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IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover Latest instalment in the acclaimed IL-2 Sturmovik series from award-winning developer 1C: Maddox Games.

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Old 08-27-2015, 09:33 AM
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Default Storm of War Server

Hi all,
This is a one-off mega promo thread for the Storm of War server.
The server will be re-launching in the next week or so, before Septmeber 2015.

What the **$&* is this "Storm of War" thing anyways?
Storm of War is a multiplayer server for Cliffs of Dover. The server runs a 'persistent’ war-environment, where player actions have a direct consequence on every mission that follows. This page is designed to give you some idea of how some of the mechanics work, and what to expect.

The Teamspeak address for SoW is:
Password= stormofwar

For more information about the server to ask questions or to have problems resolved, please visit the following:
Homepage URL: http://stormofwar.org
Forum URL: http://stormofwar.org/phpBB3/index.php

Anyone can join the server at any time and play. Players who are not members of a registered squadron are referred to on SoW as "public players". Public players need to fly from an "open" airfield. There are at least 10 such open airfields for each team. Also public players can see their stats on the public stats pages.
However, being registered on the forums will give you access to more than just the server. You can then declare for one side or the other, which will allow you to see all the strategic stuff such as the campaign map, and to be involved in the detailed mission planning. Public players who wish to "declare" for one of the two teams should fly on the server for a bit so the teams get used to you being around, before declaring. Getting access to the team-pages will mean you are given secrets, which are closely guarded by each team!

Storm of War operates a unique spawning and airfield system. A number of the airfields on Storm of War are “locked” for the exclusive use of certain squadrons. Only players from those squadrons can spawn at that base. Players who are not members of a squadron with a “locked” base can spawn at any airfield that is “open”. To find if an airfield is “open” simply select the side you want to fly for and then hover your mouse over an airfield. A little pop-up box will tell you if the airfield is “open”.
The only exception to the above, is if you make an emergency landing at an airfield, or if you are using a base to refuel. You may then re-spawn at the base you landed at, provided you do this within 2 minutes AND you select the same aircraft type which you landed in.
Every airfield on Storm of War has a limited supply of aircraft. You will not be able to take an unlimited number of aircraft from any airfield. If you lose aircraft, that airfield will eventually run out. You should attempt to land aircraft back at a base, even if it is damaged, in order to stop airfields from running out of aircraft.

To get information about how many aircraft are available at each airfield, you will need to register on the forums and declare yourself for one side or the other, at which point you can gain access to the Campaign Interface, which provides details about aircraft supply.

The Pilot stats lists the "current career" or "streak" of all pilots who have played on the server during full-realism public missions. The stats table show how many sorties each pilot has flown in their current career. The table also records how many aerial victories, shared victories and assists that the player has accumulated during their current career.

What do the various types of Victories mean?
SoW stats use a semi-historical scoring system. Each type of "victory" is explained below;
Aerial Victory = if the player succeeds in personally taking at least 75% of an enemy aircraft's destruction
Shared Victory = if the player succeeds in personally taking at from 40% to 75% of an enemy aircraft's destruction
Assist = if the player succeeds in personally taking less than 40% of an enemy aircraft's destruction

You might notice that the in-game netstats will credit you with “points” that do NOT become victories in the SoW stats. This is because the in-game netstas does not take account of aircraft which manage to land at a friendly airfield. The SoW stats do recognize this, so if the aircraft made it back to a friendly airfield before being destroyed, you will not be credited with the aerial victory.

How can my career come to an end?
When the player dies or is captured the career will come to an end.
If the player disconnects during a flight, before landing safely, the careeer will also come to an end. This is an unfortunate necessity from trying to ensure that players do not leave the game, in order to "protect" their life and fiddle the stats.

What happens to my stats when my career ends?
If you click on the player's name, you will be taken to a summary of all that players' previous careers. Each career is listed with the results from each also displayed.

How come some players have a "squadron" listed next to their name, what does this mean and how can I get it too?
SoW server offers a squadron registration for all players. This way, your stats also contribute to the overall record and prestige of your squadron. There is a YouTube video link below explaining this feature in more detail, and how to register yourself and/or your squadron.

When flying, you can use the “tab-4-1” in-game menu to get information about enemy contacts from RADAR. Both teams have a RADAR system, which is loosely modelled on historical systems.



In order to get a target, teams must conduct aerial reconnaissance flights. The process for this is explained in a couple of Youtube videos which are provided on the SoW forums. Thet “tab-4-3” menu is available for use with certain aircraft which are equipped with recon-cameras which are used to take these photos.



When flying, you can use the “tab-4-2” in-game menu to get information about the location and heading of friendly bombers. Fighter squadrons and fighter pilots are encouraged to use this system to team up with, and provide escort cover for bombers.

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