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King`s Bounty: Warriors of the North Next game in the award-winning King’s Bounty series

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Old 11-29-2012, 12:53 PM
ckdamascus ckdamascus is offline
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Originally Posted by commanderz View Post
any idea how to bypass 60 lvl cap?.....try on arena.txt not working...-.-
Not that I know of. I guess just live with it (that's what I did) and beat the game!
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Old 11-29-2012, 01:33 PM
Fatt_Shade Fatt_Shade is offline
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Did you change lvlup in arena.txt on already started game ? Or make changes, start new game and still blocked on 60lvl rage ?
I did it that way in Ap/Cw and got pet dragon to 70 lvl i added 2 more lvl`s for every skill and got to chose from those skills after i pass 60lvl that was max in original settings.
Thing is i started new game for this, that`s why i said i`m not sure if it works on game already in progress
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Old 11-29-2012, 03:14 PM
commanderz commanderz is offline
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tested on current game not new game .....lazy to start from 59 lv again
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Old 12-05-2012, 07:18 PM
Aleksandar777 Aleksandar777 is offline
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what is the best way to achive lvl 60? Which one ability brings most rage xp?

Is rage xp how many rage you use or how many damage you inflict with it, or something third?
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Old 12-05-2012, 07:24 PM
ckdamascus ckdamascus is offline
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Originally Posted by Aleksandar777 View Post
what is the best way to achive lvl 60? Which one ability brings most rage xp?

Is rage xp how many rage you use or how many damage you inflict with it, or something third?
Hard to say. Most likely what "level" the rage skill is (so usually the ones that need more rage points).

You need to cast your rage skills a lot, and have good synergy so you can consistently cast 2 rage skills every round.

a) have a LARGE amount of max rage -- this increases your rage growth
b) lots of +% rage skills like higher anger
c) try to keep at least one low rest skill, and one heavy hitter (for good rage xp).
d) generate tons of rage by doing critical hits, fighting strong armies (really efficient army kills, using debuffs/buffs)

Cast it often.

Rage formula can be found in the KB armored princess ultimate manual (look for all posts / threads created by me and look for the ultimate manual update link).
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Old 12-05-2012, 10:00 PM
Fatt_Shade Fatt_Shade is offline
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Join Date: Nov 2010
Location: Serbia
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Not 100% true ckdamascus.
Most likely what "level" the rage skill is (so usually the ones that need more rage points).
In Ap/Cw best exp rage skill was lightning ball, and it cost much less then dragon dive/astral spirits/lava call. So rage spend/exp gained is a bit tricky.
I`m not sure who made it, but there was pet.atom file in 1 of Ap mods , with list of all pet dragon skills, lvlups and dmg/rest/exp gain. Great file to have fun with in moding rage skills.

Here look in game folder/sessions/addon/data.kfs/pet.atom Open that file with notepad and look for rage skills like this :
  olaf_wall {
    upgrade {
    // âńĺ ďŕđŕěĺňđű čäóň ďîńëĺ /
      // health                 őčňű ńňĺíű
      // defense                çŕůčňŕ ńňĺíű
      // push                   âîçâđŕůŕĺěűé ńňĺíîé óđîí, %
      // rage                   đŕńőîä ˙đîńňč
      // rest                   îňäűő
      // exp                    îďűň ęîëüöŕ
There is all info for wall rage skill upgrades per lvlup. Expl : for 5th lvl of wall, you need 9th lvl of rage skills
and on that lvl your wall will have 2000hp , cost 20 rage , rest 4 , and 16 exp gain. Consider that this is multiply with enemy/all total leadership ration in moment you cast rage skill (enemy army have 5 stacks of 100 peasants , and you have 1 troll = 5x100x5lds / 1x1100lds = 2500/1100=2,36 so if you use wall rage skill in that moment you`ll get 2,36x16 = 38 rage exp).
Expl 2 : for same wall skill, to upgrade defense to 3rd lvl , you`ll need
wall of at least 2nd lvl level:>2 , and rage skills on 11lvl LV:>11 . So to upgrade wall defense takes higher rage skills lvl then to upgrade it to 5 lvl basic with low defense.
In end if you wonder how much any rage skill gives you exp per use , try to figure out what did you upgrade for it so far and in that file calculate it`s basic exp gain. Anything you get is outside of battle. In battle that amount is multiply with lds ration at moment of using rage skill (so if you get in battle with 5 stacks of 10000 lds, and enemy have total army strength of 1000 lds - very weak, dont use much rage, it`s waste of time for skill animations. Maybe just for gold skill, rest will give you almost nothing).

