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Men of War New World War II strategy game

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Old 01-15-2014, 05:40 PM
Alfadan Alfadan is offline
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Default Improvements for MOW 2

Hello I haven't been here for a while as I got sick n tired the way mow played with certain aspects. I love the idea of the way it played generally, but some niggles had put me totally off the game..

These were:

_reloading your MG/AA etc (what a nightmare - get a truck pull up get a man direct him etc etc) I mean I get the real idea of Ammo not magickly appearing in the weapon, but this sequence could of been more automated. Maybe just the players goal is to get the truck near the dry emplacement, and the game does the rest.

_Difficulty Between easy and normal was a vast gap of difficuilty. Could rinse the enemy on easy then on normal totally got overrun by AI tanks. Please maybe tone down the tank reinforcements from the AI.

These 2 alone killed the game, for me, otherwise its a good game.. I would love to come back to MOW 2 and I would (not been playing COH much anyway) but please fix these issues in 2.
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Old 01-19-2014, 01:48 AM
RHYS4190 RHYS4190 is offline
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Iv played this game for over 300 hours and i still think it a very good game and that with out the mods, i think what really let this game down was the AI... how ever this is often over come by mission developers scripting there missions. by it self AI infantry are very stupid they will often blob up out in the open and ignore cover, only moving to cover after they been shot at,

With AI there's no real planing there not thinking il break up my squad and have them advance cover to cover slowly and only have 1 2 guys out in the open at a time, the AI very reactive it will react to a threat but in this game by that stage it too late, you don't get second chances in this game if you blunder into a machine gun nest that it you lost the squad and that the way it is on un modded MOW, it even worse in modded games because they increase accuracy and damage Sir hinkels mod now 1 MP40 solder can kill a entire squad if they blunder into them. Which makes it totally impossible for the AI to do but get slaughtered.

only difficulty the AI procent is totally from the map maker entrenching them in defencive possitions covering each other, some times your lucky and the map maker will script really good and intelligent counter attacks to keep you under presure but that pretty rare.

Assault squad 2 is currently boasting improved AI so hopfully they will make the AI behave a bit more reationaly and mount better counter attacks with out relayign totally on map makers busting there arses trying to get them to act intelligently.

And it really should be do able cover in this game is labled you can see it in the map maker every bit of cover has a icon on it so it should be very easy to teach the ai that it needs to move to those icon in spit up units rather then go charging up in a massive blob.

But i would hold my breath it one thing to promise better AI it another to deliver, and yes you could say they fixed the AI all the maps the dev's have delivered has really good AI, but it all might be scripting in the map which is what we do.

the trick is being able to build a map and then say to the AI move your squad here cautiously and have then execute a advance where there having only a small fraction of there squad move up at a time, and having the rest of the squad back in cover supporting them, and when there advanced element comes under fire they automatically move to the cover which gives them best advantage to engage that threat.

It should not be hard to do because if the developers make a codding that tells the AI that how they are to react, it going to be very easy making maps that are built with cover arranged so they can just move to it, walls are a really good example of how, keeping cover staggered in lines would help.

you can do that now in the first Assault sqaud, but the problem is getting them to do that for and entire map is impossible they need to make the AI decide to do that for it self, And this game will not be worth buying if they fail to deliver that, that really the only thing that will make this game worth buying is better AI

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