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Tips and hints for Single player campaign May contain SPOILERs

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Old 06-16-2009, 07:56 PM
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Default Complete Walkthrough for Soviet Campaign "Road to Victory"

I searched the internet for a complete walkthrough for men of war. And i did not find any usefull. So i decided to write down one by myself. I must excuse for my bad english spelling, but i am not a english native speaker. I hope you find this walkthrough usefull. If you want to copy this walkthrough or parts of this walkthrough, feel free to do so. I only ask for being credited as original author. Thanks.

If you are interested in walkthroughs for the german and allied campaign let me know. I will update this post then.

Walkthrough for Russian Campaign: Road to victory

Baptism by fire (Tutorial)

Scene I

A SdKfz223 drives down the road and stops. seek cover with your men behind the wrecks. take one of the soldiers on the left to flank the car through the bushes. throw a antitank grenade (atnade) at the car. boom. take the mg34 out of the car, give it to one of your soldiers. mg34/mg42 is one of the best personel weapons in game. only german sturmgewehr 42 is better. try to equip your combat men with this kind of weapons. proceed to your officer. for position open your mission objectives and click on your binocular.

Scene II

Go to the trenches. left click on 3 green soldiers to add them to your men. this only works in this tutorial mission and in some other cases. not all green soldiers can be recruited.

scene III

Give one of your men some anti personell grenades. set your grenade runner on hold fire mode. sneak up on the building right to the german mg nest. throw a grenade with direct control at the nest. hold left click in direct control mode. wait till circle is half through then throw the grenade. this will time the explosion to impact between the men, giving them no chance to seek cover. try this a few times to have a feeling how to use it for different ranges. grenade runs are a important part of the game. so exercise this. the guys on the other side of the road are happily shooting at your friend behind the house. so crawl with another grenade runner alongside the hill on the left side, flank the two guys behind the truck wreck and let them eat a grenade too. just to exercise this grenade throwing method. search all bodies for mgs, grenades and medikits.

scene IV.

There is a tank standing on the crossing. its track is broken, so fix it azap. board the tank with 4 of your men. when a repair tool is inside the tank's inventory a repair buttons is available in the unit order screen. click on repair. one of your happy tank crew climbs out of the tank and repairs it. strip off all antitank grenade of all tank crew member. they will not need them. place the men with the crappiest weapons inside the tank. your mggunners are more usefull outside the tank. place your infantry behind a tank wreck in front of the village. start shooting with mg at the anti tank guns guarding the village gates at 60m. hold off the enemy infantry with your foot soldiers. some mggunner should do the job. place them behind cover. when the anti tank guns are history, destroy the SdKfz223 with your kv1. destroy the SdKfz 251/10 with your tank on long disctance. the low calibre gun of the SdKfz 251/10 has no chance against you on long distance too. do not come overconfident with your tank an drive straight into the village. stay safe and work your way slowly into the village. feed your hungry tank mg with ammo out of the SdKfz's. drive a little north. close to the bridge is a pak 37T, shoot it from long distance with mg. a little more north is a SdKfz 232. this has actually a light chance to kill your kv1. but only from behind. so destroy it quickly, facing it with your front. kill the last pak 37T in the northmost section of the village at long distance with mgfire. when the last vehicle/gun is disabled the germans flee out of town.

scene V attack on the hill.

the hill is guarded by a PzKpfw II Ausf F, two Pak 37T and some foot soldiers. first take over the 3 Pak 37T in the city with your men. move them close to the bridge in front of the hill. start shooting with mg at longest distance at the Pak 37T in the bushes on the hill. When the PzKpfw II Ausf F charges at you, kill it with blue antitank ammo. disable the two Pak 37T and kill the infantry around the hill. Don't drive on top of the hill with your tank. you can't shoot proberly when you are climbing hills because your guns are facing towards the sky. Let your Paks cross the river and position them in the swamp east of the hill. point them toward the roads. by giving movement orders with holding rightclick and pointing at wished direction you can position your units you want easily. start to give movement orders for vehicles in this way. so you don't have a tank on the front pointing its weak afterbelly towards the enemy in later missions. load high explosive shells with your guns. set them on fire at will. kill most infantry/tank/guns on the hill to trigger next scene.

