priestess and Call of Nature and Phantom.

Dark Knights may seem questionable except for their high defense and Second Wind ability(yes, the dark paladin doesn't get that, but the Knight does)I usually advance him 1 or maybe 2 steps in every matchup and by the time the enemy reaches me, he can easily finish them off.

The trick being defensive is to also let the enemy wear itself out on Traps as well.

The Order of Twilight Amulet will boost these into the "Unshakeable" category of Morale. Add something non human and they're still "heroic"

Replacement possibility if you want: Demonologists and, of course, Dragon Riders.

1. Necromancers
2. Vampires
3. Ancient Vampires
4. Black Knights
5. Bone Dragon
*The 5th I'm not so crazy about. Cursed Ghosts maybe? At least until you can sub Dragon Riders

This setup works best once you have the "Dark Resurrection" spell from Simon or Turn Back Time. Also helps to have the Undead artifacts or at least a few of them.

Bone Dragons may be hard to get, so occasionally use Blood Priestess to up their numbers.

This strategy is Aggressive/Defensive depending on enemy. Rush the Vampires and try to bait enemy to step on traps to reach them, save the Bone Dragons for middle of the field attacks and the Black Knights for defense and it's grasp ability. Take advantage of the Ziogyns as they're Undead Friendly(and will only appear on map if you have 1 or more Undead troops)

1. Demonologists
2. Demons
3. Archdemons
4. Blood Priestess(must have Call of Nature spell)
5. Demoness

Needs to try for NO TRAPS.

Will post more later.
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