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Tips and hints for Single player campaign May contain SPOILERs

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Old 05-31-2011, 12:19 PM
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Originally Posted by KnightFandragon View Post
Ive not had much trouble w/ recrewing tanks, just take out the turret, the enemies bail, you steal it, retreat, fix it and KAPOW! a brand new used tank w/ $5000 cash back and a 20,000 mile warranty

Never thought of that. this game realy makes you think outside the box.
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Old 06-29-2011, 04:17 AM
CMDR Sweeper CMDR Sweeper is offline
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Aim for the turret and get a turret destroyed... However, some tanks require special hits like the Panther.
Only really soft spot is the small triangles at the sides of the main gun, do not aim for the square that the main gun's barrel is attached to... That one cannot be penetrated even with the T29!

For capturing the Panther is one of the trickiest to take on because the sides of the turret will just make 95% of the rounds bounce off.
Another tactic is to blow a thread off and park a sniper in the neighborhood and wait.
As the crew tries to fix the broken thread you knock them off one by one, and in some cases they might just manage to fix the thread and deposit the repair kit in the tank prior to dying, and you only have to worry about the getaway.

The vehicle capturing is the sweetest part of the game and is what makes it interesting for me.

You can also use infantry to capture tanks with AT grenades, but this requires very precise aiming, if the impact graces the turret and hits the hull, the tank is a goner.
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