scene VI stop the convoy

don't drive your tank into the swamp. it will got stuck. the convoy consists out of several trucks full of infantry. shoot at the trucks with high explosive rounds. anti tank rounds are just flying through the windows without doing damage. take out the trucks with your paks and the SdKfz 232 with your KV1. let the KV1 point towards the hill. shortly after engaging the convoy a second SdKfz 232 will come over the hill. kill it. A SdKfz 251/10 and a PzKpfw III will follow. aim at the turret to destroy the PzKpfw III. now two PzKpfw III will come for revenge. destroy them to win the mission.


The goal of this mission is to protect the workers on the railway station until loading of the train is completed. So try do not fight with the germans near the railway station. A german tank standing on one of the access roads can accidently hit the workers while firing at your guns tanks. so position your guns and tanks on another position. When the mission starts pause the game.

Building up your defenses:

Slow down time on 1 by backspace. make two squads out of the men waiting near the railway station. behind them are crates with mines. let one squad take full inv of anti tank mines and another squad full inv of anti personell mines. now mine the roads and clearpaths between the house east of the office building. mine the clearpaths between the factory buildings northeast. the more mines you plant before the attack starts the easier the mission will become. don't bother to position your men at subway, repair and office. they are just fine as they are. concetrate only on mining every inch of the map. when the attack begins just ignore the first waves of germans and keep mining the area. after mining factory/repair, office area place ap mines around subwaystation and the access roads to the railwaystation.

when you have time take your troops from boiler house and send them back to the railroad station. they are too exposed there. place them on the concrete wall around the railroad station. place your anti tank guns on roads facing east near the office building. do not place anti tank guns behind little walls. they can't fire correctly behind such cover, place them half hidden behind wallcorners, so they have little cover.

take your men from repair station and place them an concrete wall near subway station. there they have excellent cover and clear line of fire. place anti personal mines in front of the concrete wall. german infantry will try to throw grenades at you men ontop, so ap mines are excellent spent there. best places for anti tank mines are between the little buildings east of office building, repair station und the road leading from factory to office building. mines directly in front of the warehouse are pointless. when a tank gets there he can happily fire on your workers and the mission is lost. place ap mines on the two roads leading from office b. to subwaystation.
let your men outside office building take defensive position inside the building. The office provides much better cover for them. So enemey tanks have to spend several herounds(he= highexplosive antipersonal tank shell) to wipe out your men inside the building. Equip some men with anti tank grenades and position them behind office building. they will rush at enemy tanks pushing into the office plaza. Distract it with your t34 before rushing with your men at the tank.Your t34 is your only emergency unit. place it behind office building, drive out for distraction of enemy tank, rush them with your infantry, drive directly back behind the building. its pointless to have your t34 in exposed areas. the PzKfwIII can shoot at it on office plaza from outside level. try to position your t34 in 10 o'clock position to enemy tanks. so its armor provides much better chance of deflecting rounds fired at it. 10 'o clock meens not directly like 12 o'clock (front armor pointing at the enemy tank) but slightly awry. don't attack german PzKpfw III with your light tanks. they are only good for fighting infantry. position them on the access roads of railwaystation to fire on infantry. try not to fight more then one german tank with your t34. its a tough baby but its armor is not indestructible. the weak point of t34 is its turret. so drive in for assault, aim careful, shoot, seek cover. rince repeat untill all PzKfw III are destroyed or disabled. Do not try to hijack disabled tanks in this mission. There are just too many german soldiers in the area, your men would die quickly.

when your defenses are in place make game speed normal, safe your game und try your best. Good luck. Should be no problem with this hints to delay the german attack until the train escapes. With some effort its quite possible to stop the german attack at all. After the train escaped the germans get no tank support. So you can clear the city if you like, making Rostov to a new Stalingrad for the Wehrmacht. The infantry waves will continue.


