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Planet Alcatraz 3D role playing game with isometric projection.

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Old 04-13-2012, 01:30 AM
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Default Suggestions

I checked out this game recently and it's actually quite fun so far!

There are definitely some problems though:

-Localization is pretty bad, the voices don't match the characters and the subtitles don't match the dialogue. Most of the time I can still get the gist of the situation but occasionally I have no idea what's going on or why.

-Character creation needed more work. The skills are fairly straightforward (it was good how it emphasizes how important the melee skill is) but the appearance and stat sections were lacking.
-The appearance modifier was kind of laughable, it just let you change a character from fairly ugly to exceedingly ugly, when it could have given a variety of character styles. Ultimately your character will still look like a shaven head/balding angry ugly white guy no matter how much you change.
-The stat section was done pretty traditionally, but it's pretty unbalanced. If your character has low constitution you may as well quit the game because he'll fall like a fly. Also since skills are the main way you affect your character's abilities intelligence is pretty much absolutely necessary unless you want to make a gimped character. I don't believe it was mentioned how important strength was (with low strength your character can't use any weapons and as with constitution you may as well quit if this is the case). Stats are supposed to allow a variety of play-styles and different characters, but it's ultimately restrictive in how it's used here. It really shows how unbalanced the stats are because a character can die rather easily in the very first encounter in the entire game, which should be rather easy.

-Dodge/Recoil locking. If being beset upon by multiple enemies the player's character can simply stop attacking altogether, even if he's successfully avoiding all attacks. If this were explained and elaborated on further then I might be okay with it, but it's never really addressed that your character is ill-advised to fight with multiple enemies at once, even if he totally outclasses them.

-Attack Speed. Some weapons clearly have different attack speeds but it's not explained in the weapon stats, so if a weapon appears to be totally superior to other weapons it may in fact be so slow as to be worse than others. This is especially notable when you're being attacked by multiple enemies as in the example above.

-Standard weapon information screens. Wasn't sure what to call this but to explain: each weapon has stats, and occasionally weapons completely lack information on stats that other weapons have (example: attitude adjustments on weapons), because of this it makes comparing weapons somewhat inconvenient because you have to take the time to compare each stat individually when instead each individual stat should be present (or located in a special section for stat modifications that most weapons lack) in the same location on a weapon information page. It would also be convenient if this appeared in a specific area, instead of on top of other items, which makes navigating and comparing less convenient.

-Lack of Lockpicks. Okay, maybe this gets better later on, but I've been in a place with many many locks that my beginner picks can't handle and it's really annoying because chances are by the time I finally get any better picks I'll have forgotten all about them.

-Inability to loot stacking corpses. If there is a way to get around this then I'm unaware of it (and thus it still qualifies as a flaw because it wasn't explained clearly), I often go to a specific spot to force my enemies to fight me only a few at a time, and as such several enemies tend to die in the same spot and I'm unable to loot the corpses. In a game where loot is such a significant portion this is a pretty hefty flaw.

-Illogical quest actions. I'm specifically thinking of a quest for a guy named Le Bedimba, in which an old man asks you for protection from a gang of boatmen who are suffering from lack of profit they had before a bridge was built, allowing people to freely cross the river without need for boats. The problem comes when you accept and then time passes and you're immediately set upon by a gang of heavily armored, heavily armed soldiers(all utilizing various fairly powerful rifles) and your entire party just stands right next to Le Bedimba... in a game where you can specifically build your character for surprise attacks and distance fighting, this is AWFUL writing. Your characters are military-trained and each have specializations, so why would they all line up right next to each other and an old man like targets in a shooting gallery?

If I think of more I'll add them. I really like this type of game, and I hope to see more, with greater polish.

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