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King`s Bounty: Warriors of the North Next game in the award-winning King’s Bounty series

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Old 11-19-2016, 10:01 AM
Michael1358 Michael1358 is offline
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Default Few questions King's Bounty: WOTN

I have a few questions which their answer I couldn't find anywhere, sorry if they have been repeated in this thread.

1. Is the editor from KB:CW working for Ice and FIre?

2. Is there a save scanner for Ice and Fire which tells you if certain troops /
items have spawned in your current save? (mainly because the mass
randomness can cause trouble sometimes due to certain play styles)

3. Are there mods for ice and fire? I managed to find only for King's Bounty:
The Legend mods.

4. Is there a certain tutorial or guide how to change the "Medals"
achievements in the files? I would like to set my character with all the
the medals / awards already achieved since level 1 so I can play more
freely instead of having to grind every battle.

Thanks in advance for anyone reading this post and commenting and again sorry if these questions have been asked but I couldn't find the answer anywhere and I've been searching for roughly 3 days.
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Old 01-06-2017, 09:10 PM
jahes64 jahes64 is offline
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1. I managed to load DarkSide maps in the editor so it should work for WOTN:I&F too.
2. Save scanner works with all KB games.
3. Should be. I have seen one in current thread.
4. Don't know anything about it. Anyway why would you like to cheat when achieving those medals are fun and easy to get? (just one of medals in DarkSide is nearly impossible to get)
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Old 02-17-2017, 08:38 AM
raknefne raknefne is offline
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1: yes you can use the editor for ice'nfire maps. But if you want to copy a map image to another location it will crash if you use an item that is not in the Crossworld editor. For instance there are many viking stuff in the landscape that are not in the editor, still u can use the maps or move them, just not copy them.

3: Try our huge mod, Hylfire. And a new one is coming soon, Bonfire.

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Old 02-18-2017, 10:20 PM
raknefne raknefne is offline
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4: Medals

One way is opening the file Medal.txt which you find in ...ice and fire / ses / medal.txt
Here all the medal stats are written, you can change how much you get, for instance in the below example for strategian you get 200 leadership after 20 fights:

mods {
params {

You can change how much you get of leadership and when you get it. In some of the medals you need to change txt too if you want the right txt. It's done in ... iceandfire / localisation / eng_loc_ses / ... then find the file with "reward" in the name. Just search for that string "reward" and you find the file
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