Click on "Continue" when ingame video sequence starts, pause the game. Look around the map. There are two places where partisans are fighting against the germans. Rush for the tankette PzKpfw I Ausf B on the soccer field and throw a anti tank grenade at it. Run back to the building in the southwest corner of the map. One of the dead officers inside has 3 medipacks. Wait there until the germans concentrate on fighting the partisans. when the alarm sirene sounds crawl to the bmw motorcycle and take the mg34 plus ammo. watch out for the machinegunner aiming at the soccer field. crawl back to the building. kill some german soldiers east of you. check their inventory for grenades and medi packs. when you find anti tank grenades use them to blow off the SdKfz223. wait till the armored car is firing on the partisans. crawl behind it and blast it off. behind the little building north of the partisans are more germans, throw a anti personal grenade in direct control mode. one or two well timed grenades should be enough to finish them off. Now fight the two ss soldiers on the field north of the partisans with your machinegun. lay down to increase accuracy of the gun. machineguns are very imprecise when fired in stand or prone mode, so use strand mode, when firing your machinegun. Now crawl towards the main building from the south. Kill the german mggunner looking out of a window to the left. Clear the building with the help of the partisans. A timed grenade should help with the germans in the central room. Before setting free the imprisoned sowjet soldiers (green dots it would be a good idea to clear the village of most german soldiers. In the east a german patrol arived. Go for them first. Now clear the west of the village. Don't get in the field of fire of the central mgnest. Now crawl from the south in cover of the little wall towards the mgnest. Throw a grenade at it. Shoot some of the germans at the hq if you like. Now free your comrades and equip them with mgs out of the crates east in the village. Get rid of the next wave of reinforcements coming from the east. Now approach the hq from the east. There is a little wall thats provides excellent cover. Have two of your men suppress the germans inside the hq with mgfire. Now sneak around the build and kill all germans. The advancing partisans should take care of the last germans. Before entering the building send all but Alexey to the southeast of the village. Take cover in one of the buildings. Now go inside the hq and run for the souteast. Go with Alexey to the extracting point. Win.

Moscow is behind us!

This mission has two parts. First you have to hold your forefront against several german waves, untill the main frontline is build up. then you can draw your surviving men back to the main front line.

Scene I

You have a couple of men and an antitankgun for the job. Place all your men in the trenches. Set them on prone mode. when a tank is firing on them let them lay down. Set your antitank gun on holdfire and direct control its fire. the flak panzers and halftracks are no match on medium range for it. to kill a panzer iv you must get closer. aim at the sides of the turret or on motorblock when you get the chance. Front armor is just to heavy for your small atgun, so try to get in better shooting position before shooting. the tanks will be busy shooting the crap out of your men.
First waves consist out of motorcycles, halftracks and amored cars. Later flakpanzer and panzer iv are coming for your front line. 1 8.8 flakcannon tries to build up in the rear of the enemy. form a small assault group of two men with some atgrenades to take it out. work your way through to the gun using cover like bushes, wrecks and houses. when your stockpile of atgrenades drops low requip at the crates behind directly behind the first frontline. you can try to salvage some german panzer iv wrecks. there is a repairtool in each tank. try to repair the tanks and pull them back behind your line. they are very good targets for the german panzer iv to waste some shots on. if a lonely panzer iv breaks through its no problem. Your main line will certainly shoot it up.

