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IL-2 Sturmovik The famous combat flight simulator.

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Old 10-12-2018, 01:18 PM
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Default correct control panel guage locations;missing working fuel guages

I was just comparing the existing in game P-40 Control Panel to the real P-40 control panel found in the Pilot Operating Instructions manual. I was shocked to see how many gauges are in the wrong location in the in game P-40.

Only the Air Speed Indicator, Climb rate indicator and the Manifold Air Pressure Gauges are in the correct locations in the game. The Coolant temperature gauge is real close as well.

The location of the following gauges should be:

Fuselage fuel gauge does not exist in the game and this should be to the left of the air speed indicator. Currently the Turn & Bank indicator (needle and ball) is to the left of the air speed indicator.

Altitude Gauge should be underneath the air speed indicator. Currently the RPM indicator(tachometer) is under the speed indicator.

Turn and Bank indicator (needle and ball) should be to the right of the air speed indicator. Currently the Altitude Gauge is to the right of the speed indicator.

The RPM indicator (tachometer) should be underneath the Manifold Pressure Gage. Currently the Oil Pressure Gage (this gauge does not exist in the real plane) is located underneath the Manifold Pressure Gage.

The Coolant Temperature Gage should be to the right of the Manifold Pressure Gage.

A combination gauge unit (oil temperature; oil pressure; fuel pressure) located underneath the Coolant Temperature Gauge was a combination gauge unit with three indicators/scales behind one round glass: oil temperature on top; oil pressure on the left; fuel pressure on the right.

Curtis laid out the gauges in a logical manner that would make sense to the pilot and make his workload a bit easier. The game placed these gauges all over the place instead of grouping the gauges as the real plane had them. So as an example instead of looking in one general location for your power plant parameters you are looking back and forth to find them. I have no idea how difficult it would be to relocate the gauges to their proper locations on the panel.

Also these two planes have no working fuel gauges, there is the Reserve Fuel Tank gauge, next to the right rudder pedal, but it doesn't work. The only fuel indication instrument is the "idiot" light that comes on when you are about out of fuel.

There are supposed to be three fuel gauges in the P-40E & M. The fuselage fuel tank of 62.5 gallons which is located behind the pilot had a remote gauge on the control panel (location in above paragraphs); Reserve Fuel Tank of 35 gallons had a direct read gauge on the floor/deck next to the right rudder pedal directgly on top of the tank; Main Fuel Tank 50.5 gallons had a direct read gauge to the left and aft of the control stick directly on top of the tank.

Any chance that this ever gets addressed? It has been this way since the release of version 4.07. I have no idea how difficult this would be to add the working fuel gauges and rearranging the gauges to their correct positions.
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