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NecroVisioN First-person shooter. The year is 1916. Young private fights enemy soldiers, vampires and demons on the battlefields of World War I and underground.

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Old 04-06-2009, 01:45 AM
utxpress99 utxpress99 is offline
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Originally Posted by myrrh View Post
For example, on the second chapter in the secret room in the hospital, i threw a grenade up onto the ledge toward the vampire collectable just out of curiosity and to my surprise the rope fell down, and i was then able to climb up and grab not only the fury increase, but a machine gun hahaa.
HAHAHAHAHA lol thanks you made my day I always wanted to know how to get that artifact.
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Old 04-22-2009, 08:46 PM
ZippyDSMlee ZippyDSMlee is offline
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I say this is the best FPS since 99 or 03 when Halo 1 came out the reason I say that Halo 1 was made for the PC(even if it was published on the Xbox) it was more open and better developed than the MS bastard children of Halo 2-3 and most modern shooters are devoid of exploration opting for full gun and run themes that are wholly bland and boring. Even bioshock and FO3 were heavily watered down from what it should have been into a safe and bland utterly rushed to market FPS wanna be RPG… it’s just most FPSs feel like they work on some core elements to rush it to market making it feel like nothing gets finished *rant rant rant*

Jericho was a nightmare and not in a good way…Clive Bakers undying was a excellent game so was call of cuthulu despite the issues they had. Quake 4 and Doom 3 are respective jokes D3 being much too small and too bland in level layouts, Quake 4 suffers from the same bland levels limited weapons and items…. Quake 2 is almost a master piece of gameplay… it’s nice to have a story but not at the cost of gameplay or fun…. Halo 1 is great but Halo 2 and Halo 3 felt simplified and rushed focusing far too much on its multilayer side letting the core game fall to the waste side….And don't get me started on unreal... the Half life series fared better but still feels like its missing something...

Before I start on Necrovision I have played a lot of the “Russian bloc”(apologies if that term is offensive) games Dark watch(I think was developed somewhere in Europe), Alpha Prime, Call of Juarez the games have a older feel tot eh design focus less about graphics and gun and run themes and more about quirky gameplay . I appreciate the pre modern FPS design focus even if they can get mired in it trying to keep up appearance small levels gun and run themes,ect.

Now on to Necrovision

Note: I love the use of on the fly loosely scripted one liners brings back memories of duke and Blood even if they badly used and sometimes sound like 2 different people….it’s just fun!! Also LOVE the exploration and secrets it’s nice to see them well used in a FPS game again….

What this game lacks is continuity checks and quality control, once you start fighting zombies and watch the story boards between chapters or any dialog between the main character and anything…. It becomes that much more clear but frankly who cares it just adds to the quirky B horror movie feel!
I mean if I wanted to nitpick the one liners the zombies put out are mostly reused lines from their living counter parts and that zombies care about being stabbed…. Also the phantom can be damaged by bullets but not anything else…. Quite annoying… I soooo wanted to shove a couple bayonets up its arse…

More nitpicking but on easier to fix things Pistol aim is a joke, I hate iron sights as is but it’s horrible maybe because its meant to be a short range weapon.

From some research I did of the Luger and colt .45 the luger is more accurate and powerful than a colt .45 but for the sake of gameplay we need a better difference the colt could be 50% more powerful but 30% less accurate and the Lugar could be more accurate but I like a solid perceivable difference in like weapons.. COJ drove me crazy with only a few weapons being any different.. that and the pistol is just much to weak…. It’s a frigging BB gun…. but I guess its meant to be used in combos not head shots from afar……. Though one of the pistols needs to be a more powerful…
Or another thought reduce all weapons by 30% damage wise and then stack it 10% for each vampieric artifact you find.

I am playing the game on hard mode and it’s too easy, I’d like a much slower heal rate maybe by a quarter of current speed or just have a toggle slider 100%-0% in 25% blocks and get rid of the weak slow mo allow the character to access the super slow mode by hitting adrenaline if you are out of adrenaline your dead if you take too much damage but if you have some of it remaining the normal adrenaline if burst will kick on when you take too much damage. Also instead of regeneration gaining health via combos might make the game all the better. A simple option to chose it and regeneration rate would be great as well as changing adrenaline slow speeds (turn the normal into the emergency burst without the damage protection) .
Bayonet/grenades really need less mass for collision its always sticking/bouncing off of a wall just by the character or where I am aiming it at. Also the character itself can get to close to a wall nullifying melee and kicks.

If there is any melee head shots they need better collision unless those where random combos I was pulling off…
Invisible walls are a no no in my book and are undeeded 99% of the time they are blatantly over used and just horrible in the4 The hill chapter, some barbed wire bits can’t be gotten over but can be if you use the terrain I think it’s better to place rubble+ on the outside of the map and use rubble+ barbed wire on the inside to make sure that obstacles are one way or simply un traversable.

The first part of the fortress has a roof top that’s unblocked until you start fighting bosses and then a invisible wall shows up..that’s quite annoying and undeeded……

Also it would be nice if you had a secret counter on the objectives list, also it would be really awesome if the levels replayed through the challenge room had teleportation spots so you can get past any and all one way blockages in a chapter and have full access to it without the of restarting a level to get back somewhere add in a lot of respawning zombies and what not for more fun to be had. Also put one in the middle of a level to take you to the end or the beginning of a chapter.

I need to play it more to get more ideas on what else the game could use to be great.