Scene II

When you lost most the trenches, hq orders to fall back to the mine line. Place your t34 50 m behind your main front line. So they are in long range to the german panzer iv. T34 front armor is neary invicible for a panzer iv on long range. But your t34 has a very good chance to crush the german armor. most of the panzer iv will drive into mines. place a light tank near the bridge in the east. the germans will try to breakthrough there with some infantry. when the panzer 1 howitzer arives, make an assault with one of your t34 on it.

when the order to counterattack comes buy two k2 heavy tanks, a k1 and some t34. work your way slowy towards the german defense line. Shoot only at maximum range at panzer iv and pak 40. So the germans have no chance to penetrade your armor and you can waste them without loses. kill german infantry at long range with mgfire or heshells and don't drive to close with your tanks at them. when the german vehicles in the village are killed the level is won.

The penal unit

Stay a little behind the russian riflemen rushing towards the german trenches. Your first goal is to destroy the central machinegunnest. split your men in to groups. attack the mg out of two directions with rifle fire until the mggunner is dead. now throw some atgrenades at the house where germans are in. kill all resistance in the central area. using the trenches as cover you can sneak on the german soldiers and kill them wit apgrenades. clear the right frontline. when central and right area is clear you will get support in form of two light tanks. in front of the church is a pak 40. don't come into its field of fire with your little tanks. they will be oneshotted for sure. take the paks out with your infantry. only use your tanks to kill mgnests with mgfire or kill the paks on long range with heshells. using infantry is preferably against the paks. now clear the area right of the church. shoot the pak36 at long range with your light tanks and take out the rest of the german infantry. have some men repair the t34. now sneak up on the pak40 with some men and blow it up with grenades. Take out the paks on the left hill guarding the street with a small group of men. support them with your tanks if needed. when the t34 is repaired support the attack on the church with it. when the church area is clear, you will get even more support by two t34. Take the paks on the hill out at long range with your tanks. kill all mgnests, before storming the hill with your infantry. Now hijack all flak cannons, the flak halftrack and undamaged paks with your men. place two t34 under the hill towards the west side. place one t34 or some paks on the east side of the hill. some german tanks will attack over the road, some infantry will attack over the field. From the west will 2 light tanks and a panzer iv attack. your flak cannons will take care of the attacking bf109 airplane. defend the hill, its not very difficult. win the level.

The last stand.

Scene I
this mission sucks. place your two atguns in the bushes behind the front line. there are defense positions with sandbags marking the right spot. set your atguns at hold fire and direct control your fire. dont waste shoots at long range. your small atguns can only penetrade german armor at medium to short range with good ancles. so only fire when you have green chances on your aim cursor. german panzer iv are vunerable at motorblock, side turrets or by firing directly at the gun shield in the turret. Send your aircraft to kill not moving german tanks. equip your men with molotov cocktails out of the crates inside the trenches. throw those molotovs at the motorblocks of the german tanks. they will set the engines on fire, so destroying the tank. reinforce your infantry with submachinegun squads at spot where the germans overrun the defenseline. you should hold the first defense line untill 3 or 4 ships left the harbor. at this time the hq orders fall back to second defense line. i had nothing to fall back with at this time .

Scene II
now you get support by the coastal gun in the center. place some infantry there to guard it. german combat engineers will try to destroy it with explosive charges. when you see a german soldier working in the gun area try to kill him quickly. when he has some seconds time the coastal gun will blow off. The german panzer iv and infantry attacks wave after wave. buy one or two flak cannons and place them near the bridge. they will shoot down the nasty german earth attack planes occasionly. at ship 8 or 9 two thor heavy mortars will arrive at the battlefield. shoot with your coastal gun at one of them. wait till the second mortar prebares for shooting and kill it with your air strike. when the 9th ship is leaving the harbor concentrade your reinforcements at the bridge area. just prefend any germans to cross the bridge untill 12 ships left the harbour and you will win this level.

Behind enemy lines.

