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Tactics discussions and solutions All you need to win the battle.

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Old 08-10-2010, 02:31 AM
AtrixWolfe AtrixWolfe is offline
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Default Anyone else done this?

Because it's freakin OP.

It consists of Paladins, Phantom and Calm Rage. That is all.

I discovered this while devising a way on my third attempt to kill Ktahu.

Phantom grants you at level III with my int rating 52% of a stack. I had 156 Paladins with the -20% requirement inquisitors blade.

So every round I had mana for it I was summoning 81 Paladins. Those 81 paladins have a very high healing resurrection. That is AoE.

I just with the paladins beat him, and the final boss. (they were about all that was left standing).

But.. they were still at 151 paladins when I ended both fights.

I had summoning level 2. I had distortion magic level III.

They also have second wind, so even using the resurrection does not make them miss out on a turn. And sometimes you can get 3 paladins to attack a total of 5 times in one round! Since the phantoms only last three rounds, this really seals the deal.

I'm sure you can make it even better with an army of all Level Four creatures with high mobility, so you can take max advantage of the spam resurrection.

How'd I cast it so much at 25 mana?

Well, I had the ability that gives you mana from each troop killed at level 2, I had the + mana per round up to 4, and I had Calm Rage at level 2 and a lot of + to rage gain. I was using calm rage on average every 2.1 - 2.6 turns and casting phantom the rest of the time.

So you always have 1-3 phantoms on the field. So, anyone else done this? I came across it quite by accident. And oh, even if you HAVE used the main stacks resurrection, the phantoms come fresh with a new one.

I don't see what can beat it but an army that can out damage the paladins spam resurrections. (Also note I had about 26 defense and 27 attack for the fights and about 90 rage, that regenerated quickly for a constant source of extra mana from Calm Rage).

I know this let me beat the game much earlier than it would have taken me otherwise. As I didn't even do like 4 islands (Just flew to the temples and got the gems).
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