All in all Necrovision has good level design fun weapons and abilities and a AI built on keeping the player active wish there was a bit more stealth in the game but all in all this is a great action FPS and one of the better ones I have played on PC or the console in nary a decade!
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Old 05-02-2009, 03:26 PM
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Yeah, this game is incredibly fun. So much freedom and choice for how to approach most situations as far as the combat goes. The over the top voiceover and story is good fun aswell. Awesome and solid weapons. I felt the first couple of levels were a bit slow and annoying though. But chapter3 is the most amazing thing I've seen in a fps game in a long time. Fantastic.
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Old 05-06-2009, 08:36 AM
KingDaniel KingDaniel is offline
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Default Cool FPS

Originally Posted by Evgeny View Post
We are very interested in your opinion on our games and wish you tell us what you think about NecroVision. What are you waiting from this game?How do you like graphics, gameplay, sound, advantages, disadvantages and so on. Feel free to express your thoughts.
Hello Everyone,

Just to post a quick reply and make it short and simple, NECROVISION is a nice shooter.

The graphics look AWESOME and it runs smooth on my rig/PC at all settings maxed, but I think the Frame Rate is capped at 60 fps ? Even the Voice acting is great.

OK. Now let's come to the gameplay aspect. To be honest the game is a little tough to beat on some levels. Too much melee combat has been added and that can be a bit odd for a First Person Shooter in my opinion.

But DON'T get me wrong in any way. I like this title and I'm enjoying every aspect of the gameplay, except the melee/combo part with which I'm sometimes uncomfortable.

But overall Necrovision is Awesome !

A big THANK YOU to the DEVs (1C/Farm 51). You guys deserve it.

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Old 05-22-2009, 01:50 PM
Ywap Ywap is offline
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AAA all the way
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Old 05-24-2009, 10:01 PM
Devoldo Devoldo is offline
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Dont know if its been mentioned or not, but someone other than myself must hate the American voice actor... From his half-assed southern accent, to the incredibly cheesy things he says and the way he presents himself, just seems, ridiculous.

I know 1C was trying to "make a funny" by poking fun at the american, errr I mean trying to bring back the duke nukem days, but theres no need to ruin the game in the process. I like the game, good fun arcade style, like it was mentioned before, Painkiller in a nutshell. But my dear Bob, I can only play the game with mute on.

Last edited by Devoldo; 05-24-2009 at 10:03 PM.
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Old 07-10-2009, 04:24 PM
game_over game_over is offline
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The game reminds me of Blood back in 97 & 98. Those were the days where you could light zombies and cultists on fire and watch them burn in a fury.

Main character is likable despite being a christfag and social critic wannabe, but atleast his attempt at humor is itself laughable and likable, like watching a child trying to fit in his dirty scooter in a washing machine.

Simon isn't Caleb, J.C. Denton or Ash, but atleast his oxymoronic nature is the main source of humor.

This game was certainly worth my money, even despite the fact that I am still playing version 1.0 and I am still waiting for a patch on Steam.

In terms of storytelling, the game makes some good attempts at being Lovecraft fanfic, but we're not playing Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corner of the Earth.

Veriaty was one of the strong points of the game and the use of motion capture certainly made the game look professional. I just love fighting the vampires.
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Old 11-16-2009, 10:46 AM
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Originally Posted by Devoldo View Post
Dont know if its been mentioned or not, but someone other than myself must hate the American voice actor... From his half-assed southern accent, to the incredibly cheesy things he says and the way he presents himself, just seems, ridiculous.

I know 1C was trying to "make a funny" by poking fun at the american, errr I mean trying to bring back the duke nukem days, but theres no need to ruin the game in the process. I like the game, good fun arcade style, like it was mentioned before, Painkiller in a nutshell. But my dear Bob, I can only play the game with mute on.

You're supposed to be scaring me, so why try and make me laugh... wish it was possible to mute Simon's voice. In fact, 90% of the voice acting is pitiful... 'I am attacking!' 'I am attacking!' 'I am covering!' 'I am attacking!' 'I am covering!'I am attacking!' 'I am attacking!' 'I am attacking!' 'I am covering! 'I am attacking!' 'I am attacking!'

I get it. You're doing stuff.

Otherwise the game is great. Just wish devs had slowed it down and gone more Lovecraft, less Laughcrap.
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Old 05-13-2010, 06:41 AM
Jman522 Jman522 is offline
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I LOVE necrovision, I particularly love the corridor sections and the great satisfying effects and use of colors when things start to go kaboom!^^

It's really fun and you can be creative on how you wanna approach the enemies, so I was really satisfied with the close to medium distance combat. The long distance and clunky vehicle boss missions weren't my liked parts. But overall I loved the game and I hope more games like this come out with continual refinement.

oh yea the game might need to find a better way to manage weapons lol, I know there are a ton of weapons to use lol.

I'll be picking up Lost Company as soon as I can get some money.

Also just as with Cryostasis, when I get a good video editing program like vegas gonna try out making some fan trailers and spread the word about these games^^

Necrovision - great for when you want simple brain blasting fun

Cryostasis - Awesome slow paced combat that marinates along with a wonderful story^^

Last edited by Jman522; 05-13-2010 at 06:52 AM.
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Old 05-29-2012, 11:51 AM
jionnilorenzo@yahoo.com jionnilorenzo@yahoo.com is offline
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I just started collecting in 2011. Before 2011, I always used to either trade in or sell all of my consoles and games. Just last year, I only had about a dozen games. I wish I had all of my hundreds of games that I traded in throughout the years, some very rare ones, along with all of my consoles. I totally regret getting rid of all that stuff, so I have a no trade/sell policy now and just hold onto everything I buy.
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