Scene I
You thought the last stand was hard? The next mission is even nastier. Take the mine detector out of the truck near your starting point. Go to the right defense line with your men. Stay out of flares in the open field or you will be slaughtered by mgfire and artillery assaults. kill the german infantry in the trenches to the right. sneak with your men through. seek cover in the bushes under the hill. wait for the halftruck and the infantry patrol to pass by. sneak to the road leading up the hill. Some german engineers are placing mines on that road. seek cover in the bushes near the road obstacles. wait for the engineers to finish the minefield. now use your mine detector from start to detect the mine field. sneak your way up the road. seek some good cover. now detect to more minefield up the road. seek cover with your men shortly before the road ends but don't go to mission objective. take one of your men to sneak into the german base. look for the field of view of german soldiers (rightclick on them will show it up), stay out of lights. now place explosives in all the tanks an flak cannons you find in the base. don't bother with the standart halftracks. the panzer iv, panthers, tiger and king tiger is more important. go back with your scout to rest of the group. go up the road with all of your men to the mission objective.

Scene II
Now you will have to crush the german defenses before your reinforcement counter drops to zero. At my first succesfull attempt my counter was 9 from 350. Combine your forces. Attack the trenches simultanously with infantry and tanks. First drive the germans out of the left flank. Secure the trenches with a infantry squad. Shoot some he rounds at the hidden pak 40 on the hill. Keep your tank moving, or you will loose it to the nasty german howitzers. Try to kill the german flame throwers at sight with your snipers. They will bake your men and tanks in seconds when they come too close. After rolling up the defense push further up the central hill. Combine your forces and keep up the pressure on the germans while fighting your way up. Use your 3 air strikes to kill the 3 heavy howitzers. when right and central hill is clear the counter will stop.

Scene III
sneak with a small assault group the left of the base. set your men on hold fire. disable the tiger and the king tiger on the left. salvage the tiger, repair it and use it to crush the rest of the german troops. try to shoot the king tiger from behind with your tiger.

Chasing the shadows

Scene I

Let the german truck passby. Ambush the small patrol with your men. Don't let them come to close to the base or the guard there will hear the shooting. Hide the bodies in the bushes.Go through the little valley east of the base to the lake. Go the little house in the north. Kill the 4 germans guarding the house. Get the medicine out of the crate. Go back to the startpoint.

Scene II

After healing your wounded comrade you have to sneak into the base. Go back to the lake. There's a patrol of 5 germans coming down to the lake. Set up an ambush and kill the patrol. On the west side of the base is a little valley leading to the fende. One of your men is equiped with a wire cutter. With this soldier go to the fence. He will cut his way through. Look at the german soldiers. When they are looking in opposite directions go behind the repair shop. The officer you seek is in the little building near the generator. Wait for a good opportunity to get there. When you get inside the building a video sequence will show up.#

Scene III

Go back to the rest of your men. Go behind the rock near the lake south of your position. Stay out of sight. Ambush the 3 soldiers when the rifleman comes down to smoke a cigarette. Now go south down to the water plane and kill the germans guarding it. Go to the plane.

The flying dutchman

Scene I

On easy there are no mgnests defending the flak cannon. You can take out all of the guard out of safe range with your sniper. On normal there are 3 mgnests. So sneak up on the first mgnest using cover. Take it out with a grenade. Kill the remaining guards with your sniper. Now swim to the right of the hill where the flak cannon is placed. Take out the remaining mgnests with grenades. Rearm your sniper with all rife ammo you find. Take the medi packs and grenades out of all bodies. Now play hide and seek with the germans. Kill one german soldier to east guarding the comm center. Run back to the rocks with your sniper. The germans will come for you. Take them out from safe range and change your position after every shot. Rince repeat till all guards are dead. Let one of your men crawl into the comm center building. Call for backup.