That`s all i know on rage exp, for more ask something specific, i`ll try to help.
Have fun
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Old 01-16-2020, 11:08 AM
CaiusMisus CaiusMisus is offline
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Mega necro. Sorry but this is exactly what I've been looking for so not making a new thread.

Originally Posted by Fatt_Shade View Post
Rage skills lvlup easy to fix :
game folder/sessions/addon/ses.kfs/arena.txt , there is string of numbers exptable=30,60,100... that is exp needed to lvlup rage skills. It goes up to 70000 at 60lvl. For more lvl`s just add numbers after last 70K, but remember that in impossible there is x1,3 for rage so you need 30% more exp then is listed in arena.txt file like you saw your rage caped out on 91000 which is 70000x1,3.
So if you for expl add 10 more lvls and max is on 85000, then in impossible game you`ll need actually 85000x1,3=110500 exp for that 80lvl rage in game.
Add as much lvl`s you want, save file, close archive and return to game.
Thing i`m not 100% sure is do you need to start new game, or it will accept new lvls in already started
Hope this helped you at all.
Can anyone confirm this works? I came back to replaying WotN once more and I remember the rage level cap annoying me a lot, being at lvl 58 in Rage when I got the last Valk the last time I played, leaving no room to upgrade her.

I made the changes to the arena.txt (both in addon and fire and ice folders), added numbers for levels up to 80 (capping at around 110k XP) and started a new game. But I have no way to test whether it works before I actually reach rage level 60.

I know that the probability of getting an answer to this in miniscule but in any case - thanks in advance.

Currently on rage level 58 in Hades. Expect to be 59 once I get done with it and give Guilford the last item. Will report on whether or not this method works once I hit 60.

Can confirm that this solution works.

However, I probably underestimated the required experience. In Arlania, i can get over 1k rage XP for a deadly/invincible fight if I want to. Once I hit rage level 60 (91k XP on Impossible with about a half of Arlania after Guilford cleared), I also got like a third of the next level. At this rate, I will hit the cap long before nearing the end of the game. I used a 2% scaling from 60-70 and 3% scaling for 70-80.

Here are the numbers I added for reference:
71400,72830,74280,75770,77290,78830,80410,82020,83 660,85330,87890,90530,93240,96040,98920,101890,104 940,108090,111340,114680

Now that I've freshly experienced it, I suggest using about a 3-3.5% scaling all the way, which would land you at about 126k-139k required experience instead of 114k.

Just hit rage level 80 yesterday in Riftland with the numbers above. Interesting note - Loki's rage ability refused to show up even once. I got it at rage level 69, had everything else maxed at level 72 and what remained was the Ice Wall (didn't have it until that point) and Loki's Aid upgrades. From level 73 to 80, only the wall upgrades showed up at level up options. The first time at level 73, forced me to take the wall due to all 3 options being the same. The subsequent levels regularly offered the same 3 or 2 options for the Wall. Loki's Aid either has an extremely low chance of showing up or the RNG got borked somehow or it is simply bugged and never offers any upgrades for it. Would be interesting to see if I made the cap even higher and there was nothing else left besides Loki. Would the game bug out or finally give me an upgrade for it? Will have to wait for another playthrough to find out.

The solution for increased level cap works. But be sure to start a new game after editing the file. It will NOT work on games already in progress. Will most likely work for all games from Legend to Darkside.

I feel like I'm talking to myself here so this will be the last entry to the Captain's log. Hopefully, someone else finds this helpful in their future King's Bounty adventures.

Signing off.

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