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Tips and hints for Single player campaign May contain SPOILERs

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Old 07-04-2009, 11:44 AM
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Default First Allied mission walkthrough-Arsenal

Okay i only used one man for this WHOLE THING, well almost, and one of the two guys with pistols i used. I made him cross the river and sit as if you be patient you will see almost the entire garrisons vehicles leave and a troop transport by the the tank being repaired leave also. After that i killed the first guy on the street, drag the body back to riverline. Moved up waiting for the second man to be alone(may i mention these men were killed by punching-f7)kill by punching(not a correct term but im using it anyway)and dragged to this backyard area in a alley(this is where i dumped alot of bodies) after that i went after machine gunner but he seemed to see me and look around he made the mistake of coming over to see what was that and i killed him by k.o. i brought my other 3 men up and let them scavenge off the dead bodies. kept on killing and bringing the men back to that location. now i didnt go for the tower but i went to the garden in the middle and killed everyone there. I figured they may harm the mission later. after i killed everyone i could had 2 rifle guys go and flank around to the slit in between the houses and 2 pistol guys near the street. the pistol guys got there attention and riflemen finish them off.

Part 2- i snuck around to the back of the prison with no alarm(yeah!!!) kept moving to a archway but i saw 2 germans walking in the grass killed them. Now came the tricky part-getting a mortar. i had 2 men run at the room near the mortar and hid there until spotlight was looking away and ran off with it. got the 2 machine guns in firing positions covering the mortar and fired on the roof with the alarm and spotlight. alarm went off suddenly 10 people came out of nowhere on the far side of the map from the arsenal and they took a while to get her and when they did they attacked. I was going to hold UNTIL they got rid of both alarm and spotlight, also the soldiers up there have to be killed to raise the flag. 5 resistance fighters became mine and they killed 2 germans hiding in the back of the camp. i made them take the sameway i got in and had them scavenge bodies. i didnt kill the 2 men on the rooftop where the spotlight, as this bought me time for defense building and weapon gathering for the big fight. mortars in the middle of compound with a man on the armored vehicle that is mission a tire to cover. flak moved up to the gates and rotated to face them. 2 men with machine guns with plenty of at gernades on the low wall near gates. one man salvages a m.g. and at gernades near the archway across from the tower-later on you will see why. then i killed the men on rooftop,raised flag,truck came. I immediately saved this part- i did save on the previous areas but this i must stress is the area you need to save. i got access to more men equiped them and put them on defense at gate where most of action is. flak was on direct fire by me most of the time but there were some other matters that needed my attention. after you take care of the troops you will see a troop transport arrive near the tower and it will sit there for a little while get that guy i said with mg and at nades and throw 1 well placed cause if ya missed hes going to kill your man. after that a car with 4 ppl in it stopped by the transport and i used mg to kill them after that i kept him there for any germans that tired to enter. all of a suden TANKS!!!!! and after getting new underwear i was ready to go. the tanks stopped at the left side of the front gate i had the PERFECT target got up on the wall there the h.m.g. is and threw 2 well placed engine nades. BOOM!!!! it was smooth sailing. load up your truck with anything you can and attach the flak cannon YOU WILL NEED IT FOR NEXT MISSION. now this did take some saving and reloading. save after anything is killed and you dont lose men. now there are some men that will die but then i thought "whats war without casualties?" so i loaded the men got the flak cannon and got out. try to keep as many soldiers as possible alive since they are carried over in the next mission. I hope i helped.

P.S. i made this for one reason-BECAUSE THERE ARE NO ALLIES GERMAN OR BONUS walkthroughs, only russian!!!(but that one did help) so if someone could get on that would be much appreciated, if non are on the forum when i complete the game i will post a walkthrough for the allies, german, or bonus which ever i complete first.

Thanks for taking the time to read this!
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Old 07-26-2011, 07:49 AM
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Default Hey

How do you get any of you men to enter the tower,been trying to get in for 30 minutes,(the one with the spy/informer)
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