Scene II

Man the pak 40 and the flak panzer. Position the flakpanzer and the pak in good firing position between the road/rocks west of the comm center. Set your pak to direct control and at grenades. Take out the armored cars and panzers that will come to help the german infantry. Attack the infantry guarding the harbor with your sniper. Man the flak battery and shoot at the german bunker guarding the harbour entrance until the garrison is dead. The germans get reinforcements in form of armored cars and halftracks with infantry inside. after some waves the whole harbour place should be cluttered with wrecks. now position your pak and your flakpanzer between the wrecks, set the their field of fire westward to the base entrance where the reinforcements come. Fight off the reinforcements time after time with flakpanzer and pak 40. Clear the northern part of the base with the rest of the men. Support them with your pak to fight the two german tanks. In the north east part of the base is a german engineer busy repairing a puma. Fight your way through to this position and kill all germans there. Position some men between the genetors westside of the base. They will have to pull a switch to open the harbour gates in near future. Get the artillery wielding machine and pull it to the rear airlock of the uboat. it should be standing in the center of the uboat. Now leave the wielding machine. Position a man between the airlock and the wielding machine. Hold your mousecursor over the airlock until the lockpick symbol shows up. Lock pick the airlock several times until it opens. there should be a welding animation if all works right. After cutcene let your men by the generators pull the switch. Enjoy the very good winning video sequence.

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Thanks for the AAR's, I'm not that far yet but its nice to know if I get stuck I have somewhere to look for help.

Oh, and your English is really good.
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Thx, i hope you find my walkthrough helpfull.
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Default Good Guide

I found your guide very helpful. Could you do the same for the German and Allied campaigns. Thanks.
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sounds good to me..
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Don't need a walkthrough but it's cool you took the time to do one. Looks like good info too
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Thank you

I have tried 4 times and cannot get through the Evacuation scenario. One time had it to 99% and they won in the last few seconds
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That Evacuation mission I also lost my first try. Dont attack guys, just take what they throw at you and for the sake of the Soviet Union dont lose your T34 and save the game often. Capture enemy tanks, so aim for turrets and capture them. Its the tanks that kick ur ass, not the infantry. My like 3rd or 4th try I did win and they didnt even get past the first parts of the mission....yes it was before I edited in guys hahahah. I quite like that mission
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Originally Posted by KnightFandragon View Post
That Evacuation mission I also lost my first try. Dont attack guys, just take what they throw at you and for the sake of the Soviet Union dont lose your T34 and save the game often. Capture enemy tanks, so aim for turrets and capture them. Its the tanks that kick ur ass, not the infantry. My like 3rd or 4th try I did win and they didnt even get past the first parts of the mission....yes it was before I edited in guys hahahah. I quite like that mission
You lasted a lot longer then me!
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For beginners, or those who want to just play around to see what's possible, set the game to easy and turn off fog of war. It's not really my intention to give away spoilers, but rather, to give an in-promt-to lesson/guide as to what can be done, if you plan things. In fact, you can be down-right DEVIOUS if you plan things correctly.

Baptism by fire:
Part One:
(Enemy Sdkfz ambush.)

Squad composition:
4 men:
2 officers (armed with pistols.) and 2 soldiers ( 1 lmg, 1 rifle.)

All dead soldiers, russian AND german, are "lootable" for weapons, health, and ammo. (Look at them using the "eye" icon.)

There are 6 tanker's helmets on some of the dead russian tankers. Get them. (You're going to get a KV-1 later. So, you might like to out fit some of your soldiers with new attire.)
I don't think this Sdkfz-223, at the beginning, is capturable. You can only loot it for the weapons and ammo.

(Tip)You should work quickly, though. In case the anti-tank grenade that you used on the 223 has started an engine fire.
The vehicle will explode.
You could die if you're standing next to it.

Try aiming for a wheel. You might flip it. It's not easy, and it will prob. take a fair ammount of grenades. But I've done it. The guys inside will fall out!!!!! But there's really not much point, though. If the Sdkfz takes any dammage you won't be able to run off with it. (Because you don't have a repair kit yet.)

........Not to mention all the grenades it would take to "right" it once again.

It IS possible to kill the gunner of the 223 if you throw an anti-personell (pineapple) grenade onto the top of the 223.
This only kills the gunner and does NOT dammage the vehicle. If you can get an anti-personell (pineapple) grenade down INSIDE of the 223, you might kill the driver. If THAT'S possible, you'd be able to commandeer it because it's crew would be dead.



