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Tips and hints for Single player campaign May contain SPOILERs

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Old 01-21-2014, 02:15 AM
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Default Hints and Tips

Men of War Tips

Stealth 101 - How to pick up and carry a dead body
To pick up a dead body, you must have two complete rows free in the carrying box for the body snatcher. Click on the hand symbol, then click on the body. While carrying the body, the carrier can’t crouch or crawl and can’t do anything else, so it is best to organise body snatchers/carriers who are different from the knife throwers.

Stealth 101 – how to use knives

You need to be quite close and shooting from the rear for a knife to be sure to work. Click on the knife and ensure it is active before attempting to throw it. You need to be sure that it will hit/work or your victim will be alerted to your presence. If you attempt to throw at your target from the side or within a building, the knife may miss or the thrower will use his gun instead. In a building, it may be better to use a hand-to-hand attack (the fist symbol) instead. Once the knife is thrown, click on the ground item visibility symbol to see where it is (it is always lying on the ground) then click on the hand symbol and click on the knife to pick it up. If you have a body snatcher, the knife thrower can concentrate of getting the knife back while the body snatcher picks up the body.

Stealth 101 – when are you safe?

If you right-click so as to deselect anything, then left-click an enemy, the cursor changes to a red “X” and the enemy will display a red cone in front of him where he can see. This can be broken by walls, so you will normally be safe behind a wall etc but the enemy soldier may still detect that there is something in that direction. If you are lying down and still you won’t be detected at night if you are in an enemy view cone a reasonable distance from the enemy. If you are seen throwing a knife, try to shoot out any nearby lights first (preferably with a silenced pistol).

Engineering 101 – how to lay mines and other features
To lay mines, right-click and drag a line of mines, then right-click again to deselect. You will have to do this again if you have not finished and have to save and reload the game. To build sandbag emplacements, you need an entrenching tool, and it uses up one entrenching tool per length of sandbags. Right-click and drag to place the sandbags. The sandbags are only effective against small arms fire.


To use a fuel can, you have to have carry space for it. You can’t do anything else but carry the can when you are moving with it, and you move very slowly. To fill, select the can like a weapon, then click on the vehicle. Fuel cans explode nicely and can be placed to act like inflammable mines in defensive situations. Only fuel cans that show red when you use the ground item indicator button can be filled, carried, or emptied.

Artillery bushes
Artillery of 75mm or larger comes with two bushes in its carry case. These are tiny and they don’t seem to do much, but you can look in the carry case, click and right-click to place them. Sometimes the carrying capacity of artillery can be useful, try not to forget it when moving things around.

To place dynamite, select it as a secondary weapon. Then click on the cog symbol in the bottom right corner and click on the dynamite that then appears there. Don't bother trying to put it where there are enemy present, unless under direct control, as placing it on (or too near) a person will cause a change to the primary weapon. You can place it outside a building that has people in it, this will cause many of the occupants to die. The man placing it will then stupidly cower next to the dynamite unless you tell him to run away. The explosion happens a couple of seconds after the dynamite is placed.

Re-arming a tank etc
To add to a tank’s ammunition supply, move it near to another vehicle containing the supplies and click the eye symbol on the other vehicle. The tank will move up to the other vehicle and you can click on the double arrow to suck out all its ammunition. Note: this works best with another (knocked out) tank, as if it attempts to get the ammunition direct from a soft vehicle or a box the tank may destroy them instead.

Officers don’t seem to do anything, and they don’t unless they have binoculars. If they do have binoculars, put them near a gun (e.g. a machine gun). Equip the officer’s binoculars as his primary weapon and you will suddenly find that the guns nearby will fire at much longer ranges and that hidden enemies (principally snipers) are easier to find.

Although mortars are an indirect fire weapon, they only fire at enemies they can see. So if they have a wall between them and their target, they don’t shoot. To get around this, order the mortar to attack the ground next to your target. It will keep firing at that point until you order it to stop.

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