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King's Bounty: Crossworlds The expansion to the award-winning King’s Bounty: Armored Princess.

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Old 10-05-2014, 11:09 AM
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Default Yet another single black dragon challenge

So I went ahead and completed the single black dragon challenge in Crossworlds. We have done it in KBAP

and also in Dark Side.

When I say - done it, it means get as far as possible with single black dragon, but Ktahu (and final battle) still remains undefeated. If you're looking for detailed guide how to go about this challenge, I wrote quite a lot in KBAP thread.
The reason why to play single black dragon in Crossworlds after playing it in KBAP is 1) new orc race and their tremendous astral damage 2) new events - Tower of Eventus in Debir, 3) quite a few new spells 4) Scrounger.
1) the orc race is truly a menace. Sometimes even maxed astral res = chaos crown, gloves of destroyer, ghost armor, crystal ball = 85% was not enough. So there is lot of sheep-ing and fearing going on. It felt really frustrating as a powerful mage to cast 2 x fear in round 1 instead of some serious damage. Little goblins with their giant killer ability were a problem as well. What it all means is that Uzala fights and Elon castles fights are done very very late in the game.
2) all fights in the tower can be done with single black dragon. Actually that's not true - there is a fight where enemy converts his troops to what you have - that one I have done with peasants, I am so sorry. The last fight heavily depends on what enemy stacks are present. I remember once having there huge stack of horsemen which complicated matters a lot. As a bit of the suprise the fight in that fiery environment was not easy (the one where your dragon fire defence is reduced to around 60%). The enemy hero kept casting phoenix at massive intellect and had a stack of red dragons, so they did some serious fire damage. You can also help matters by equiping extra fire resistance on your black dragon (strange, isn't it) fireproof botts etc.
3) Gizmo is very helpful especially in mini-boss fights (Driller, Frog, Gremlion..), that is the only way to heal black dragon. You can get gizmo spell for free for completing meteorite quest in elon, so if you're experienced kiter, you can get that spell right from the start. This spell makes the game a bit easier than in KBAP. Black Hole spell rocks, but you need to defeat Mistikus first, which is the last third or even quarter of the game fight anyway.
4) Scrounger. Yes, I killed him, obviously the most difficult fight. If you look at screenshot he went down in round 3, but it took tons of tries with various setups and some wanderer scrolls.

Some screenshots here - Gremlion (used good old Fiery Bow + Flaming Arrow setup here,Rage Eater is generally a good idea for tough fights), Scrounger, and Tower of Eventus final battle.
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Old 12-27-2014, 01:47 PM
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Scrounger is a she, if you listen to the quest text...

Seriously, you have too much free time on your hands! Must have taken ages to do this right. Even "simple" no-loss is a chore sometimes. I see how this would be a challenge, but for me this levels of restrictions would stop the game from being fun.
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