After all bodies and vehicles are searched for loot, move out.
Part 2:
Pre-mission briefing
Squad composition:
4 men:
2 officers (armed with pistols.) and 2 soldiers ( 1 lmg, 1 rifle.)

After you recieve orders, head to the trenches and recruit some more men.
I've been able to recruit up to 6 more men from the trenches, for a total squad strength of 10 men.

Search all near-by bodies for weapons and loot, equip your men, lock & load, and move out.

Part 3:
Enemy machine gun position
Squad strength:
10 men: Various loadouts depending on loot. (I recomend 2 lmg's and the rest smg's.)


At this time, set all soldiers to:

Hold fire.
Hold position.

If you looted 2 or 3 lmg's, you can set them up in the buildings near the disabled truck at the right side of the map, just BEFORE you cross the road where the 1st german machine gun position is located. Place them in the windows and check their line of sight on the enemy mg position. Windows can be broken with the butt of your soldier's weapon. Take control of your soldier and by means of direct control turn him around and aim his weapon out the window. He'll break the glass if there's any in the way.

Use these buildings for cover and then place "supression fire" on the 5 german soldiers who are blocking your route.

If you take control of your lmg's, you can kill most of the enemy soldiers from that position alone.

Once you wear the germans down a bit, set your lmg's to fire at will, then click on one of the still survivng germans. (This will lay down auto-supression fire if your soldiers have a shot AND will have the added benefit of keeping the germans' attention on your lmg's, setting up a basic infantry "flanking manuver" with support fire.)

If you have some smg's, run them up to the building that's next to the enemy position, and flank what germans are still alive. You can use a combo of smg's and grenades.

Run around the corner and overwhelm them.

Search all near-by bodies for weapons and loot, then equip your men, then heal them if you need to.

Put 4 men into the tank FIRST, set it to: hold fire, hold position.

Get another soldier and have HIM repair the tank.

Regroup all remaining soldiers (execpt the repair guy) with the lmg's, south of the road and out of harm's way.

Once the tank is repaired, get it, and the repair guy, out of there!!!! You're about to be shot at by a 45mm atg. You have enough time before the auto-save occurs, to skee-daddle if you just haul-a$$ asap. Head ESE and retreat behind some buildings, out of sight.

CONSERVE YOUR FUEL!!!!!!! Don't move untill you absolutely have to.

You really DO NOT have to use the KV-1 (heavy tank) for everything. Trust me.


At this point:

Take a look at that 45mm gun that has the Sdkfz-223 parked next to it. (It's at the first set of buildings north from where you found the KV-1.)

Note the line of fire. Move the KV-1 to a flanking position so that when you fire at the 45mm atg, you won't kill the Sdkfz, in the event you fire long and miss.

Switch to 76mm HE. DO NOT use 76mm AP.

Aim for a spot close to the atg. DO NOT SHOOT DIRECTLY AT THE GUN or its crew!!!!!
(The HE blast will kill the gun crew but leaves gun intact.)

Then, pull the KV-1 back and hide.


Now bring up the rest of your soldiers to the KV-1.

....At this point, try experimenting with your soldiers. Try to use your soldiers to engage nearby enemy infantry.

Try to cause a big ruckus!!!!! This will lure the Sdkfz-223 to come over and investigate what's going on.

Use your KV-1's machine gun and shoot the Sdkfz-223's wheels out and immobilize it.


You MUST do this by means of direct control. The AI is too stupid to know you are trying to only DISABLE the 223. It will destroy the Sdkfz-223 if you make it do all the work. Make sure the KV-1 is set to HOLD FIRE and HOLD POSITION. You must do the driving and the shooting manually.

NOW, with your KV-1, drive up to the side of the Sdkfz-223 and crash into him. (Like a "T-bone".)
Push him untill he rolls onto his side, causing the crew inside to spill out!!!!!!!!!

As soon as the Sdkfz-223 rolls over, reverse the KV-1 and keep it away from the 223's crew. (They'll try to throw an anti-tank grenade at your KV-1 if it's too close and in range.) Once you're "clear", use the KV-1's machine gun to kill the Sdkfz-223's exposed crew only. Do not destroy the 223.

Roll the 223 back onto its wheels, then secure the immediate area. Keep enemy infantry away AND do NOT advance the KV-1 because if you do, ANOTHER enemy vehicle will interupt your theft. (Possibly the OTHER Sdkfz-223 that's one block east, or the Sdkfz-251 (half-track) that is 2 blocks north.)

The idea, here, is to lure ONE of the enemy vehicles (at a time) as far south as you can so that you can steal them without having to worry about multiple enemies interfering.

Grab one of your free soldiers and climb into the now abandoned Sdkfz-223 and "man" its gun.

Grab another free infantryman. Go to the KV-1 and get the repair kit.

Repair the Sdkfz-223.
Climb the repair-guy into your newly aquired Sdkfz-223.

Congratulations on your theft!!!!!!!

You aquire the second Sdkfz-223 in the same manner, as well as the Sdkfz-251 half-track. To date, I have been unable to steal the Sdkfz-232 that's in town. But I believe it's possible, if you can destroy its turret, or in some way, cause him to flip over. The 232 has a 20mm cannon that will put a serious "hurt'n" on your KV-1. But if you can get the KV-1 close enuogh to push over the 232, it should be steal-able too. I was thinking about using one of the destroyed "hulks" in the area as a shield for the KV-1. Push a hulk into an enemy vehicle. Like a battering ram, and roll him over that way. But that's easier said than done.


ALL enemy light vehicles can be captured in this manner. Either track them, or shoot out their wheels. Then roll them onto their side, etc, etc, etc.

To capture an ATG, just kill its crew and then "man" it. You can "walk-off" with most of the atg's that are spread around town if you don't destroy them.

They can be used later, at the end, for added firepower.

There are a number of Pak-37, 45mm anti-tank guns, dispersed around town that are either lootable for their ammo or for downright stealing. Some are manned by enemy soldiers. Others are not.

There is also a 76mm, ZiS-3 anti-tank gun near the river crossing. It is not capturable but it can be looted for its ammo, to replenish your KV-1's main gun ammo.

Both of the opels can be captured and used to get around town without using your KV-1's fuel. If you can find a fuel can somewhere, then the fuel from the opels can be drained and used to refuel your KV-1 or whomever else needs fuel. But, to date, I have not found a fuel can in this town.

The farm tractor is capturable from the "get-go".

If you capture both of the 223's, you can do some seroius squishy killing. When used in concert with eachother, the two 223's are bad-a$$. They get around really fast. Enemy infantry don't hear them comming till it's too late.


To capture a tank, use ARMOR PIERCING rounds from any friendly atg or tank, and target the enemy tank's turret. If you destroy the turret, the crew will abandon the tank, leaving you to only have to mop them up, then repair their tank and steal it at your leisure. If you only track a tank, the crew will stay buttoned up, inside the tank. If you destroy a tank's armor, the tank is considered destroyed and is NOT capturable. Only lootable. Basically, if you want to capture a tank, destroy its turret only.

(good to know tip
AI does not target atg's, scout cars, trucks, tanks, motorcycles, or ANY vehicle, for that matter, if it's unmanned. The AI considers unmanned vehicles to be abandoned. Remember that when you come accross enemy armor, at the end of the scenario. If you pre-position a few atg's you can REALLY come up with some serious fall back/attack possibilities.


If you right-click on a clear section of terrain, you will "clear" the mouse cursor. You can then left-click on an enemy unit to see where he's looking. Use this to plan assaults or to get a closer/better flank shot while your enemy isn't looking.

....Hope this helps.

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